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How Would Jefferson Define ‘Religious Freedom’?…

Date: April 27, 2015

01) How Would Jefferson Define ‘Religious Freedom’?

I’ve been mistakenly referring to the “religion restoration” laws/movement, as “defense of religion”…

I think I was mixing “religion restoration” with “defense of marriage”…which is understandable, considering that they both come from the same general demographic and mindset…plus, they are both misnomers…also, the one just seemed to evolve into the other.

Why am I so outraged at this issue?…

…Because…this is an outrageous slap in the face, born out of contempt…the fact that organized religion expects us to believe, that it does not know it’s own power…nor does it realize the place of privilege it has existed in, all through the history of the USA…and that it needs to be defended, from social consequences and adherence to minimal social standards.

…Have these individuals pushing “religion restoration” bills ever, in their entire lives, had a self critical moment of reflection?…Have they ever had the epiphany…that just maybe…all the pushback they have been seeing in recent decades, has been a direct response to their own, obnoxious, anti-social aggression?…That maybe, the root problem has nearly always emanated from their own camp, and their own actions?

Believe me…I understand that there are cases, where people are entirely unreasonable…and they are in your face, with the primary objective of simply causing trouble and never allowing people to be at peace…

…But I have to tell you…A massive amount of the anger, rebuke and pushback aimed at organized religion today, is entirely justified and valid…

…And when people of organized religion receive it, they need to step back and evaluate their own actions…not run to their statesmen, and demand a new law that allows them to continue behaving in a foul manner.

Truth be told…so much of this anger and backlash could subside, if only organized religion would behave in a respectful manner towards the rest of us on this planet.

…Now, there is a real gem of wisdom…but is organized religion willing to humble itself, and follow it?

…Building legal walls to maintain some sort of separatist mindset, does not have me very encouraged about where organized religion is heading.

It’s like…we have this demographic which wants and demands a culture war…and they just wont have any of it, when it comes to the more simple solution of us learning to get along.

Organized religion has to do a ton of changing, in order for this to happen.

…Is it really not worth it?…Is it honestly so below them?

These fights are just so insane and senseless…and they cause so much suffering in this world…which is what drives me so badly up the wall, about all of this…

…You look back at the havoc…and it was all for nothing…bunch of egotistical strong-arming, from people too insecure to allow others to be different from them…

…Those who’ve spent years [decades] of their lives on the receiving end of this bullying, get a much different experience out of this sense of self entitlement, which others have to our personal lives.

…It is a slap in the face, for people to greedily clutch onto this ugliness…instead of throwing it away, like any decent person would do.

Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 04/12/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: April 27, 2015

01) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 04/12/2015 (FULL EPISODE)

“Published on Apr 20, 2015

00:57 – “Generic Drugs Just Got More Dangerous.” Howard Nations will tell us why the FDA is dragging its feet on a new rule that would force generic prescription drugs to carry the same warnings as their name brand counterparts – a delay that is costing people their lives. #PoisonPills

13:14 – “Repressive Religious Freedom Bills Bring America Back to 1800’s.” Matt Filipowicz in Boston, host of The Matthew Filipowicz Show, will tell us about the recent “religious liberty” laws that are designed to allow businesses to discriminate based on their religious beliefs. #EqualityForAll”

I don’t know what happened to this episode [a mishap in production?], but it’s less than half an hour long…there is no end segment…and it looks like they clearly meant for the show to continue on…but it does not. Here it is, anyway.

I need to comment about something…and that something, is this “defense of religion” who ha, that’s been slithering it’s way through various state legislatures…

…What is this utter rubbish nonsense, that the juggernaut of organized religion supposedly “needs protection”, so that it can dodge anti-discrimination laws?…

Organized religion gets away with proverbial murder [nay, genocide] in the USA…This country nearly kisses and licks the butt of organized religion, bending over to be shagged by it relentlessly…and dragging all the rest of us with it…

…Organized religion is held at a net standard, of zero social accountability…and it is often praised and rewarded, for behaving in absolutely vulgar malicious ways.

When are we ever going to have a serious discussion about this social travesty, and actually speak honestly about it?

