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Teen Uses Dating App, Ends Up On Sex Offender Registry…

Date: August 06, 2015

01) Teen Uses Dating App, Ends Up On Sex Offender Registry

02) CNN News Story [with video]

“Ana Kasparian (The Point) and Ben Mankiewicz (What The Flick) hosts of The Young Turks discuss. Should this man be a registered sex offender for 25 years? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

An Indiana teen has be ordered to register on the Michigan sex offender registry and serve 90 days in jail with 5 years probation after he has sex with someone he met on a dating app. The dating app is for adults. It’s called Hot or Not. Zach Anderson went on the app looking for someone to have some fun with.

Read more here: http://www.cnn.com/2015/08/03/us/dating-app-sex-offender-registry/index.html

“Zach Anderson is 19 and a typical teenager. He’s into computers and wants to build a career around his love for electronics.

But those plans and any semblance of a normal life are for now out the window. Under court order, he can’t access the Internet, go to a mall or linger near a school or playground. His parents say because he has a 15-year-old brother, he can’t even live at home any longer.

Why? He’s been placed on the sex offender registry after a dating app hookup. It began, Zach and his family say, when he went on a racy dating app called “Hot Or Not.” He was at his home in Elkhart, Indiana, when he met the girl, who lived across the state line in nearby southern Michigan.

The girl told Zach she was 17, but she lied. She was only 14, and by having sex with her, Zach was committing a crime. He was arrested and convicted. He was given a 90-day jail sentence, five years probation and placed on both Indiana and Michigan’s sex offender registry for the next 25 years. A colossal mistake, say his parents. “It’s a blatant lie,” his father, Lester Anderson says. Amanda Anderson, his mother, says “it doesn’t even fit our lifestyle; it doesn’t fit how we raised our kids.” Zach says his parents had always told him not to have sex before marriage.”

Here we have another case, where nobody [least of all the judge] cares about doing what is ethically right…and an innocent human being is being sent to the sacrificial altar, of a monumentally cruel [and broken] social system.

…But, he gets to pad the numbers of someone’s “tough on crime” statistics, so hey…I’m sure it will impress certain demographics…such as those ones, who find human sexuality intolerable and unforgivable.

…the “Sock it to the people, who wont abide by our anti-human demands!” crowd.

When is there going to be a serious social pushback, to this insanity?…

…Do they have to take away 10% of the population?…a quarter of it?…half?

…Is it okay, if the country gets slowly reclassified as “sex offender”, just so long as it leaves the sexually intolerant alone?…

…Is this one method employed by those hyper intolerant, intentioned on seizing social control…by alienating “the perverts” [ie: anyone not subscribing to their rigid ideas on sexuality]?

Let me not forget to mention what should be obvious…

…No, Ana…being a pedophile, does not mean that you “belong” on a sex offender registry.

If you’re a pedophile who happens to be a violent rapist, then yes…you probably do belong on such a registry. But simply being a pedophile should never qualify anyone, for inclusion on such a thing.

We don’t need a lecture from you, Ana, on how you think being a pedophile somehow makes us lesser worthy human beings…or allegedly dangerous.

Pedophiles can be, and often are, very decent and ethical human beings…Being a pedophile does not make anyone a criminal…Nor does it say anything objectively bad about them, at all.

And by the way…they have been placing people who are not sexual predators on these “sex offender” lists, for quite a long time.

This is nothing new.

These registries are honestly intended for, supposedly, “undesirables” in society.

…It has unequivocally nothing to do with the question, “Is he/she a predator?”…

This is exactly how these insane cases, like the one mentioned above and many others, come about.


Oh good grief!…

…I feel like I am almost dropping the ball, if I let some of these comments pass without rebuttal…I’ll only respond to one, very egregious misunderstanding…

“What makes a fourteen year old girl act as though she needs this”…is not a matter of failure on the part of the parents, nor on the part of society…

…It is basic, human biology, which makes fourteen year olds [including girls, not just boys], start having an itch for sexual gratification. It is what drives them up the wall, when they don’t get it…just like adults, who experience the same thing.

Fourteen year olds are normally in a state of biological sexual development, that makes them pretty well indistinguishable from that of young adults…except that their hormones might be even stronger, because of puberty.

We seriously need to stop thinking of young people’s sexuality, as though it simply is not a real thing…or as though there is some line [or set of variables] which separates it from human sexuality…allegedly rendering it “alien”.

For some of us, we had much stronger, far more pronounced sexual needs at ten years of age, than we had by the time we hit 25 years.

…That is one point of reality in human sexuality, that so many people act as though they are terrified of…

…They just wont deal responsibly with human sexuality, as it honestly exists.

Personally…I can tell you that I have been utterly robbed [raped] of my own sexuality…not just because I am a pedosexual pedophile…but because even when we are talking about the most sexually relevant phases of my life, when I was moving into puberty…it was still illegal, for me to have any type of meaningful encounter that was natural for me.

…Even if the law had never gotten involved, my deeply religious upbringing would have put me through hell.

…This culture in the U.S. is just monumentally cruel and nasty, when it comes to people who don’t sexually fit into the social “peg holes”.

BOLD: ‘American children begin viewing pornography at an average age of 11’…

Date: August 03, 2015

01) BOLD – 055 BRYAN REEVES: “Porn Addiction”

“Are you or someone you love addicted to porn? LeGrande Green interviews blogger Bryan Reeves about the nuances of this sensitive issue. A former Air Force captain and trailblazing author, Bryan’s candid article “Five Reasons Men Should Give Up Porn” caused a sensation and sparked debate.

“The way I was showing up with women was getting lost,” he says. ”Looking at porn was short-circuiting the energy of my body and my soul.” LeGrande and Bryan look at some facts:

• The pornography industry is a $97 billion industry worldwide.
• Men are 543% more likely to look at porn than are women.
• More than 1 in 5 searches are for pornography on mobile devices.

Can porn be used in a healthy way? How do we disconnect from our phones and computers and tune into each other? These questions and more are addressed in this BOLD and frank conversation.”

I’m very deeply hesitant to promote the concept of “pornography addiction”, because too much of what I’ve witnessed coming out of people pushing this idea, has come off hyperbolic…and highly manipulative…narrow in sight.

Often, you’ll find a religious or “public morals” establishment behind the source…something pushing dogmatic, social agendas…agendas intended to cover everyone, across the board.

The way this was shared on Twitter caught my eye, so…I thought I’d give this a listen.

“American children begin viewing pornography at an average age of 11.”

This is not surprising…and other than the availability factor…probably not so much has changed about the underlying factors behind this statistic, since I was a kid. I mean…it’s impossible to make an equal comparison in the age of the internet, as compared to pre-internet society…but the trend was still there…If there were porn magazines around, they’d eventually find their way into your hands. Ten or eleven, was the general starting point…where likelihood and curiosity increased.

Not surprising, since most kids are on the cusp of hitting puberty, when that age.

Now we see the internet has made pornography easy to access…and we witness…what to my mind, is fully anticipated and inevitable…Lots of young kids are taking the personal initiative to access it.

The average may very well have gone down in age…just because they now can…where as, it was harder in generations past…which prohibited the experience for many…maybe most…and kept the average age higher.

But again…we see what happens when they can…A vast chunk of them choose it.

Sure…there’s a variety of reasons behind it…but curiosity of sex, is not a sign of an asexual mind…Generally, it is a sign of just the opposite.