How Would Jefferson Define ‘Religious Freedom’?…

Date: April 27, 2015

01) How Would Jefferson Define ‘Religious Freedom’?

I’ve been mistakenly referring to the “religion restoration” laws/movement, as “defense of religion”…

I think I was mixing “religion restoration” with “defense of marriage”…which is understandable, considering that they both come from the same general demographic and mindset…plus, they are both misnomers…also, the one just seemed to evolve into the other.

Why am I so outraged at this issue?…

…Because…this is an outrageous slap in the face, born out of contempt…the fact that organized religion expects us to believe, that it does not know it’s own power…nor does it realize the place of privilege it has existed in, all through the history of the USA…and that it needs to be defended, from social consequences and adherence to minimal social standards.

…Have these individuals pushing “religion restoration” bills ever, in their entire lives, had a self critical moment of reflection?…Have they ever had the epiphany…that just maybe…all the pushback they have been seeing in recent decades, has been a direct response to their own, obnoxious, anti-social aggression?…That maybe, the root problem has nearly always emanated from their own camp, and their own actions?

Believe me…I understand that there are cases, where people are entirely unreasonable…and they are in your face, with the primary objective of simply causing trouble and never allowing people to be at peace…

…But I have to tell you…A massive amount of the anger, rebuke and pushback aimed at organized religion today, is entirely justified and valid…

…And when people of organized religion receive it, they need to step back and evaluate their own actions…not run to their statesmen, and demand a new law that allows them to continue behaving in a foul manner.

Truth be told…so much of this anger and backlash could subside, if only organized religion would behave in a respectful manner towards the rest of us on this planet.

…Now, there is a real gem of wisdom…but is organized religion willing to humble itself, and follow it?

…Building legal walls to maintain some sort of separatist mindset, does not have me very encouraged about where organized religion is heading.

It’s like…we have this demographic which wants and demands a culture war…and they just wont have any of it, when it comes to the more simple solution of us learning to get along.

Organized religion has to do a ton of changing, in order for this to happen.

…Is it really not worth it?…Is it honestly so below them?

These fights are just so insane and senseless…and they cause so much suffering in this world…which is what drives me so badly up the wall, about all of this…

…You look back at the havoc…and it was all for nothing…bunch of egotistical strong-arming, from people too insecure to allow others to be different from them…

…Those who’ve spent years [decades] of their lives on the receiving end of this bullying, get a much different experience out of this sense of self entitlement, which others have to our personal lives.

…It is a slap in the face, for people to greedily clutch onto this ugliness…instead of throwing it away, like any decent person would do.

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