No…we can’t have that…Instead, we get these useless laws shoved down our throats…The lawmakers don’t want to admit what they are really about…nor explain why they are supposedly “needed”…let alone, why there is “an emergency” in “need” of these laws…

…Sure…it is all just “strange coincidence”, that this is all happening parallel with gay marriage and anti-discrimination law becoming legally recognized.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Organized religion has a wide spread, deep seeded problem…in that it’s mentality is rooted in separatism…”us versus them”…”if you’re not with us, you are against us”…”we are good, you are evil”…and a sense of self entitlement, to dominate over everyone…forcing as many as possible, to conform to their rule.

We are witnessing this rear it’s ugly head, with these outrageous “defense of religion” laws…laws which are clearly designed to neuter anti-discrimination law…laws which are clearly born out of hostility towards sexual minorities…

…If that is not the cause behind them…then what are they even being written and passed for?

Let’s face it…as things stand, organized religion is never going to face a day of reckoning, accounting for it’s masses of anti-social behavior, and trespass against untold numbers of people…

…Virtually nobody in a place of ability has the balls, let alone the integrity, to force accountability and consequence onto organized religion [or it’s leaders].

We need a far better quality of leadership in the USA…Things need to change, for once in our lifetimes, in a tangible way that actually means something good and progressive.

…Not this same old crap, re-served to us all under a different name and convoluted reasoning.

It is time for secular government institutions to actually be secular…not theocracy behind a mask.

Would You Like to Chat Live with Steve Diamond?…


Date: April 27, 2015

The instant messenger is down, and it has been for a good while. It’s never up when I am logged online, anyway…and I am tired of this state of things. As such, Chatango is now in the dog house.

We are taking a new direction with live chat, and I have decided to open up a room using [].


This new chat will be called “The Diamond Lounge”, and located here [a page on this blog]:

02) The Diamond Lounge

This is not a private room, and it does not offer private messaging…and it represents an experiment.

For your information…no IP or other identifying information is shared [except maybe your twitter account, if you sign in using twitter].

Unlike the previous instant messengers I’ve used here, this room will allow multiple people to interact with me, all at once…So, in the event you don’t want to enter alone…you can bring a friend in with you.

There are not a lot of features to this service, so I don’t know how well it will serve my purposes…But I will give it a try for now. It can go away later, if I see it becoming a problem.

Give me a while to put together a new chat graphic, and maybe a page of rules, information and guidelines to go with the chat page.



Lawmakers Threaten To Ban Alcohol If Pot Isn’t Legalized…

Date: April 26, 2015

01) Lawmakers Threaten To Ban Alcohol If Pot Isn’t Legalized

Marijuana liberation is a cause, who’s time has come. The people behind this prohibition, cannot continue to persecute pot users…That model is destructive, corrupt…and it just does not work, for the honest majority.

Legalize Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Liberation

Mom Life Threatened For Complaining About “Bible Man” In School…

Date: April 26, 2015

01) Mom Life Threatened For Complaining About “Bible Man” In School

I don’t know how Anna can set there and make the statement, that it’s all okay if you’ve got the money to send your kids to a private, religious school…when she clearly has this problem with religious indoctrination.

As a homosexual who was put through a Baptist school [K-12], graduating from one of them…I am compelled to point out, that a lot of kids are trapped there…that it is incredibly injurious to the psychology and social stability of many of us…and that this is a much deeper issue, than whether or not the parents can afford to pay others to implement the psychological and emotional torture of their children.

…There is also the very real tragedy of social stunting, which these institutions are a very true source of.

I’m sure Anna didn’t really mean anything in her choice of words…but of all that was covered here, and despite that more deserves comment…that is what jumped out at me…But then, it’s a personal issue.

I need to express a thing or two, which is likely to make a few people uncomfortable…

…A lot of people get into this cliché thinking…”You take your children to church and submerge them into a moral environment and lifestyle?…Wonderful!”…without any consideration to the nature and needs of the child…or the possibly disastrous ways in which the, not always good or moral, nature of the church might conflict…even causing this kid to live a life, under constant psychological and emotional assault…They might be singled out an ostracized…But even if they are not, once they have been psychologicaly broken by this and internalize the rejection of themselves…the damage has been done.

