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Dialectics: Some Thoughts…

Date: August 22, 2015

I’m returning to the video featured here, because it begs a response.

Here it is, in full.

In a nutshell…dialectics is the practice of changing social perspective, by talking about certain issues or things in an intentional manner. If you don’t like something, you might promote a negative way of speaking about it. If you don’t like people’s hostility towards something, you might choose to start talking about it in a neutral or positive way. The idea is to psychologically push a culture in a certain direction, by exposing it to a persistent positive, negative or neutral message [or tone, if you will].

Now…Debra and Cliff clearly find it objectionable, whenever people with views different from their own employ dialectics…What I’m finding curious, is that they think nothing of employing dialectics in that very episode, themselves.

Cliff has been beside himself over Pope Francis…That pope doesn’t embrace pursuit of the mighty dollar and unrestrained capitalism, enough to keep Cliff happy…In fact, Cliff has made many episodes, decrying how the Pope is calling for social accountability…even speculating that this Pope is “the antichrist”…

…No…I am not joking here.

Cliff cant stand, that this Pope is genuinely concerned about climate change.

I find that fact that Cliff actually goes so far as to call this concern for the climate “worship of the planet”, to be a clear example of dialectics…especially since this automatically sets it up against “worship of god”…a direct conflict with organized religion…Cliff’s religion, anyway.

I have to wonder…are these individuals unaware, that organized religion has an outright notorious history of using dialectics to demonize [and many of us would suggest, dehumanize] certain other groups and their customs?

…Before complaining about the dialectics of others…maybe they should check the plank in their own eyes, before pointing out the mot in the eyes of others?…

…Just a thought.

Pots should think carefully, before calling kettles black.

As to dialectics…I am certain some will suggest, that what I do on this blog is the employment of dialectics…especially as pertains to pedophiles and pedophilia, etc…

…and they would be dead on correct…because I reject the demonizing social narrative and all the hyperbole, in very strong preference of simple honesty…and that practice is very much against the grain, when it comes to discussing pedophilia.

I proudly employ dialectics, to infuse pragmatic honesty into social dialogue about these topics.

…Somebody of principle has got to do it.