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Lawmakers Threaten To Ban Alcohol If Pot Isn’t Legalized…

Date: April 26, 2015

01) Lawmakers Threaten To Ban Alcohol If Pot Isn’t Legalized

Marijuana liberation is a cause, who’s time has come. The people behind this prohibition, cannot continue to persecute pot users…That model is destructive, corrupt…and it just does not work, for the honest majority.

Legalize Medical Marijuana

Marijuana Liberation

Mom Life Threatened For Complaining About “Bible Man” In School…

Date: April 26, 2015

01) Mom Life Threatened For Complaining About “Bible Man” In School

I don’t know how Anna can set there and make the statement, that it’s all okay if you’ve got the money to send your kids to a private, religious school…when she clearly has this problem with religious indoctrination.

As a homosexual who was put through a Baptist school [K-12], graduating from one of them…I am compelled to point out, that a lot of kids are trapped there…that it is incredibly injurious to the psychology and social stability of many of us…and that this is a much deeper issue, than whether or not the parents can afford to pay others to implement the psychological and emotional torture of their children.

…There is also the very real tragedy of social stunting, which these institutions are a very true source of.

I’m sure Anna didn’t really mean anything in her choice of words…but of all that was covered here, and despite that more deserves comment…that is what jumped out at me…But then, it’s a personal issue.

I need to express a thing or two, which is likely to make a few people uncomfortable…

…A lot of people get into this cliché thinking…”You take your children to church and submerge them into a moral environment and lifestyle?…Wonderful!”…without any consideration to the nature and needs of the child…or the possibly disastrous ways in which the, not always good or moral, nature of the church might conflict…even causing this kid to live a life, under constant psychological and emotional assault…They might be singled out an ostracized…But even if they are not, once they have been psychologicaly broken by this and internalize the rejection of themselves…the damage has been done.

You know…if religion were only the cliché “once a week on Sundays, and the rest of the week is yours to live normal and practical”…I might suggest like many, that it is not so corrosive a thing…because there would be a lot more there in one’s life, to offset it…to bring life back into level headed balance…to give you a real world perspective on things, and not allow “what does the Bible say about this” to warp your ability to reason.

Religion has this privileged status in our culture…where it can do some of the most horrible, “soul destroying” things to children [and people of all ages]…and it is applauded for it, as though this were good, moral and right…and I just do not get this anomaly.

…It says to me, that those of us unfortunate enough to find ourselves in these institutions are not considered worth fighting for, or defending, by most people.

…Why is that?…Why does next to nobody have a problem with this style of psychological and emotional abuse?

It’s like the only people who talk about this serious problem, are the one’s who were forced to live through it, themselves…And we are somehow considered extreme and fringe, for even just expressing anything about it.

…It’s as if we were the ones at fault, for having been unlucky enough to be born into this.