On The Media: Jon Ronson And Public Shaming…

Date: July 24, 2015

01) Jon Ronson And Public Shaming

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Whether it’s being used to disgrace author Jonah Lehrer or to humiliate PR consultant Justine Sacco, the worldwide web has become a powerful shaming weapon. In his book, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, Jon Ronson tackles the phenomenon of internet-fueled public shaming. He tells Brooke how it’s ruined many a career and life in an era of the enormous digital footprint that cannot be expunged.”

Interesting episode…

Ashley Madison…the big, current sex scandal, involving a website for facilitating cheating married people, getting hacked…

…I just have to keep shaking my head, at how insane ludicrous, and grossly hypocritical vast swaths of this world are.

Here we have yet another example, of the three ringed circus “normal”, adult sexuality is.

…”Do you take this man/woman to be your lawfully…”…

…”I Do!…(anything and everything possessing a hot, wet hole, anywhere my spouse wont be looking!)”…

I think this world is in desperate need of pedophiles, to step forward and lead the way for them…Clearly, the “normal” are not competent enough, without our guidance and wisdom.

…Well, hey…they are not…They have an epidemic, scumbag infestation amongst their ranks.

…And “these” are supposed to be the norm of what sex is, anymore?

As a Pedosexual…I sometimes get really appalled, at all that “the normal people” do and get away with…Things which are just despicable, creepy and demonstrably wrong…Yet nobody bats an eyelash at it…not really. Few people even take adultery serious, anymore…despite that lying to your partner like that, can be quite dangerous…and have serious bad consequences.

…And yet, “the greatest of social evils”, supposedly includes even the mere acknowledgement on life from the Pedosexual side of the fence.

“Normal” people can bed hop, all they like…They can dress up crazy, tie each other up…whip and beat each other…be absolutely inhumane, warped and twisted…and call it all, “normal, healthy sex”…

…But we are still trapped in a backwards world, where Pedosexuals can scarcely even talk about what it is like to exist in this world, at all?

…How long do we Pedosexuals have to keep tolerating this indignity…this psycho clown car of “normal” sexuality, knowing the emperor is naked as a jaybird…and that all this liberally free excess and irresponsibility, is squandered on those who will never even appreciate it?…They’ll just take it all for granted, because it was handed to them on a silver plate…

…All the while, we have to fight a bloody war, scraping and clawing for every inch of rights and freedom, others take for granted…

…We suffer the consequences, of their sexual sloth…because their standards…their measuring stick, is so short and low.

Forgive that rant…The Ashley Madison idiocy, has been on my mind…

I get fed up with being told I can have nothing…while forever having their insane, endless sexual shortcomings, excess and craziness shoved down my throat…when I never wanted to see it, or hear about it.

Yeah…You “normal” have screwed up human sexuality so bad, that you cant possibly trust us Pedosexuals to be any different…

…The way it always goes…

…You “normal” get all the good times and goodies…We Pedosexuals get all the stigma, scorn and guilt…to help pay your bills, and “balance” the world of human sex.

That is a bit of reality for you out there, who don’t know the real game being played.

The rest of this podcast is just interesting…I found the portion on social shaming [especially on the internet], to be quite pertinent.

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