Some Reality about “Triggers”…

Date: April 17, 2015

01) Trigger warnings demean feminism. Here’s why.

I haven’t really written or talked about it a whole lot, but this issue has increasingly been on my mind…Mostly because, as Christina points out, it has become a tool for imposing hostility against open thought and expression.

…It’s even been used against me, amidst an effort to smear my character…

It’s probably a little known fact, that over a decade and a half ago…I went through a phase where I was writing short masturbation stories…They were mostly in the vein of reflective, young homoerotic stories…the kind you might have found in gay magazines, years ago.

I would not call myself great at this endeavor…but it was fun…it served an important need…and I was offering something that was useful, to people who lacked other outlets. It was a gift to the wider community, to help them cope…to ease and enhance their life, a bit.

They mostly existed in a singular collection…a series, which added up the narration of an over the top sex romp, between three boys…Nothing about this was meant to be taken seriously…It was submitted and published on two websites, specializing in just exactly this thing…masturbation stories…It was all buried several layers deep, on a website that forced you to knowingly self elect to see it…You’d have to go hunting around for this specific type of story, and stumble upon it…It wasn’t something that would just show up in a search engine.

…You can imagine my amusement, when something like a decade later…some bozos [at Perverted Justice] decided to publish a direct link to this story, on a webpage which was supposedly an expose of me…accompanied by a “trigger” warning…As in, they expected that some percentage of people would spaz out, should they click the link and encounter my rather lighthearted and amusing story.

…It is just plain nuts, the degree to which this “trigger” superstition has been taken…I know some people are sensitive…but good grief!…Honestly?…That is just outright stupid.

It has become even more incredulous…because after Perverted Justice dropped the website, and quietly distanced itself from what it had done…one of the idiots behind creating it, spent years getting kicked off of numerous hosts [for terms of service violations, because the website is online harassment, stalking and making tangible terrorist threats against people…and it’s an outright smear campaign of the worst sort]…all along, publishing a link to my story with a “trigger” warning…

…Today is the first time I’ve even acknowledged my porn writing past, in many years…I’ve not linked to that story on a public website, ever [it was against the rules of the websites to do so, anyway…They wanted every visitor to read and agree to the terms of service, which included acknowledgement that they willfully intended to access such content]. I only shared it for a short window of time, through private and personal venues [like IRC chat]…So, it’s a trivial piece of my deep past…which I am proud of, for the record…I hope my creativity served many people well…

…But for all this time I’ve not even acknowledged the existence of these stories…that deranged bozo has been, I believe, the singular and most prominent advertiser and promoter of my porn stories…all the while being “so concerned” about the possibility of “traumatizing” people, by exposing them to my stories.

…Yeah…”triggers”…Uh huh…

Of course…this person was just trying to rile up narrow minded people, who are already prone to become outraged at anything even remotely taboo…but this experience has always stuck with me, and made me realize just how watered down, crazy and meaningless the term “[mental] triggers” has become.

I don’t see the concept of “triggers” as being entirely invalid, because people can associate all sorts of things with a deep, personal trauma…But people have gone absolutely crazy, pro-actively associating this term with all manner of things.

Is my silly, whimsical story, about happy, enthusiastic boys having lots of happy sex, really going to “trigger” anyone into anything at all [other than arousal and orgasm]?

People who are that hyper sensitive, simply need to not seek such content out…Problem solved…

…though not in a world, where we have bozo’s who go out of their way to create problems.

There is a ton of problems with the concept of “triggers”, especially as it is being used today.

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