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‘Duck Dynasty’ star reveals he was sexually abused as a child…and Kinda “Forgot About It”…

Date: June 10, 2015

01) ‘Duck Dynasty’ star reveals he was sexually abused as a child

Duck Dynasty Jep Robertson on his molestation…”I kind of forgot about it for a good while.”

…He “buried it so deep”.

Apparently, he got groped by an older girl on the school bus when he was six years old…and it was a mean girl.

The last thing I want to do here, is diminish someone’s culpability for doing wrong…or dismiss genuine pain and trauma…

…I just found it curious, that Jep says he managed to “forget about” his molestation[s], at the hands of this girl.

…I’m feeling like there is a certain, lightly veiled honesty sneaking in here…an honesty about resilience, even in the face of real abuse…an honesty that maybe it wasn’t so much traumatic, as it was embarrassing from the stigma of it all?

…Certainly, Jep can’t claim that his entire life was destroyed by a high school girl grabbing him in the back seat of the bus…He’s been way too phenomenally successful in life.

…He moved on…and “forgot about it”.

Sounds like an idea which makes sense to me.