Free speech on campus…

Date: March 3, 2015

…Free speech on campus…

“Time to stop indulging privileged militant “progressive” puritan student bigots.”

There is an interesting list of links provided at this video’s YouTube page, to support what is being discussed.

I’ve been discussing this very same issue for years…about my own sense of alarm, at seeing these self entitled college students…who think nothing of shutting other people down, by using mindless mob behavior.

Meanwhile…a lot of these “good” college students cannot conceive, of what those of us possessing more years of experience and wisdom can clearly see…that they have turned themselves into a problem, which can only compound other social problems.

There is nothing virtuous or good, about trying to silence, socially derail or injure other people.

Anyone who thinks they are enhancing freedom and stability by robbing other people of freedom and stability…they are running down the wrong path.

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