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Here’s Why Religious People Dislike Atheists…

Date: May 06, 2015

01) Here’s Why Religious People Dislike Atheists.

“More and more people in the United States are casting aside religion and identifying as atheists — yet polling has found that nearly half of Americans still wouldn’t vote for a presidential candidate who didn’t believe in God. Most Americans think atheists are about as trustworthy as rapists…

Study: People don’t like atheists because they serve as a grim reminder of death’s finality

“And prejudice towards atheists is by no means unique to the United States. It is an attitude shared across the majority of the world’s countries — both past and present…

…But Cook and his colleagues have proposed another hypothesis: Atheists are disliked because they pose a fundamental threat to the worldview of religious people, a worldview that helps them mitigate “the potential terror arising from the uniquely human awareness of death.

Their study, “What If They’re Right About the Afterlife? Evidence of the Role of Existential Threat on Anti-Atheist Prejudice,” was published online April 27 in the scientific journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.”

Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/03/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

Date: May 5, 2015

01) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/03/2015 (FULL EPISODE)

“On today’s show: “Obama is Wrong on TPP.” Howard Nations will tell us why Obama is so hellbent on passing the TPP, even though his party and the American voters are telling him it’s a horrible idea. #NoTPP

“Millenials Getting Worked Over By Politicians.” David Pakman will explain how Millenials are becoming one of the most victimized generations in modern history, and how Congress is doing nothing to ease their suffering. #ProtectTheFuture

“US Chamber Fights Transparency.” Michael Burg will tell us why the US Chamber of Commerce is terrified of new transparency laws that would force companies to disclose political contributions to shareholders. #StopTheChamber

“Rand Paul Is Not A Youth Icon.” Interview with Adele Stan.

“The Backstory”. News of the week with Farron Cousins.”

Not sure how I feel about Ring of Fire becoming a daily show…I mean, it’s great that we get more of this generally top notch program…but, given that I don’t like to miss sharing episodes of this show, this is going to put a burden on me. This was the reason I don’t post Democracy Now! episodes [amongst other shows]…too much to keep up with. – Steve

As Promised: “America’s Survival News Conference”…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: May 4, 2015

Note: I’ve not watched all of these yet, and I don’t intend on giving a lot of critique to any of these. I did my best in figuring out what sequential order they belong in, and I think I succeeded. You may, or may not, want to watch these…or just briefly skip around in parts of them, to get an idea of what’s going on.

“These” are the sort of thought patterns which arise in some people, when marriage equality and acceptance of gays, lesbians and bisexuals starts to actually get serious…It is sad, to say the least. – Steve

01) How the Republican Party is Going Gay

A lot of self promotion from Cliff, which will also repeat itself later. Haven’t really watched this one yet, but I presume it’s the same Cliff-isms, as he decries all the homosexuals working in the republican party.

02) The DNA Deniers and Same-sex Insanity

Have not watched it yet…maybe parts…Knowing Cliff, this one is sure to go for the “man + woman makes child = marriage” propaganda.

03) Alan Keyes on God-ordained Natural Marriage

Having been subjected to entirely too many of these in my past…I can tell you, this is nothing more than a religious sermon, from a guy playing the part of the political pep-rally preacher.

Not much to see here…I suggest you skip it…at most, move the video tracker around and peak in every ten minutes or so…It is rhetoric, without much redeeming value.

04) James Simpson on Cultural Terrorism

This one gets interesting, as it goes back to what I pointed out in my last post on The Wall…James goes for the “cultural terrorism” angle, and mentions “pedophiles” as part of it. This video is sort of a companion, to the James Simpson video I posted there.

As a pedosexuals…I consider this sort of commentary to be bold faced hate speech.

Oh…and this is also the video where the term “useful idiots” came into play, which I referenced in my last post on The Wall.

This guy thinks we are all a bunch of agents of chaos, being empowered by Marxists…but apparently “we don’t know this”…and they’re going to murder us, once they are done using us all…

Allegedly, we have this juggernaut behind us, propping us up…

…Which leaves me with the questions…Where are the resources?…and where are the protections?…Where is all this benefit, that we are allegedly being given?

My scorecard tells me…that we have been abandoned by most organizations…and left to find our way forward, amongst ourselves…And I’ve been at this, for a very, very long time…

…If all this existed…one would think I’d know the “secret handshake” by now.

05) Matt Barber on the “Sexual Anarchy Movement”

Oh dear…

…This one is short…so you might want to struggle through it…But it’s painful to watch, because Matt’s level of intellect has the depth of a mud puddle. He quotes the bible, and at least one religious leader…

This is just rhetoric…A bullheaded guy, deeply entrenched in his own dogma…It can be dismissed.

