#talkwithpedophiles Response: June 15, 2015…


Date: June 22, 2015

In this IBLD season…I’ve finally decided to release something I’ve been carrying with me, for quite a few years…since before I even began blogging…So it’s fitting that it comes back home, here, where it all began. In some manner…this experience is one of several, which prompted me into blogging.

I hope you wont be too judgmental, and accept this for what it is…

It was hard for me to do this project, for a variety of reasons…but I had too…I just had to do this.

I’ve not been in good health for years…A minor stroke or two [or several], and yes…I do have a very awkward speech style. My voice isn’t what it was, even just two or three years ago…Sometimes, I have a lot of trouble speaking…It’s why I have a number of peculiarities in my speech, here in this recording. I’m just telling you this, so you know.

I edited nothing…so, there are a couple of verbal flub-ups…five or so…and a couple substantial pauses [though surprisingly few]. It’s mostly continuous, slow and relaxed talking, for over 37 minutes.

I originally recorded this for the #talkwithpedophiles hashtag on Twitter…I’ll embed the YouTube version of that, below the audio version here. So you’ll have two options for listening, incase one is malfunctioning.

01) EQ Foundation #talkwithpedophiles Responses June 15, 2015



2 thoughts on “#talkwithpedophiles Response: June 15, 2015…

  1. snowcat

    I just listened to your recording. Wow. I can understand and relate. I’m also a boylover. I don’t know if I would have had the courage to talk to the cops. You did the right thing despite how heart-wrenching and tragic the boy’s fate was. Thanks for sharing this recording.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Thank you, snowcat.

      While this was a very rare and unique set of circumstances…people generally don’t even know what the true heart and mind of a pedophile is like. Or you would think not, anyway…given the propaganda aimed at people like us…and given how many people mindlessly repeat it.

      In some ways, it’s hard to explain how this fits in my relentless need to have a presence in the blogosphere…It’s a considerable thing, that’s weight caused me to hit bottom…It also gave me a personal sense…that whatever all may be right or wrong about people like us…we have the capacity for great sacrifice and great good…and we don’t deserve the horrible things which get thrown at us…or said about us.

      We are good and decent people at our base, for the most part.


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