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Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 04/05/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: April 12, 2015

…Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 04/05/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

“01:02 – “Neocon War Hawks Prep For Iran Conflict.” Abby Martin, host of Media Roots Radio, will explain how Republicans like Tom Cotton are aligning themselves with the defense industry to push for a new Middle East conflict. #EndlessWar

11:14 – “Republicans Ready To Let America Burn.” Farron Cousins will explain how the new Republican budget will leave our military woefully unprepared to handle the threat of climate change and increased instability. #GOPBudgetCuts

23:20 – “How The Daily Show Held Corporate Media Accountable.” Lee Camp, host of Redacted Tonight on RT America, will join us to discuss the impact that progressive news satire has had on the Mainstream Media, and why it is so critical for the American public. #CorporateNews

33:36 – “Only the Worst Winemakers Are Worried About Arsenic Lawsuit.” #ArsenicInWine”