…But it’s important to keep in mind, what people Cliff thought important to have speak at this “news conference”…and what content they brought with them.

…Not impressive.

06) The Normalization of Homosexuality, by Peter LaBarbera

I have not watched this one, yet…I expect it’s the same Peter LaBarbera lines, as usual.

Peter has a seriously unhealthy obsession with homosexuals…and constantly attacking “the homosexual lifestyle” [whatever that is].

He is the guy behind “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality”…

07) Americans for Truth About Homosexuality

You can witness Peter on “America’s Survival” [at their YouTube channel, or on Roku], several times over…Where he more less repeats a lot of the same things, over and over.

I do not suggest that Peter never says anything true, nor that he has never highlighted important issues concerning homosexuals…But you scratch the surface a little, and his obsession with abolishing homosexuality is outright creepy. Further, he is just not what I would consider to be honest, when it comes to the biological roots of homosexuality.

…He thinks homosexuals are becoming heterosexuals in droves, because of “reparative therapies”…He doesn’t appear to understand the difference between ceasing activities, and actually losing a biological attraction.

…In addition to this…every time I have seen him live in the past…he has always come off aggressive, almost angry…definitely obsessed. Peter is one of those people you look at, and wonder what the heck is going on behind the scenes, when nobody else is watching.



How To Fight Your School’s Speech Codes: Students Speak Out…

Date: May 4, 2015

01) How To Fight Your School’s Speech Codes: Students Speak Out

“Does your school restrict your ability to speak out on the issues you care about most? At the 2014 FIRE Student Network Conference, we interviewed students at colleges and universities from around the country about their experiences with speech codes on campus. They offer insight and advice on how other students can fight back against these restrictive policies.”

False Equation of Pedophilia with Terrorism…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: May 2, 2015

What have I been foretelling for quite a number of years now?…

…If you don’t know, I’m one of the few people out here, who has been warning the pedosexual community to prepare itself for a vicious onslaught, which would entail attempts by some to equate people like us with terrorists…or acts of terrorism.

I saw this trend starting, quite a few years ago…What we have here, is one example of literally what I have been discussing.

Mind you, this concept of “terrorism” being marketed, can take on more than one dimension…For example…some people will claim that because children have been abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered, this somehow makes “being a pedophile” a form of terrorism by default…Others may claim, if you are a pedophile and you try to integrate yourself into society, and engage people with your viewpoints, this is some sort of “terrorism” by way of normalizing pedophilia…Still yet, we have people like James Simpson, who has far grander theories…that we who seek human rights for people like ourselves [ie: sexual minorities], are little more than useful idiots, allegedly “being empowered” by Marxist forces who are using us to create chaos in our culture…to bring about the destruction of our civilization…

…Yes…”The communists are still coming for us, and the religious people are in endless peril”…oh, how things never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever change…

A word before continuing:

I would not normally bring this sort of content here, because these are very deeply religious people, who have a particular viewpoint on “how the world is supposed to be”…and they are quite intolerant of sexual minorities. Cliff Kincaid, Jerry Kenney and “America’s Survival” have been featured a number of times on, and they are considered to be a hate group [note: having watched this show for some time, it is mostly made up of Cliff, Jerry and a rotating handful of frequent guests, including Peter LaBarbera]. They can barely go more than two months, without putting out an episode bemoaning gays and lesbians [and of course, they think poorly of us pedosexuals, too].

I became aware of Cliff Kincaid back in the 1990’s, when I received an offer to subscribe to his newsletter…I presume [or maybe it was literally specified, I don’t remember] that this came about, because of my association with the Gulf War 91 [being a war vet], and Gulf War Syndrome. While I did decline to subscribe, I do have to admit that his was the only voice I am aware of, that was talking about the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks to come. This did pique my interest.

In addition, I also bought and read one of his books…and while it was an interesting read, it was also kind of a hard and annoying read…because it was so deeply entrenched in a hardline, catholic world view…Cliff clearly writes and speaks to a specific sort of audience…of which, I really am not a part. That does not stop me from being interested, in what people of viewpoints different from my own have to say.

Given this past primer…when I stumbled across his channel on Roku, I subscribed…

…Having grown up in the deep indoctrination of the Baptist church, I knew in my gut what to basically expect…I just wasn’t sure what level of freakish obsession I would encounter…And as it turns out, they are pretty feisty, “take the gloves off, and let the fists fly” kind of people…I more less kept watching, out of a morbid fascination…Knowing that whatever I might conceivably want to bring here, would likely only be fit for some post on “The Wall”.

