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Amfortas & Christian J: Give a Dog a Bad Name…

Date: June 14, 2015

01) Christian J. – Amfortas & Christian J: Give a Dog a Bad Name Part 1 – SoundCloud

02) Christian J. – Amfortas & Christian J: Give a Dog a Bad Name Part 2 – SoundCloud

“The mass media is anti-male by commercial design. Comprehensive study data shows the depth of disrespect for men. Even ‘Old-school’ feminists are appalled at the damage being done to men. The media is ‘Wrong, both factually and morally”, says MRA Amfortas. Government pays for an agitprop war on men’s reputation to frighten women. At what cost?

No copyright, free public use.”

03) The Soundcloud Archive of Christian J.

This is apparently an old, now dormant, project of someone from Australia…and it is about holding feminism under the acid test.

I’ve not listened to the entire archive…but I’m finding the several episodes I have listened too, to be compelling critique.

Unfortunately, most of these episodes are not set up for download.

I may come back to some of these other episodes, later…There is a lot of worthwhile content to explore.

I’ve been looking at the anti misandry movement a bit more close, recently. For those who don’t know, misandry is the hatred and social demonization of males [presumably intending for ill, long term consequences towards males]. It’s presence has been stoked by an extreme, aggressive mode of behavior against males, being perpetuated within the structure of the feminist movement.

As a Pedosexual BoyLover…it has not been lost on me, that my sexual minority is suffering parallel assaults and injuries, from the same sources which have been attacking males in general…often using the same methods…the same skewing…the same tunnel vision…the same vitriol…the same sense of righteous justice, beyond the reach of question or account.

In many regards…I see what is happening to Pedosexuals, as a subsection of the widespread degradation happening to males…Or, in other words…the war and it’s factors are fundamentally the same, when we clear away the noise and get down to it’s roots.

…People who don’t deserve being blamed and persecuted for “all that is wrong in this world”, are being mercilessly blamed and persecuted for “all that is wrong in this world”.

Many of us reject and condemn that this is happening…and worse still, that it is socially institutionalized.

To be clear…I am every bit as much anti misogyny [against the hate of women], as I am anti misandry.

The true injustice here…is all these groups and individuals, who work tirelessly to keep the rest of us from being able to get along, and co-exist in peace.

Though they try to paint themselves as good leaders with answers…these individuals and groups, are the true enemy of society…and of good people, who seek fairness, peace, goodwill and honesty.

We don’t need more pointing of the finger, more false accusation and more bile spewing, making us angry at each other and perpetuating an endless cycle of social hate…

…We need people and groups who reach out, learn, respect and understand the needs of all people…and work to create a world where people can have free options which fit their lives and needs.

This would truly be about as wonderful of a world, as is possible…if only it could get past the barrier, of other people’s demand to micro manage the world, and constantly find “intolerable” fault and blame in others…even over “problems” which are demonstrably not real problems.

It takes a widespread lack of self-centeredness, to get there.

‘Duck Dynasty’ star reveals he was sexually abused as a child…and Kinda “Forgot About It”…

Date: June 10, 2015

01) ‘Duck Dynasty’ star reveals he was sexually abused as a child

Duck Dynasty Jep Robertson on his molestation…”I kind of forgot about it for a good while.”

…He “buried it so deep”.

Apparently, he got groped by an older girl on the school bus when he was six years old…and it was a mean girl.

The last thing I want to do here, is diminish someone’s culpability for doing wrong…or dismiss genuine pain and trauma…

…I just found it curious, that Jep says he managed to “forget about” his molestation[s], at the hands of this girl.

…I’m feeling like there is a certain, lightly veiled honesty sneaking in here…an honesty about resilience, even in the face of real abuse…an honesty that maybe it wasn’t so much traumatic, as it was embarrassing from the stigma of it all?

…Certainly, Jep can’t claim that his entire life was destroyed by a high school girl grabbing him in the back seat of the bus…He’s been way too phenomenally successful in life.

