A Few Additional Recordings, and History…


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Date: May 17, 2015

01) Sondra Mary Horne Whatley: Least Anonymous Anon

At her previously banned account, she decided to approach me unsolicited.


I start discussing her where it begins with “Oh…and some bozo on Twitter…”

You can get a few more examples of her tendencies towards violent threat, via screen captures of what she expresses…and what she re-tweets…

In the first, she implies a past trespass against me…”five years ago”…The closest incident to that time window, I would say, was my YouTube account from 2008-2009. It had a good bit of content on it, and was a substantial resource for my online activities at the time.

It was targeted by this notorious group of idiots, calling itself the “YouTube Yahweh Clan”…I believe she was somewhere in the mix, likely using a name something to the effect, bettymisty…Real nasty person…totally the same vibe as Sondra…way over the top.

“rebel child” is an old name, and was running around at the time, also…I don’t recall if I ever exchanged comments with it, however.

A few notes:

I don’t trust encyclopedia dramatica as a resource, nor the people behind it. You cant click around very far, before antivirus software gets triggered [claiming to have blocked attempted infections]…Plus, they don’t mind hosting malicious content. Whoever owns and runs that website, is a self centered person of very bad character…I suggest only visiting a site like that in a sandboxed browser, with everything that can cause you trouble turned off.

…I should have grabbed a copy of that page when I visited it, for archival…I may, later…I just really don’t want to return there.

Second…Sondra is one of these psychotic idiots, who is constantly trying to create trouble for other people…Her repeated twitter stunts include creating lists which bring together the tweets of a wide range of people…some of them post explicit porn, of a legally questionable nature…some post child and teen naturist pictures…Then there are people like those I hang with, who share news links, thoughts and discussion.

Sondra pissed me off with this stunt, for multiple reasons…So, I waged a brief campaign to get others she’d listed to block her…I put her on a “People to Block” list of my own…

…She blocked me, within 24 hours.

I also reported her for threats, harassment and abuse…and attempted to file a specific report on what she was doing with her account [the porn, etc.]…but twitter’s report requirements are screwy for reporting this specific type of thing…She never directly tweeted me with that account, and I needed a tweet sent to my account, before any report would be accepted.

As far as I am concerned…Sondra Mary Horne Whatley is a child pornographer…and I will refer to her as such, from hence forward.


…One of the things I vehemently hate about people of Sondra’s style of personality…is that they are too stupid to know when to restrain their own behavior…And they strut around, wiping their ass with everyone they possibly can, going well out of their way to shove people’s faces into it.

The only thing that stops people like Sondra, is crossing someone else who is even more mean…And the day she turns up a dead body in a ditch, field or swamp somewhere, is the day everyone she’s spent years shitting all over becomes a list of suspects…over the reasonably anticipated outcome of her own legacy.

…People like her are nothing but trouble, all around.


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