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Don’t Clear Your Browser History Until You Watch This!…

Date: June 14, 2015

01) Don’t Clear Your Browser History Until You Watch This!

“Next week, a 24-year-old man who knew Boston Marathon bombers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev is scheduled to appear in U.S. Federal Court for sentencing on obstruction of justice charges related to the 2013 attacks.

Khairullozhon Matanov, a former taxi driver, did not participate in or have any prior knowledge of the bombings, according to U.S. authorities.

What could land him 20 more years in prison — where he has been since his arrest — are the charges that he deleted video files from his computer and cleared his browser history in the days following the attacks.

A Grand Jury indictment issued on May 29, 2014, states that Matanov ‘deleted a large amount of information from his Google Chrome Internet cache’ following the bombing, including ‘references to the video of the suspected bombers [later identified as the Tsarnaevs],’ ‘two of the photographs of the bombers released at approximately the same time,’ and ‘a photograph of Officer Sean Collier, who had been allegedly killed by Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev.’”

Amfortas & Christian J: Give a Dog a Bad Name…

Date: June 14, 2015

01) Christian J. – Amfortas & Christian J: Give a Dog a Bad Name Part 1 – SoundCloud

02) Christian J. – Amfortas & Christian J: Give a Dog a Bad Name Part 2 – SoundCloud

“The mass media is anti-male by commercial design. Comprehensive study data shows the depth of disrespect for men. Even ‘Old-school’ feminists are appalled at the damage being done to men. The media is ‘Wrong, both factually and morally”, says MRA Amfortas. Government pays for an agitprop war on men’s reputation to frighten women. At what cost?

No copyright, free public use.”

03) The Soundcloud Archive of Christian J.

This is apparently an old, now dormant, project of someone from Australia…and it is about holding feminism under the acid test.

I’ve not listened to the entire archive…but I’m finding the several episodes I have listened too, to be compelling critique.

Unfortunately, most of these episodes are not set up for download.

I may come back to some of these other episodes, later…There is a lot of worthwhile content to explore.

I’ve been looking at the anti misandry movement a bit more close, recently. For those who don’t know, misandry is the hatred and social demonization of males [presumably intending for ill, long term consequences towards males]. It’s presence has been stoked by an extreme, aggressive mode of behavior against males, being perpetuated within the structure of the feminist movement.

As a Pedosexual BoyLover…it has not been lost on me, that my sexual minority is suffering parallel assaults and injuries, from the same sources which have been attacking males in general…often using the same methods…the same skewing…the same tunnel vision…the same vitriol…the same sense of righteous justice, beyond the reach of question or account.

In many regards…I see what is happening to Pedosexuals, as a subsection of the widespread degradation happening to males…Or, in other words…the war and it’s factors are fundamentally the same, when we clear away the noise and get down to it’s roots.

…People who don’t deserve being blamed and persecuted for “all that is wrong in this world”, are being mercilessly blamed and persecuted for “all that is wrong in this world”.

Many of us reject and condemn that this is happening…and worse still, that it is socially institutionalized.

To be clear…I am every bit as much anti misogyny [against the hate of women], as I am anti misandry.

The true injustice here…is all these groups and individuals, who work tirelessly to keep the rest of us from being able to get along, and co-exist in peace.

Though they try to paint themselves as good leaders with answers…these individuals and groups, are the true enemy of society…and of good people, who seek fairness, peace, goodwill and honesty.

We don’t need more pointing of the finger, more false accusation and more bile spewing, making us angry at each other and perpetuating an endless cycle of social hate…

…We need people and groups who reach out, learn, respect and understand the needs of all people…and work to create a world where people can have free options which fit their lives and needs.

This would truly be about as wonderful of a world, as is possible…if only it could get past the barrier, of other people’s demand to micro manage the world, and constantly find “intolerable” fault and blame in others…even over “problems” which are demonstrably not real problems.

It takes a widespread lack of self-centeredness, to get there.