To be completely fair…they do sometimes have thought provoking shows, but I would suggest, those are too few, and too far between.

With the United States Supreme Court hearing the case of gay marriage, this has had Cliff and company in an uproar [and I’ve had my own comments about the behavior of religious groups, in recent days]…and they even did a “press conference” [which sounds like it was attended by half a dozen people…or less]. I was going to just bring the portions of that “press conference” here, as an example of the ludicrous responses to gay marriage going on right now…but I also found this episode of their show…and decided it would fit well here…plus I have some comments to share.

01) Cultural Terrorism Against America

“Investigative journalist James Simpson exposed the Cloward-Piven strategy of collapsing America from within economically. Now Simpson talks about the “cultural terrorism” against America that also has Marxist roots. Simpson, Cliff Kincaid, and Jerry Kenney discuss the upcoming April 21 America’s Survival, Inc. conference, “Crimes Against Nature and the Constitution.”

I wanted to share this for a few reasons…Not only do they go for the “terrorism” angle, as I pointed out above…but they also talk about Harry Hay, and provide some pictures of his “infamous” [“NAMBLA Walks With Me”] march in the gay pride parade, after NAMBLA was ostracized along with a few other groups. They talk about his roots in the very early homosexual rights movement, in the USA…And I find these types of recordings to be a useful resource, because they are talking about factual history…and point out just how reliant all the rights gays, lesbians and bisexuals have today, are on people who were either pedosexuals themselves, or who supported pedosexuals rights and the sexual rights of children. Everything gays, lesbians and bisexuals in the USA enjoy today, originated from the efforts of people like Harry Hay…and from a movement, which considered both children [and teens] and us pedosexuals to be every bit as human, dignified and deserving of freedom and human rights.

…What makes me really, really sad…is that it is these hostile groups, who are the only ones talking about this history, as outwardly as many of us pedosexuals have…Yet, they use this information for much different ends…while the gay, lesbian and bisexual groups don’t want to acknowledge it at all…despite that they owe their existence and rights to it…despite that they launched [what they are today] from the momentum of that movement…

…As a pedosexual, I find myself having to cite and highlight people who are hostile…because the people who should be my natural allies, are too spineless and lacking in integrity, to acknowledge our common roots…And I find that down right tragic and disgusting.

Things should not be this way.

Next…do take note, how they make various comments…

…Supposedly, we sexual minorities are part of a plan to “create a world of chaos”…

…It seems to me, James does not see past his own dogma and hive mentality…Because you see…”a world of chaos” is quite subjective…And to presume that this was not “a world of chaos” all along, I think is ignorant. For those of us who are born into social disenfranchisement, this is simply a hostile world of chaos, by default…and our working to change things for the better, is a response to this chaos all around us…The chaos is not coming from us, primarily…It is coming from the culture, itself…from people who relentlessly attack us.

This really is a matter, about where your starting point happens to be…Just because recent history has catered to religious people like Cliff and James, does not mean that it was moral, ethical or right, in all that it did…It has been down right monstrous towards sexual minorities.

I’d suggest there is a severe lack of human empathy going on, if you think there is little wrong going on, so long as the culture is in line with your own ideology.

…Then there is “the people spoke”…referring to the thirty [or so] states that voted to ban same sex marriage…

…I’ve always taken an issue with people declaring what “the people” said, or believe, or support, or want…Because when it comes to these kinds of issues, where polarized groups latch onto them and make it all about “culture war”…you generally just end up with two groups…the one that gets what it wants…and the one that gets the middle finger…never any compromise or tolerance…or sympathy…things just get nasty.

Claiming the totality of “the people” when claiming we voted to outlaw same sex marriage, implies that a vast number of us are not part of “the people”…Because we voted to allow same sex marriage [and yes, I did do just that], but our voices were given the middle finger [like so commonly happens]…and we were told that “it does not matter, what we value as human beings”…

…Which brings me to another thing stated by one of them…that their [ie: Christian] voices “don’t count”…unless the Supreme Court sides with them…

…It’s always about “their oppression”, but never anybody else’s….Ever notice this?

If they have a problem with anything, it’s “oppression” and some sort of social emergency…Meanwhile, there are any number of groups and individuals, who’ve spent their lives being attacked, walked all over and relentlessly kicked while they are kept down…but there’s not a lot of sympathy for those people…for those “undesirables” who don’t fit into a “Christian world”…

…No, Cliff and company…you are not being oppressed…Your voices are not being ignored…I think we’ve just entered an era, where it is no longer thought that the religious can rightfully lord over other people…Or in other words…the non-religious and the sexually different, have rights and human value, too…These are separate and distinct, from your religious rules…They are not bound by your religious rules.

