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Are Pedophiles Only a Small Fraction of Child Molesters?…


Date: July 10, 2015

Thank you to @enderphile for sharing this find.

01) EPA-0284 – Pedophiles and (or) child molesters

“It is often discussed whether sexual offenders of children are pedophiles or child molesters. It depends on exact definition and operationalization of the categories and on the difference between socio-legal and psychopathological classification. Practical question from forensic point of view is whether there are any differences between the group of ‘pedophiles’, who have sexually offended child and the group of child molesters, who do not meet criteria for pedophilia.

Experimental sample consists of 146 forensic cases (all men), they committed child molestation in years 2005–2012. According to the criteria (DSM-IV-TR) for pedophilia, penile plethysmography (PPG), actual clinical and case history data were used for the diagnosis determination. Obtained clinical and sociodemographic data were statistically evaluated.

Only a small part (16.2 %) of sexual offenders against children meet the criteria (DSM-IV-TR) for pedophilia. There is significant difference in occurrence of other psychopathological features between groups of ‘pedophiles’ and non-pedophilic ‘child molesters’, i.a. alcohol abuse/dependence, sexual dysfunction, personality disorder, increased aggressiveness, mental deficit, etc.

Research helps increase understanding of correlations and differences between terms that describe sexual offenders of children. It confirms the opinion that not all of child sexual offenders are pedophiles. Regarding pedophilia remains the problem of its definition in conditions of practical acceptance of courts.”

Note: Yes, I understand this is one study, with a small group of cases. So, please don’t misunderstand what I am trying to express, here. What was found simply backs up, what so many of us have believed true for years. More research needs to be done. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

To be clear…we have not specifically known what fraction of “child molesters” tend to be non-pedophiles…but we have known for a long time, that a large chunk of this group are simply not pedophiles.

It does seem almost astonishing, in some regards, that this research found pedophiles to be only a little over 16%…and I personally would not have imagined, the number of pedophiles engaging sexually with children to be so low…[yet, maybe it is]…

…But it does make sense in so many regards…Because the stereotypes aimed at “pedophiles” have got to come from somewhere…even when they so clearly do not come from “pedophiles”, themselves.

Looking at the reasons normal people have sex with [or violate and rape] children and teenagers…

“alcohol abuse/dependence, sexual dysfunction, personality disorder, increased aggressiveness, mental deficit, etc.”

…none of these are based out of a natural, sexual attraction to children or teenagers.

01) alcohol abuse/dependence – This has nothing to do with pedophilia, nor the naturally occurring, sexual attraction to children. In this setting, it merely alters a “normal” persons inhibitions.

I can see all sorts of “pedophile” stereotypes having their roots in this one, alone…”violence, aggression and selfishness” to name a few…

02) sexual dysfunction – This has nothing to do with pedophilia, nor the naturally occurring, sexual attraction to children. While I realize some people may disagree with that, the fact remains…sexual attraction to children, and even mutual sexual relations with/amongst them, has never been demonstrated as naturally dysfunctional. It is socially inconvenient to certain social models, however. For “normal” people, in this context…it means things like, they are not currently able to get their sexual needs met, through their regular preferred options.

This is a cliché, whopper of a “pedophile” stereotype…”cant get it from an adult…got to resort to children”…People who employ it, don’t understand what a pedophile even is…nor that it is unnatural, for many actual pedophiles to be sexually attracted to other adults. Sexual attraction to children, is their nature…They would not normally choose another adult, if given the option…In other words, the absence of a willing adult has nothing to do with it.

03) personality disorder – This has nothing to do with pedophilia, nor the naturally occurring, sexual attraction to children. Even though some people claim “pedophilia is a mental/personality disorder”, it honestly is not. It’s just one variation on human sexuality. Apparently, this is one reason why “normal” people might choose to rape, assault, or do something sexual with a child, even when children are not all that sexually appealing to them.

I’m sure there are some “pedophile” stereotypes born out of that one.

04) increased aggressiveness – This has nothing to do with pedophilia, nor the naturally occurring, sexual attraction to children. Pedophiles are generally known to be non-violent and non-aggressive with children. “Normal” people who lack pedophilia and that intimate connection with children, may very well bring a personal aggression into the equation. Heck…many parents are very aggressive and short fused, with their own children.

This is another whopper of a “pedophile” stereotype…”stalking, hounding and pestering the child, until he/she says yes”…”blackmailing the child”…I’m sure we can think of more accusations, which people like to smear pedophiles with.

05) mental deficit – This has nothing to do with pedophilia, nor the naturally occurring, sexual attraction to children. I can wrap my mind around the concept, however, that a mentally disabled person might lack the ability to understand and summarize sexual issues and situations.

Yet again…another whopper of a cliché “pedophile” stereotype…”low IQ…retarded…cant figure out how to get sex, otherwise”…

This may be a reason for non-pedophiles to do what they do…but it is not a normal reason, for an actual pedophile.

Keep in mind…these factors are connected with non-pedophiles [who make up the lion’s share of cases, here]…They are not normal motivators, for actual pedophiles.

…Also keep in mind…most cases of “child molestation”, are not even known to be committed by pedophiles.

Once again…as we dig deeper and study closer…it looks as though pedophiles are being blamed, for what is overwhelmingly the behavior of non-pedophiles.


An Update to the IBLD Website…


Date: July 03, 2015

I just wanted to bring attention to a couple updates, on the EQF IBLD Website.

The EQF IBLD Website has a few additions.

The What’s New Here page link, is included in the Topics section of the home page. This will be a quick place to look, when you want to know what [if anything] has been added most recently. So, if you want to just check out what is new…there you go!

Visit that page, and you’ll find the new Media Archive page, for the new 2015 IBLD video…which I’m pleased to have as a new addition to the EQF IBLD Website.

As always…the invitation remains open, for people to submit new content.

I’d really like to see more diverse content get added, here…

Eventually, I may trim the comments on the IBLD homepage [“International Boy-Love Day: For Those Who Do Not Know…”] and place them on their own page.

I’ve been kind of taking a long overdue break from blogging…but only seriously, for about the last week. I may, or may not, remain low profile for a while longer.

– Steve