Police are forced to give up investigating burglaries as the cost of hunting paedophiles hits £1billion a year…

Date: July 27, 2015

01) Police are forced to give up investigating burglaries as the cost of hunting paedophiles hits £1billion a year

“A top police officer has admitted that they have scaled back investigations into burglary and car crime because of a massive increase in allegations of child sex abuse.

Norfolk Chief Constable Simon Bailey said police forces were scaling back probes into traditional crimes in an effort to hunt down paedophiles.

MPs have been warned that investigations into child sex abuse will cost Britain’s police forces some £1billion over the next twelve months due to an 80 per cent increase in allegations over the past three years.”

Are there any other “pedophiles” out there, who find it offensive and a menacing threat…when they use the term “hunting pedophiles”?…

This, in my opinion, is incredibly dehumanizing…demeaning…a sign of extreme, venomous and potentially violent aggression…against “pedophiles”.


…I’m finding it interesting, even if expected, that the witch hunt on “pedophiles” is becoming so severe…that the authorities are forced into dereliction of their other [commonly far more important and critical] responsibilities.

…Ah, but that is “progress” in a “progressive” world, for you…

Do you think they will ever figure out, what the real problems in this world are?

2 thoughts on “Police are forced to give up investigating burglaries as the cost of hunting paedophiles hits £1billion a year…

  1. feinmann0

    Yes, I find it fundamentally offensive on a number of levels.

    First: they use the term “pedophiles” when they should be using the term “child abuser”. The word paedophile describes my primary sexuality, so for them to say “hunting pedophiles” implies hunting people on the basis of their sexuality. To my mind this is blatant discrimination and marks the police out as no different to Nazis hunting down Jews in the 1930s and 1940s, and to the police hunting down homosexuals prior to 1967 in the UK, and 2003, finally, in the US. The sad thing is that no unbiased court exists to allow the “pedophile” to fight such discrimination.

    Second: the sexual abuse industry is an unaccountable self-inflating, self-perpetuating monster that long ago lost all control and credibility. By sexual abuse industry, I mean the individuals and agencies that have the job of “hunting pedophiles” and dealing with them once they are caught. These include: police authorities who need more and more money to combat rising levels of “pedophile”-related crime, law-makers who create increasing levels of “pedophile” legislation, a judiciary that no longer sentence humanely but sentence on tariffs dictated by the sexual abuse industry, probation services who expand their services to cope with increased numbers of convicted “pedophiles” whose sexuality must be changed, politicians who equate “pedophiles” with terrorists, mental health professionals that consider “pedophilia” to be a mental disorder, an unaccountable media who fuel the fire of discrimination of and vigilantism towards “pedophiles” and glorify and reward victim-hood to the point where it is irrelevant whether “victims” stories are true or not, and last but not least, the feminist agenda that is the catalyst that created and perpetuates the monstrous sexual abuse industry that we have today.


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