You know…if religion were only the cliché “once a week on Sundays, and the rest of the week is yours to live normal and practical”…I might suggest like many, that it is not so corrosive a thing…because there would be a lot more there in one’s life, to offset it…to bring life back into level headed balance…to give you a real world perspective on things, and not allow “what does the Bible say about this” to warp your ability to reason.

Religion has this privileged status in our culture…where it can do some of the most horrible, “soul destroying” things to children [and people of all ages]…and it is applauded for it, as though this were good, moral and right…and I just do not get this anomaly.

…It says to me, that those of us unfortunate enough to find ourselves in these institutions are not considered worth fighting for, or defending, by most people.

…Why is that?…Why does next to nobody have a problem with this style of psychological and emotional abuse?

It’s like the only people who talk about this serious problem, are the one’s who were forced to live through it, themselves…And we are somehow considered extreme and fringe, for even just expressing anything about it.

…It’s as if we were the ones at fault, for having been unlucky enough to be born into this.

Album: Throwback


Date: April 22, 2015

Throwback [12:05]

01) Veneration

02) Fluorine

03) CultureShock-V1

04) Curio

05) MA Today

06) Funky1

07) Cerebrum

08) Circumflex

09) Moirai

10) Media Whore

Before you dread the question, “Is Stevie scraping the bottom of the barrel?”…Let me assure you, this album is more of a sideline project. You see…I happened across a reservoir of old music I’d put together…some for specific projects…some I just sat on, and never did anything with…One or two of these tracks, conceivably, I may have even made with MAGIX Music Maker 10…which was the first version I ever purchased a copy of. Most of this content, I had no recollection of encoding a WAV or MP3 copy of…Or if I did, I figured I had lost them somewhere along the line. So, I was quite surprised to find these tracks.

I am referring to Throwback as my 8.5th album, because I didn’t intend for it to exist…and it’s a weak collection, over all…I could have appended these to The Black List [my first album, which I also did not originally intend to make]…but there was enough here, to where I thought it was worth the effort to put it out as a tiny album.

At twelve minutes and five seconds, you breeze through this collection pretty fast. What is here, is a look back at things I was putting together and publishing really early on. I probably had about seventeen or eighteen tracks I’d retrieved…but I whittled it down to mostly the best, with a few decent loops thrown in…These tracks are basically just loops, to be honest…And I should stress, this was really early on…I’d not developed all that far at doing this…So, most of this is “Meh!” type stuff…But it’s an okay part of my musical history.

I wanted this album to be longer, but figured it had enough mediocre loops…and I did not want it to “over stay it’s welcome”…So, I opted to drop several tracks, since what made it in really does adequately represent the tracks that didn’t make it in.

There’s not a lot of greatness here…but I did toss in one genuine gem.

I should forewarn…that I had to “patch” several of these together, so that I’d have a version that plays for more than 15 to 30 seconds…On a few of these tracks, though I tried to get it right [it can be hard], there is a noticeable “something” where one part ends and another picks up…It’s part of the headache, of working with solitary WAV and MP3 files that have been made with obsolete music software…and I cant just import the arrangement files they were made with, to recode from the original source…So, there are a few imperfections here.

01) Veneration – Kind of cool…This reminds me of the unlisted track at the end of Def Leppard’s Pyromania. It’s just something I came up with, while goofing around. Not at all a song.

02) Fluorine – I didn’t bother doing anything with this…I just included it here, as it was. I’ve never made anything like this since.

03) CultureShock-V1 – A fact only ever known by me…”CultureShock V4″ is titled such, because there were three versions which preceded it…and the very first attempt, was something totally different from what originally debuted as “The Culture Shock Podcast” theme…This is the original, never before released version.

04) Curio – Bumper music…but really cool bumper music…You cant possibly not like this.

05) MA Today – I had a YouTube series called “MA Today” [Minor Attraction Today]…Pronounced by it’s proper lettering, “em aye today”…Yes, that was creative wasn’t it?…I could not possibly neglect inclusion of this track here…Plus, it’s not bad.

