“Doctors” In Another Field Who Want to Advise Us All…

Date: April 19, 2015

01) Dr. Oz Is Lying To You And Columbia University Wants Him Gone

What they are talking about here…good grief!…

…We have seen this same old problem recycle for years, with the Laura Schlessingers and Judith Reismans of this world…

…People who are honestly certified in some area of expertise, having a doctorate…deciding that their moral outrage over social issues makes them justified, in deceptively putting themselves over as some form of “expert” in fields unrelated to the field they became a doctor in.

This never stops them from prominently, and repeatedly, telling you that they are a doctor…leaving you with the strongly suggested impression, that they are a deep expert in the field on which they speak.

…Yeah, fine…sometimes they go to a diploma mill, and take a few courses so they can hang a certificate on their wall…But seriously, you’d have to be a fool not to understand they are frauds…They’re people exploiting their past status, in scummy ways…because they know it will allow them to impress and manipulate people…most of whom won’t do any digging into their past…most of whom will never question them, or their motives.

Very commonly…they turn out to be complete zealots, who’s words and integrity are corrupted…by the simple fact that they cannot be objective, honest or fair.

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