Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 03/29/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: April 4, 2015

…Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 03/29/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Published on Mar 30, 2015

01:00 – “Corporations Stealing From U.S. Troops.” David Haynes explains how binding arbitration agreements directed at soldiers are leaving our veterans without homes when they return from overseas combat. #ArbitrationTrap

09:24 – “Still No Action on Police Brutality.” Howard Nations explains why almost nothing has been done since the death of Michael Brown to reign in abusive police officers. #HandsUpDontShoot

18:28 – “Arsenic Found In Wines.” Michael Burg will tell us about the lawsuit taking place against California wineries, where it has been revealed they are pumping high levels of arsenic into cheap wines. #ArsenicWine

26:59 – “Wisconsin’s Right To Work…For Less.” Brendan Fischer, general counsel for the Center for Media and Democracy in Madison, Wisconsin, will explain Wisconsin’s new Right To Work law. #StandWithLabor

44:49 – “The Backstory.” News with Mike Papantonio and Sam Seder. #BehindTheHeadlines”

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