06) Funky1 – A great piece of bumper music.

07) Cerebrum – I was messing around with a synthesizer on this one…Not amazing, but sounds alright…An early example of my attempts at making original music.

08) Circumflex – I remember making this…That particular synthesizer got taken out of the MAGIX Music Maker suite, I think by the fourteenth release…I kind of miss it, to be honest.

09) Moirai – A nice track…if a bit eerie…I put a bit of work into it.

10) Media Whore – I was going to hold this one back for a later album…but, this is an old piece of music I put together…I think it’s the first thing I ever created, that was honestly really good…In fact, this particular track is kind of awesome. It saves this collection from being more less neutered. I was going to put some vocal recordings to this, but never did…I could easily envision this track going well, with a “rampage” style of rapping.





Date: April 21, 2015

Comments in return to someone on Twitter, who was making a snap judgment about me…They called me [my behavior] “Dark”.

“Dark”?…I am real. I am honest. I don’t have the luxury, of living in denial like so many do.

In addition, my efforts are based on solving social conflict, not causing problems and pain for others.

My actions and character speak for themselves…People just need to look deeper than a first glance.

Apparently, you’re not accustomed to encountering people who live in the trenches of stigma and ostracism.

In reality…I am very kind and respectful towards people, on Twitter. Even in the face of abuse, I’ve not lost my composure, or slighted anyone.

The big irony here…is that this all took place in response to the Stinson Hunter griefing scandal…and my trying to explain how this shows a poor, parasitic and malicious character on the part of Stinson and his friends.

For this, my own character gets offhandedly questioned, based on a quick scan of my timeline? [and what is so unacceptable about my timeline, anyway…It’s useful, honest and real.]

The person throwing this back in my face, was cheering on Stinson…and does not care about his malicious past, or his bullying of young kids…Hmmmm…

It’s like they have no concept, that you need to be decent to other people, which just bleeds over into exchanges like this one.

I should hope this person never imagines themselves morally superior, to a person like me…Such would be gravely unjustified…



The Future of Marriage…

Date: April 20, 2015

01) OnBeing: The Future of Marriage

02) Direct Download Link [MP3]

“What would it take to make our national encounter with gay marriage redemptive rather than divisive? David Blankenhorn and Jonathan Rauch came to the gay marriage debate from very different directions — but with a shared concern about the institution of marriage. Now, they’re pursuing a different way for all of us to grapple with the future of marriage, redefined. They model a fresh way forward as the subject of same-sex marriage is before the Supreme Court.”

You could replace the term “gay marriage” with “pedophile issues” or “intergenerational relationships” at a number of places…

…What strikes me so bluntly whenever I encounter these kinds of discussions…is that the people talking about “gay and lesbian” issues, are also talking exactly about pedosexual’s issues, in almost every way…they just don’t understand it, or refuse to accept the vast common ground…

…It is as if they are a proxy, representing and talking about our issues, as pedosexuals…as Child Lovers…as Teen Lovers…as disenfranchised youth and children…Only, they refuse to acknowledge that we suffer horribly, under these exact same social conflicts and ills…

Worse still…some of them believe we deserve our plight, and that we don’t deserve a voice or humane standing in society…all the while standing there, and arguing passionately on behalf of their own right to a voice and humane social standing.

I offer these kinds of dialogues here, despite this…because I see gems of wisdom in there, even if they are focused very narrowly. All who possess an open mind willing to be taught, can learn from what is here.

…And I think these discussions are a wonderful template, for constructive dialogue which actually brings people closer…

Why don’t we have this sort of thing for all people, including every type of sexually repressed group?…

…If this world were interested in getting to the heart of all social ills…we certainly would have this openness…even for children, youth and pedosexuals.

…And no, I would hope that I don’t have to point out…I am not trying to suggest that pedosexuals and children [youth] want to get married to each other, as a common thing…

I mean the other things which come up…like the effects of being ostracized from the larger population and culture…I mean the need and striving, to find our own way into the world around us…to be a productive, embraced and cherished part of it…to have a meaningful role in it, and it’s direction…to be validated human beings…to even be leaders.