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Study: Majority Receiving Public Assistance Are Working Poor…

Date: April 14, 2015

01) Study: Majority Receiving Public Assistance Are Working Poor

02) Read the Study

“A study out today finds nearly three-quarters of people who receive public assistance benefits from the government belong to a working family.

The report from University of California, Berkeley, says low-wage jobs have left federal and state governments holding the tab for higher medicaid, food stamp and child subsidy payouts. Researchers say the cost to taxpayers is now $153 billion a year.

Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson speaks to Ken Jacobs, chair of the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education, about the recent study and what it means for federal aid and low-wage workers.”

Not much of a surprise here…

…And just think…if they start slashing the assistance programs, it wont honestly be the “welfare royalty” amongst us which suffers the major brunt of it…It will be people who are out there, actually trying to survive.

Ex-Blackwater Guards Sentenced to Prison in 2007 Killings of Iraqi Civilians…

Date: April 14, 2015

…Ex-Blackwater Guards Sentenced to Prison in 2007 Killings of Iraqi Civilians…

What we have learned today…is that Blackwater employees cannot legally create casualties of war…And I, for one, applaud this.

Blackwater created a situation for itself…where it existed in a legally fuzzy arena…They should have known better, than to think it would not come back to bite them.

Hey…I understand that they were functioning in a theater of war…and that they unwittingly found themselves in a chaotic situation…But here is the thing…

…They are contracted civilians…not active soldiers in theater to fight a war, because they’ve been sent their by the commander in chief…Blackwater, being civilian contractors, do not get the same legal protections as U.S. soldiers…and they shouldn’t.

They chose to be there as civilians…Hence, they are required to legally behave as such.

It was really crazy, that they were even over there in the first place…It was highly controversial, to say the least. That they did not seem to really answer to anyone, was straight up alarming.

People have been talking for years…how the actions of Blackwater were endangering our soldiers, and giving us a bad reputation.

…And atrocities against the Iraqis [or other civilians], have never been acceptable…

A lot of people may have shown up at the trial, to support these four men…and I want to say, they might be decent enough in other areas of their lives…

…But decent people do not sign up for any line of work, the likes of which Blackwater offered.

I have no sympathy for these men…They chose this path…It led them to murder [or at least manslaughter] innocent civilians…It really is as simple as that.

…Don’t want to lay in that bed?…Then don’t join violent rogue businesses, which believe themselves to be above the law.


This is my 400th Post…


Date: April 14, 2015

…Well…To be honest, what is on this blog at present is mostly two years worth of “current” blogging, mixed with about a third of my Baywords posts [from 2008/2009]…and various other content and websites [some being rebuilt here]…So, it’s not all 400 “new” posts since I moved to WordPress.

It may not seem like I have a lot here…but really, this is a database of a lot of content…And I’ve only made a modest dent. What I’m trying to do, is repost two old posts, for every new post that I make here…It’s hard, because there is so much content I find worthy…and simply reposting old content takes more time than you’d likely expect.

I figure once I get through the backlog of WordPress posts [about 100 uncategorized posts, plus about as many associated with some Sub-Blog series], I’ll focus on the remainder of the Baywords posts…Then focus on either Blog.com posts, or my content from BlogSpot [including ISD, etc.].

It is a hard, mind numbing drudge, to simply dump stuff onto this blog…while on some posting treadmill marathon.

So, that is part of the plan for the future…

I still could not let the 400th published post slip by, without making mention of it…Plus, I wanted to make a brief announcement.

I’m going to be attempting to lighten the load just a hair, by slightly re-designing a thing or two…And I’ll probably be getting a bit lazy with one or two things, also.

Most notable, I am switching around the way I present links in posts…This wont affect all Sub-Blogs, but I intend to mostly switch them over to this new form, over time.

They will look as follows. These are dead links, so…Please don’t bother clicking on them.

01) LINK

02) LINK

03) LINK

Blue is still a clear link…and red is a proxied link…

The title of each link will be off to the right side, and you’ll have to click on the “normal” or “proxied” button, to visit the linked destination. If the destination cannot be reached through a proxy, then you’ll only see the blue button.

This format will save a lot of room, and just look/be nicer when a lot of links are associated with any one post.

I trust this will be agreeable, with my readers.

…Oh!…And I am going to be debuting a few brand new Sub-Blogs soon…So, be looking for those.

– Steve Diamond