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The Censorship M.O.

Date: May 8, 2015

01) The Censorship M.O.

A bit crass and related to video game drama…but Vernaculis is saying some socially important things in this video.

More less, he talks about what I was writing about in this post, a few months back.

Certain people and movements have figured out, that they can use this “trigger” concept as a tool for censorship…to diminish [or outright stop] other people’s ability of self expression and dialogue.

It’s deceptive and manipulative…This tactic is shameful, dirty and creepy, even…and I think what Vernaculis has to say here, well illustrates the growing alarm and disgust at this kind of behavior…particularly from those of us, who live in a demographic which has been negatively impacted [or even attacked] by such behavior.

The other night I was watching a program [I’m not going to link it here]…They had on a guest who made this comment, about old school liberals versus “the new liberals of today”…

…And the thing that he pointed out…is how classic liberals of a few decades back were interested in speaking their mind, and debating with people…They had a sense of responsibility, in allowing others to speak and understanding what they had to say…

…Where as todays young liberals appear most interested, in simply obliterating others with views different from their own…intimidating those people into silence, or just removing their ability to say things and be heard.

I very much believe he is correct.