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Egg-Shaped Tiny Home That Runs on Renewable Energy…


Date: May 31, 2015

00) Official Ecocapsule Website

01) Egg-Shaped Tiny Home That Runs on Renewable Energy

“The Ecocapsule is an egg-shaped, wind- and solar-powered microdwelling from Bratislava, Slovakia–based Nice Architects that is billed as a portable tiny home, cottage, pop-up hotel, or emergency shelter that doubles as a charging station for electric vehicles.”

02) Ecocapsule is the egg-shaped tiny home that can go off-grid and off-pipe

“Often when we show tiny homes, readers point out that designers should learn from boats, where people have been organizing small spaces forever. Now Bratislava based Nice Architects introduce the very nice and very boat-like Ecocapsule, ” a low-energy house packed into a compact form. It merges an energy efficient shape, compact volume and off-grid capabilities with the luxuries of a warm bed, running water and a hot meal.”

I’d love to own one of these…but, dang…the price tag…

This isn’t the kind of thing designed for low income [or poverty] populations.


Album: Blue Threw It All…


Date: May 28, 2015

Blue Threw It All [17:07]

01) Argon

02) Electrical

03) Hyperion

04) Bejabers

05) Demirelief

06) Evocation

07) Scepter

08) Cathectic

Blue Threw It All is my ninth official, normal album…It spans 17 minutes and 7 seconds. This collection is very up beat and “techno” in flavor. Personally, I like how this turned out.

01) Argon – Great, strong track to start off with.

02) Electrical – A loop…weak as “a song”, but still cool.

03) Hyperion – Another good track.

04) Bejabers – An outlier with this collection, slightly…This one has it’s own flavor and style. It’s a favorite.

05) Demirelief – Cool track.

06) Evocation – Cool track.

07) Scepter – Pretty good stuff.

08) Cathectic – Not my favorite track of the album…but a decent way to bring things to a close.



Bernie Sanders Continues To Champion Progressive Ideas…

Date: May 27, 2015

01) Bernie Sanders Continues To Champion Progressive Ideas

“Bernie Sanders is back and once again he’s pushing for policies that make all the sense in the world. By that I mean that they are already policies throughout much of the world. Almost all industrialized countries provide things like a livable minimum wage, guaranteed vacation time and things of that sort.”

Scheer & Hedges: They Know Everything About You…

Date: May 23, 2015

Note: Videos one, two, six and seven are inexplicably disabled for embedding on blogs and websites…so, just click the links, to watch those parts.

“Pulitzer prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges interviews Truthdig’s editor in chief Robert Scheer about his latest book “They Know Everything About You: How Data-Collecting Corporations and Snooping Government Agencies Are Destroying Democracy”

01) Scheer & Hedges: They Know Everything About You (1/7)

02) Scheer & Hedges: They Know Everything About You (2/7)

03) Scheer & Hedges: They Know Everything About You (3/7)

04) Scheer & Hedges: They Know Everything About You (4/7)

05) Scheer & Hedges: They Know Everything About You (5/7)

06) Scheer & Hedges: They Know Everything About You (6/7)

07) Scheer & Hedges: They Know Everything About You (7/7)

Hodgepodge: Sanders-Warren Ticket? TPP and More…

Date: May 23, 2015

01) Caller: We Need a Sanders-Warren Ticket…


02) TPP – Wikileaks has released another bombshell (November, 2013)

03) Warren Pushes Back Against TPP Fast Track

04) Hillary Should Tell us her Position on TPP!

05) Caller: Can We Reverse TPP if it’s Passed?

06) How TPP will Screw the United States…

07) Is this the Tipping Point for Fascism?

08) Reaganism Continues to Screw Our Economy!

Other Stuff

09) Should ID be Required to Buy Ammo?

Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – May 18 – 19 – 20 – 21 – 2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: May 22, 2015

Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/18/2015 (FULL EPISODE)

““Tax Loopholes Are Killing People.” Howard Nations will tell us how we can solve our infrastructure problems by simply cutting out tax loopholes for billionaires. #Infrastructure

“The Public Hates The SCOTUS.” Ian Millhiser, author of the new book Injustices, will tell us why the Supreme Court is so unpopular with the American public, and how the court became a tool for the wealthy. #SCOTUS

“The Backstory.” Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins will discuss some of the top news stories from the past week that corporate media refused to cover.”

Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/19/2015 (FULL EPISODE)

““Rail Lobby Made Amtrak A Death Trap.” David Haynes will explain the activities of the railway lobby, specifically how they managed to get liability caps on disasters and their efforts to make the entire industry a lot less safe. #Amtrak

“The Discussion on Race We Should Be Having.” Chauncey DeVega will tell us why the corporate media is ignoring the real discussion on race that needs to be had in America. #Baltimore

“The Backstory.” Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins will discuss some of the top news stories from the past week that corporate media refused to cover.”

Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/20/2015 (FULL EPISODE)

“The Republican Party has a huge problem – their base is dying off by the day. We’ll tell you what that means for this next election…

Bill O’Reilly’s explosive temper is in the headlines again, and we’ll find out if his anger might finally end his career…

And Bernie Sanders’ candidacy has corporate Democrats running scared – and that’s great news for the Democratic Party – we’ll tell you why..…”

Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/21/2015 (FULL EPISODE)

“The rift between corporate Democrats and true progressives and Obama’s support of the TPP is making things so much worse – we’ll bring you the details…

Texas governor Greg Abbott has banned fracking bans in his state, but his support of the energy industry could backfire horribly for him…

And we’re being told that things on Wall Street are getting better – but insiders say that things are just as bad as ever..…”

Waiting for Superman…


Date: May 20, 2015

01) TubiTV: Waiting for Superman

“From the Academy Award-winning Director of An Inconvenient Truth comes the groundbreaking feature film that provides an engaging and inspiring look at public education in the United States. Waiting For “Superman” has helped launch a movement to achieve a real and lasting change through the compelling stories of five unforgettable students such as Emily, a Silicon Valley eighth-grader who is afraid of being labeled as unfit for college and Francisco, a Bronx first-grader whose mom will do anything to give him a shot at a better life. Waiting For “Superman” will leave a lasting and powerful impression that you will want to share with your friends and family.”


The Ethics of Pedophilia…


Date: May 18, 2015

01) Link

02) Direct Download [PDF]

Ole Martin Moen
University of Oslo, Centre for the Study of Mind in Nature

“Pedophilia is bad. But how bad is it? And in what ways, and for what reasons, is it bad? This is a thorny issue, and sadly, one seldom discussed by ethicists. I argue in this article that pedophilia is bad only because, and only to the extent that, it causes harm to children, and that pedophilia itself, as well as pedophilic expressions and practices that do not cause harm to children, are morally all right. I further argue that the aim of our social and legal treatment of pedophilia should be to minimize harm
to children, and that current practices are often counterproductive in this respect.”

Don’t ever let it be said, that I fail to bring contrary viewpoints to this blog. 🙂

…With “Pedophilia is bad.” as a starting point…this can seem like it’s just going to be propaganda…but I encourage you to read this entire article.

For sure…it starts off on a rough foot…but I urge you to read on a deeper level, and find the useful information which is shared here.

Some of the viewpoints expressed in this article:

– Simply being a pedophile is neither moral nor immoral.

– Having Adult Child Sex is wrong, because of the potential for serious harm.

– Erotic stories and virtual graphics appealing to pedophilic sexual release, should be allowed.

The issues of blameworthiness [ignorance, bad luck] and mental illness are also explored…plus more.

My response:

There is a lot shared here, and I am not really up to going through this with a fine tooth comb…

…But this article comes from the harmfulness bias…It throws us pedosexuals a few crumbs, by stating the obvious that we should not be tormented for merely existing…And it throws us the bone, that written and virtual erotica aimed at pedosexuals should be allowed.

There are a number of arguments shared and considered here.

It’s better than most of what is floating around out there. I thank Ole for his critique.