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On Point: Secrets And Realities Of US Child Sex Abuse…

Date: June 3, 2015

01) On Point: Secrets And Realities Of US Child Sex Abuse

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“Child sex abuse in the headlines recently. First with Josh Duggar, the family values reality TV star confessing to teenage abuse of young girls. Then with former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert over alleged hush money and misconduct when he was a high school wrestling coach. Reportedly with boys. And in the tragic story of Beau Biden’s early death, a reminder that young Biden had successfully prosecuted one of the worst pedophiles in American history. A pediatrician! This hour On Point: we look at the reality of child sex abuse – behind the headlines.”

At the very least…I thank professor Elizabeth Letourneau for going on public record, admitting what some of us have known for many, many years…They don’t have competent research and data, to back up what they presume to be true about “pedophiles”…It is ultimately speculation [a word she chooses to use here].

This type of research has not been done.

Josh Duggar:

I haven’t looked into this scandal very deep, as of yet…It hit as I was entering a phase, where I wont likely be posting much for a week or two…[I need some happy time of mindless stuff and joy, to balance off the stress of life].

It seems the Duggars are a family with righteous fire in their bellies, for demanding extreme intolerance against anyone who’s had a sexual experience with someone under the age of eighteen…except their own son, Josh…the skeleton in their family closet, who they deemed to be an exception…Oh, and Josh’s personal case of serial genital fondling of very young girls [including his own sisters…and a total of NINTEEN CHILDREN?!!!], happened what?…a decade ago?…more?…It was kept very hush, hush.

…No law enforcement agency or personnel were ever allowed to get involved, as the Duggards closed ranks, refused to report it all…and handled the problem internally.

…My, how things change so starkly…when it is your own family, your own child, on the hot seat.

There are many, many frauds out there…who are pushing extreme hate and intolerance against pedosexuals…They’ll fight fiercely all the way, until there is danger of their own skin being bruised…Then it’s concealment, denial and back peddling.


67% of all victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement are under eighteen?

34% are under twelve?

One out of seven victims reported to law enforcement, are under six?

…Mind you…a vast amount of this, and likely the majority, are cases of horny juveniles with no other sexual outlet, getting too frisky with the unwilling…Or it’s just minor with minor activity, which happens to be illegal.

I’m not going to break all of this episode down…I’m just going to share it, here…for others to listen too…

…I’ve not listened to it in it’s entirety…but it does seem, there are some bits of rare honesty shared here.

…In addition…there is also rhetoric, of the kind and style we are accustomed to hearing.