…He moved on…and “forgot about it”.

Sounds like an idea which makes sense to me.

Who Stole the American Dream…and can we get it back? (Full Interview)…

Date: June 9, 2015

01) Who Stole the American Dream…and can we get it back? (Full Interview)

“Thom Hartmann talks with Hedrick Smith, Pulitzer Prize winning NY Times Journalist / PBS Producer (Emmy) / Author of several books, latest Who Stole the American Dream, Website: &”

The Censorship M.O.

Date: May 8, 2015

01) The Censorship M.O.

A bit crass and related to video game drama…but Vernaculis is saying some socially important things in this video.

More less, he talks about what I was writing about in this post, a few months back.

Certain people and movements have figured out, that they can use this “trigger” concept as a tool for censorship…to diminish [or outright stop] other people’s ability of self expression and dialogue.

It’s deceptive and manipulative…This tactic is shameful, dirty and creepy, even…and I think what Vernaculis has to say here, well illustrates the growing alarm and disgust at this kind of behavior…particularly from those of us, who live in a demographic which has been negatively impacted [or even attacked] by such behavior.

The other night I was watching a program [I’m not going to link it here]…They had on a guest who made this comment, about old school liberals versus “the new liberals of today”…

…And the thing that he pointed out…is how classic liberals of a few decades back were interested in speaking their mind, and debating with people…They had a sense of responsibility, in allowing others to speak and understanding what they had to say…

…Where as todays young liberals appear most interested, in simply obliterating others with views different from their own…intimidating those people into silence, or just removing their ability to say things and be heard.

I very much believe he is correct.


Sinking the Sanders Campaign Beneath a Wave of Silence…

Date: June 7, 2015

01) Sinking the Sanders Campaign Beneath a Wave of Silence

“Thom Hartmann talks with Gaius Publius, Writer (“who goes by the pen name of Gaius Publius”), Website:, who wrote a piece about how the main stream media is paying little attention to Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.”

Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – May 25 – 26 – 28 & June 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 2015 (FULL EPISODES)…

Date: June 6, 2015

01) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/25/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Here’s what’s happening tonight: Republicans are pushing right to work laws in states all over America, and we’ll explain how those laws will absolutely devastate middle class workers…

Louie Gohmert thinks president Obama is incompetent on foreign policy matters, so we’ll compare Obama’s legacy on foreign policy to George Bush’s…

And Bernie Sanders is the only candidate out there actually proposing policy changes – is he the only one taking presidential campaigns seriously?”

02) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/26/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Here’s what’s happening tonight: Another round of banking crimes, and yet another round of nobody going to prison. What will it take to finally get a banker behind bars?

Ben Carson thinks that he’s experienced enough to run for president – but his troubled past is quickly becoming a massive issue for the Tea Party outsider…

And Hillary Clinton’s ties to the big banks are making Democratic voters uneasy – will she renounce these ties to win back the base?”

03) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 05/28/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Here’s what’s happening tonight: Jeb Bush still doesn’t seem to understand the concept of war, and he’s willing to send America into an era of endless conflict. We’ll bring you the details.

Marco Rubio is trying reignite the culture wars to motivate his base, but the religious fringe of the Party might not be as gullible as they used to be…

And Congress is setting aside hundreds of millions of dollars to pay for the job losses that will result from the TPP – we’ll tell you who they’re stealing that money from to pay for this trade disaster”

04) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 06/01/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Here’s what’s happening tonight: Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of Defense was spent enriching the defense industry that was paying her husband hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ll give you the details…

The healthcare system in the state of Florida is a complete disaster – we’ll tell you how Republican Rick Scott has made things so much worse for Florida citizens…

And American police are grossly under trained, and this lack of training is leaving a bloody trail all across the country..…”

05) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 06/02/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Here’s what’s happening tonight: The American Legislative Exchange Council has been writing pro-business legislation all while scamming the IRS. We’ll bring you the details on that story …

Jeb Bush is trying desperately to rewrite the history of his brother’s disastrous presidency, but the American public isn’t buying it. Could Jeb’s campaign be over before it even begins?…

And our Republican-controlled Congress is completely defective – its time to issue a mandatory recall of our elected leaders.”

06) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 06/03/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Here’s what’s happening tonight: Wage laws are under attack all over the country, and we’ll tell you who is pulling the strings for this assault on wage earners …

Rand Paul is searching high and low for a billionaire to call his own – we’ll explain why he’s become the latest victim of his own party’s greed and corruption…

And the Republican Party thinks that they can win over minority voters without changing their racist positions on issues like voting rights, so we’ll examine the growing demographic problems for the GOP.”

07) Ring of Fire on Free Speech TV – 06/04/2015 (FULL EPISODE)…

“Here’s what’s happening tonight: Elizabeth Warren is mad as hell – and you should be too. We’ll explain how Warren’s anger highlights the extreme differences between the two major parties…

The middle class is suffering to the point that an unexpected expense of just $400 could send the average family into financial despair. We’ll tell you how we reached this point as a society…

And Rick Santorum thinks we should leave climate change to the scientists. Too bad he doesn’t listen to scientists on the issue..…”

On Point: Secrets And Realities Of US Child Sex Abuse…

Date: June 3, 2015

01) On Point: Secrets And Realities Of US Child Sex Abuse

02) Direct Download Link [MP3]

“Child sex abuse in the headlines recently. First with Josh Duggar, the family values reality TV star confessing to teenage abuse of young girls. Then with former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert over alleged hush money and misconduct when he was a high school wrestling coach. Reportedly with boys. And in the tragic story of Beau Biden’s early death, a reminder that young Biden had successfully prosecuted one of the worst pedophiles in American history. A pediatrician! This hour On Point: we look at the reality of child sex abuse – behind the headlines.”

At the very least…I thank professor Elizabeth Letourneau for going on public record, admitting what some of us have known for many, many years…They don’t have competent research and data, to back up what they presume to be true about “pedophiles”…It is ultimately speculation [a word she chooses to use here].

This type of research has not been done.

Josh Duggar:

I haven’t looked into this scandal very deep, as of yet…It hit as I was entering a phase, where I wont likely be posting much for a week or two…[I need some happy time of mindless stuff and joy, to balance off the stress of life].

It seems the Duggars are a family with righteous fire in their bellies, for demanding extreme intolerance against anyone who’s had a sexual experience with someone under the age of eighteen…except their own son, Josh…the skeleton in their family closet, who they deemed to be an exception…Oh, and Josh’s personal case of serial genital fondling of very young girls [including his own sisters…and a total of NINTEEN CHILDREN?!!!], happened what?…a decade ago?…more?…It was kept very hush, hush.

…No law enforcement agency or personnel were ever allowed to get involved, as the Duggards closed ranks, refused to report it all…and handled the problem internally.

…My, how things change so starkly…when it is your own family, your own child, on the hot seat.

There are many, many frauds out there…who are pushing extreme hate and intolerance against pedosexuals…They’ll fight fiercely all the way, until there is danger of their own skin being bruised…Then it’s concealment, denial and back peddling.


67% of all victims of sexual assault reported to law enforcement are under eighteen?

34% are under twelve?

One out of seven victims reported to law enforcement, are under six?

…Mind you…a vast amount of this, and likely the majority, are cases of horny juveniles with no other sexual outlet, getting too frisky with the unwilling…Or it’s just minor with minor activity, which happens to be illegal.

I’m not going to break all of this episode down…I’m just going to share it, here…for others to listen too…

…I’ve not listened to it in it’s entirety…but it does seem, there are some bits of rare honesty shared here.

…In addition…there is also rhetoric, of the kind and style we are accustomed to hearing.