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Date: April 21, 2015

Comments in return to someone on Twitter, who was making a snap judgment about me…They called me [my behavior] “Dark”.

“Dark”?…I am real. I am honest. I don’t have the luxury, of living in denial like so many do.

In addition, my efforts are based on solving social conflict, not causing problems and pain for others.

My actions and character speak for themselves…People just need to look deeper than a first glance.

Apparently, you’re not accustomed to encountering people who live in the trenches of stigma and ostracism.

In reality…I am very kind and respectful towards people, on Twitter. Even in the face of abuse, I’ve not lost my composure, or slighted anyone.

The big irony here…is that this all took place in response to the Stinson Hunter griefing scandal…and my trying to explain how this shows a poor, parasitic and malicious character on the part of Stinson and his friends.

For this, my own character gets offhandedly questioned, based on a quick scan of my timeline? [and what is so unacceptable about my timeline, anyway…It’s useful, honest and real.]

The person throwing this back in my face, was cheering on Stinson…and does not care about his malicious past, or his bullying of young kids…Hmmmm…

It’s like they have no concept, that you need to be decent to other people, which just bleeds over into exchanges like this one.

I should hope this person never imagines themselves morally superior, to a person like me…Such would be gravely unjustified…