Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/03/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: May 5, 2015

01) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/03/2015 (FULL EPISODE)

“On today’s show: “Obama is Wrong on TPP.” Howard Nations will tell us why Obama is so hellbent on passing the TPP, even though his party and the American voters are telling him it’s a horrible idea. #NoTPP

“Millenials Getting Worked Over By Politicians.” David Pakman will explain how Millenials are becoming one of the most victimized generations in modern history, and how Congress is doing nothing to ease their suffering. #ProtectTheFuture

“US Chamber Fights Transparency.” Michael Burg will tell us why the US Chamber of Commerce is terrified of new transparency laws that would force companies to disclose political contributions to shareholders. #StopTheChamber

“Rand Paul Is Not A Youth Icon.” Interview with Adele Stan.

“The Backstory”. News of the week with Farron Cousins.”

Not sure how I feel about Ring of Fire becoming a daily show…I mean, it’s great that we get more of this generally top notch program…but, given that I don’t like to miss sharing episodes of this show, this is going to put a burden on me. This was the reason I don’t post Democracy Now! episodes [amongst other shows]…too much to keep up with. – Steve

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