Would You Like to Chat Live with Steve Diamond?…


Date: April 27, 2015

The instant messenger is down, and it has been for a good while. It’s never up when I am logged online, anyway…and I am tired of this state of things. As such, Chatango is now in the dog house.

We are taking a new direction with live chat, and I have decided to open up a room using tlk.io [https://tlk.io/].

01) tlk.io

This new chat will be called “The Diamond Lounge”, and located here [a page on this blog]:

02) The Diamond Lounge

This is not a private room, and it does not offer private messaging…and it represents an experiment.

For your information…no IP or other identifying information is shared [except maybe your twitter account, if you sign in using twitter].

Unlike the previous instant messengers I’ve used here, this room will allow multiple people to interact with me, all at once…So, in the event you don’t want to enter alone…you can bring a friend in with you.

There are not a lot of features to this service, so I don’t know how well it will serve my purposes…But I will give it a try for now. It can go away later, if I see it becoming a problem.

Give me a while to put together a new chat graphic, and maybe a page of rules, information and guidelines to go with the chat page.



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