Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 04/12/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: April 27, 2015

01) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 04/12/2015 (FULL EPISODE)

“Published on Apr 20, 2015

00:57 – “Generic Drugs Just Got More Dangerous.” Howard Nations will tell us why the FDA is dragging its feet on a new rule that would force generic prescription drugs to carry the same warnings as their name brand counterparts – a delay that is costing people their lives. #PoisonPills

13:14 – “Repressive Religious Freedom Bills Bring America Back to 1800’s.” Matt Filipowicz in Boston, host of The Matthew Filipowicz Show, will tell us about the recent “religious liberty” laws that are designed to allow businesses to discriminate based on their religious beliefs. #EqualityForAll”

I don’t know what happened to this episode [a mishap in production?], but it’s less than half an hour long…there is no end segment…and it looks like they clearly meant for the show to continue on…but it does not. Here it is, anyway.

I need to comment about something…and that something, is this “defense of religion” who ha, that’s been slithering it’s way through various state legislatures…

…What is this utter rubbish nonsense, that the juggernaut of organized religion supposedly “needs protection”, so that it can dodge anti-discrimination laws?…

Organized religion gets away with proverbial murder [nay, genocide] in the USA…This country nearly kisses and licks the butt of organized religion, bending over to be shagged by it relentlessly…and dragging all the rest of us with it…

…Organized religion is held at a net standard, of zero social accountability…and it is often praised and rewarded, for behaving in absolutely vulgar malicious ways.

When are we ever going to have a serious discussion about this social travesty, and actually speak honestly about it?

No…we can’t have that…Instead, we get these useless laws shoved down our throats…The lawmakers don’t want to admit what they are really about…nor explain why they are supposedly “needed”…let alone, why there is “an emergency” in “need” of these laws…

…Sure…it is all just “strange coincidence”, that this is all happening parallel with gay marriage and anti-discrimination law becoming legally recognized.

Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Organized religion has a wide spread, deep seeded problem…in that it’s mentality is rooted in separatism…”us versus them”…”if you’re not with us, you are against us”…”we are good, you are evil”…and a sense of self entitlement, to dominate over everyone…forcing as many as possible, to conform to their rule.

We are witnessing this rear it’s ugly head, with these outrageous “defense of religion” laws…laws which are clearly designed to neuter anti-discrimination law…laws which are clearly born out of hostility towards sexual minorities…

…If that is not the cause behind them…then what are they even being written and passed for?

Let’s face it…as things stand, organized religion is never going to face a day of reckoning, accounting for it’s masses of anti-social behavior, and trespass against untold numbers of people…

…Virtually nobody in a place of ability has the balls, let alone the integrity, to force accountability and consequence onto organized religion [or it’s leaders].

We need a far better quality of leadership in the USA…Things need to change, for once in our lifetimes, in a tangible way that actually means something good and progressive.

…Not this same old crap, re-served to us all under a different name and convoluted reasoning.

It is time for secular government institutions to actually be secular…not theocracy behind a mask.

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