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Greg Hunter: Saudi Arabia Invades Yemen, US helps Iran in Iraq, US Caves on Iran Nuke Deal…

Date: March 26, 2015

…Saudi Arabia Invades Yemen, US helps Iran in Iraq, US Caves on Iran Nuke Deal…

“Saudi Arabia and Egypt are getting ready for an invasion of Yemen. Saudi Arabia has already been bombing key positions of Iranian backed terrorists (also known as Houthi rebels). It was little more than six months ago that the President called Yemen a success in terms of fighting terror, but now the government has imploded, and al-Qaeda backed terrorists are fighting for control of the country with Iranian backed terrorists. Of course, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are enemies of the Iranians, and now it looks like the Saudis will also team up with al-Qaeda to drive out the Iranian terror group on its southern border in Yemen.

Meanwhile, in Iraq, the U.S. is conducting air strikes against ISIS, cousins to al-Qaeda, for the Iranian led attack to retake Tikrit. So, the Saudis, a U.S. ally, are teaming up with al-Qaeda to fight against the Iranian backed terrorists in Yemen, while the U.S. helps out the Iranians in Iraq. What happened to Syria?

We move on the negotiations over curtailing the Iranian nuclear deal, and we find out that the French are pushing for a better deal than the U.S. There are reports that the U.S. has caved into Iranian demands and will not be driving a very hard deal. For one thing, all Iranian sites will not be up for verification and inspection. This includes military sites that are deep underground.”

I don’t know how often I’ll be posting Greg Hunter videos, but I found this one interesting and informative.