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Brass Eye Episode 07 – Paedogeddon!…

Date: August 11, 2015

Note: There is a brief scene of simulated sex, featuring the bare breasts of a fully grown woman…and simulated male masturbation…and other things, some may find offensive.

01) Brass Eye Episode 07 – Paedogeddon!

“The seventh episode of Black Comedy TV series Brass Eye by Chris Morris.”

This is from 2001…and it is a classic piece of British comedy, looking at the absurdity in how pedophiles are looked at and treated in the media…and in society.

Most comedy [and media] aimed at us, is poorly done.

This, on the other hand, is downright hysterical funny, at various points.

…I love the way it slaps society in the face, with a stark commentary on it’s absurd, over reaction towards pedophiles.

#BlackLivesMatter Hijacks Bernie Sanders Appearance At Seattle Rally…

Date: August 08, 2015

01) Early Video

02) #BlackLivesMatter Confronts Bernie Sanders At Seattle Rally [the video below]

“Video cuts off into the moment of silence (fully observed, although racial epithets were yelled during). Bernie was asked to respond but failed to do so, preferring to stand off stage and wave. His PR person said some words, but they were mostly empty platitudes. Bernie never spoke, and a band was ushered on soon after to disperse the crowd. 8/8/15”

Some people are suggesting that this was a political sabotage movement, on behalf of a competitor…but it does appear, the woman speaking is a genuine central character in the #blacklivesmatter movement.

Apparently, this was not an official part of Bernie’s campaign…He was just asked to speak at an event, set up for some other purpose…A crowd had gathered, and many anticipated his speaking.

They snubbed Bernie, of all people…one of the painfully few politicians who is out there for all of us, including them.

It is very frustrating, to witness this kind of behavior.

Bernie has enough obstacles in his way, without this self defeating foolishness.

That display from #blacklivesmatter, was nothing more than pure thuggery…and they were getting pretty nasty, themselves.

This is no way to make allies.