Rethinking “Consent”…

Date: March 25, 2015

…I’m a little fuzzy…

…I’m a little fuzzy…

I like this response…

…Though I’m sorry to learn of [slipperyshota’s] ordeal with sex trafficking.

“Consent” is honestly a complicated ordeal, when we live in a world that forces it to be complicated.

…In a better world than this one, “consent” would hopefully not be the hang up point that it is today.

I’m guilty of using the word “consent” a fair bit…but reading BFG’s post, I started thinking along the softer lines of “agreeable sex”…Which, in part, is why your post caught my eye and made me respond.

“Consent” as the holy grail it is today, is really quite unhuman…And it does not reflect well, on how we honestly live and interact with each other…It’s more of a lofty ideal, than anything else.

…At it’s worst…it’s an impossible barrier to navigate.

I do agree, however…with those who say, if you agreed with a certain type of conduct and broke your commitment knowing the consequences…then you are in some type of fault…

…But I also agree with those who say…In a better world, people would be far more open minded, than to box everyone into tight social restraints.

I don’t know if what I’ve said answers anything for BFG…But I kind of like it…It’s deep, and off the beaten path…I’ll probably post it on my blog…

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