This is the whole point, of a secular government…In theory, it makes room for all of us to co-exist in relative peace.

I know there was one or two other things I wanted to comment on, but I don’t recall what they were…So, I’ll bring this to a close…with one last comment.

It leaves me almost speechless, encountering the three ringed circus of religious intolerance, responding to something as [from my point of view] mundane as same sex marriage. The question is a no-brainer…and it does not require the approval of religious people, nor their opinions on religious texts. If this is what some people need to make them whole, in a society that thinks nothing of taxing them, tapping them as a social resource and claiming to represent them…then of course, they should have their legal marriage.

…That anyone would claim it “oppression”, or that they are “being attacked”, because they can no longer throw their own weight around, and beat other groups of people down…it is just galling.

Cliff, James, Jerry…you think you’re oppressed?…

…You seriously need to walk a mile, in the shoes of someone like me…That would give you a very healthy perspective, from a place outside of your own…on just how bad true social oppression gets…

You guys are living in a privileged Disneyland, in comparison to so many of the rest of us in this world…And all you can do, is complain because some other group gets a few crumbs kicked their way?

This is the primary reason why I’ve never linked anything of yours here, before…You are just so utterly divorced, from too many of the hard realities of this world…and you cant even see your own dogma, for what it is.

People don’t need your blessing…they need you to stop making more problems for them.

I will link the sections of Cliff’s “news conference”, in a different post.


I just remembered something…

James also refers to “pedophilia” in his speech at the “news conference” he was part of…and he talks about Obama granting clemency to illegal aliens, “for the purpose of importing pedophiles, and creating havoc in the USA”…

…If I am understanding James correctly, then I believe what he is factually talking about, is the lower age of consent in Mexico…and how some Mexicans migrate into the USA as families and couples, when one or both may be legally “underage” by US law.

…In other words, they are likely not even pedophiles at all, by proper definition…and this is likely an exploitation of people’s ignorance, because they don’t realize that this behavior is normal, and accepted, in Mexico…It’s little more than a matter of clashing laws and social norms.

…And when I talk about this, I’m referencing cases like a twenty-something who marries a sixteen year old in Mexico, and then moves to the USA…where he becomes guilty of statutory rape, should he have sexual relations with his own spouse.

A number of years back, just such a case occurred…and as I recall, the man was ultimately released and the charges were dropped…which created a legal double standard, where people from other cultures could break US laws within US borders and nothing would happen to them…while US citizens doing the exact same thing, would end up in prison for years…And we don’t even get the benefit of this practice “in reverse”, should we be visiting foreign jurisdictions.

This leads some of us to believe, that US law concerning these matters, is designed to specifically make maximum number of criminals, out of the US population…and it shows us the true resolve of the “justice system”, to protect minors.

Personally…I am very disappointed that this issue has not come to a head, yet…Because things cannot linger like this…If this behavior is illegal for everyone in the USA, then it is illegal for everyone…If it is not illegal for some, but illegal for others…then this is a mighty severe lack in equal protections, and in the equality of exercising rights…and in the area of “underage sex”, of all things.

…Who’d have ever imagined, that this would fly?…or that there would be supporters of it?

I say…if anyone can come here and violate US law, claiming the protection of “native culture norms” [ie: “It’s normal and legal where I come from.”]…then US law has no business interfering with US citizens who do the exact same things, in “the land of the free”…It is creating vastly different legal classes of people.

…There is nothing at all constitutional, legal or ethically correct about that.

…And I’ve been wondering when this issue was going to come back around again, and really get the fur flying.



Megan’s law is an “Evil law”…

Date: May 2, 2015

01) Megan’s law is an “Evil law”

02) “Evil Law” Documentary Film

Note: This is a trailer for the film. The film, itself, appears to require a minimum payment of two dollars, in order to view it. I have not seen this film.

“This film will be shown at” The Kennedy Center for The Performing Arts” this summer, this film is a runner up for best documentary at the Cannes Film Festival-This film Won The Anonymous Org. for the most censored-banned film in America.

I am a Forensic investigative journalist. After five years of researching and analyzing Megan’s Law/AKA sex offender registry that was passed by Congress in 1996, I present a documentary film that America has opened a Pandora’s Box by the passage of Megan’s Law.”

Bernie Sanders Makes It Official: He’s Running for President!…

Date: May 1, 2015

01) Bernie Sanders Makes It Official: He’s Running for President!

“Bernie Sanders announces he is running for President! Bernie runs on the most important issues facing America while the Republicans search for their billionaires…”

My goodness!…

…I was not expecting this.

Bernie will probably get my vote…I think he would be a president worth having.