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Debra Rae Tells Cliff Kincaid What’s Next: “Pedophilia’s Already There”…

Date: August 21, 2015

01) Christians Versus the Global Reds and Greens [from beginning]

Ah, yes…

…the “We own the language, we own the rules, we own love…NOT YOU!!!!” crowd…who cant tolerate anybody, unlike themselves.

For the record, it would probably be best to watch this from the start…to get a feel of what this conversation is all about…And realize, Debra starts off by saying she got her start from reading the bible, and noticing parallels to modern times…


This is not the most promising interview, where it comes to questions of sound integrity.

…It’s still fun, sometimes, to peer through the window and see what others are claiming about us…

The “global agenda” allegedly has big plans for us…Amazing.

…And the Kinsey Institute has a “propaganda arm” [SEICUS], that is arguing on our behalf?…Wow.

I strongly suspect there is a lot taken out of context…because I have way too much experience with this sort of thing, to not be left suspecting such.

I’ve not watched the entire episode…and maybe I should, because there might be some more real whoppers left to be seen…

…but I knew various people would appreciate seeing this…even if only for a chuckle.

Cliff asks if “we’ve gotten dumbed down enough to accept pedophilia as a civil rights lifestyle”…

…Well, Cliff…other than to look at you as an alarmist, trying to scare people into action…it astonishes me, that anybody takes this seriously.

You are clearly living in a very different world than I, if you think the world is somehow pulling on our behalf.

…The U.N.?…Good grief!…There has been at least one group within the U.N., that’s been pushing for a universal age of consent to be 21 [twenty one] years of age…Are you and your guest unaware of this?

…And this is supposedly the governmental body, which you expect to usher in an age of adult child sexual relations?…


Groups representing people like us, were ostracized before the LGBT community was allowed to have an advisory panel to the U.N.

The U.N. has been overwhelmingly toxic and aggressive, when it comes to it’s dealings with people like us.

I’d suggest you two are extremely disconnected from reality, as it is happening in the real world.

You’re just spreading false information.