Illiberal Progressives…

Date: September 12, 2015

01) Illiberal Progressives

“The modern progressive movement is, in most ways, directly opposed to the classical liberalism of the Enlightenment.

Despite this, progressives are happy to allow people to call them liberals because of the fine reputation of liberalism.”

A few thoughts…

I’m glad to see the inclusion of the Bernie Sanders and #blacklivesmatter incident. I did not realize it had repeated itself, again.

For years now, I’ve been recognizing something very menacing about “progressiveness”…and Sargon, I think, has summed up so much of it.

For a brief time there, earlier on, I was starting to think “progressiveness” held much the same social outlook as myself. I even imagined there might be justification in calling myself “a progressive”…But then the heavy onset befell us all…and “progressiveness” could no longer hide the intolerance, shallowness, ignorance and rot at it’s own roots.

“Progressiveness” has become synonymous with iron fisted, political correctness…with censorship…with very hostile intolerance…with lack of empathy…with lack of diversity…with lack of vision…with dominance and subjugation…with mind control.

Those things are abhorrent and extremely dangerous, in society.

They may imagine themselves to be rooting out all things and people, that are “socially undesirable and bad”…but they are not taking into account, their own fallibility here…This is a critical problem.

I’ve come to recognize “progressiveness” by it’s tendency to attack, attack and attack…without a care for fairness or clear understanding, of those they choose to attack…which is usually accomplished by ganging up on people…It’s the modern version, of the angry mob with torches and pitchforks.

…Just how good is it, when the least tolerant and most ignorant, self entitled amongst us, are left to decide who and what is “socially undesirable and bad”?…Keep in mind…they don’t want a peaceful dialogue, leading to amicable outcomes…They just want to shut down anyone they don’t understand, or who they disagree with…And this world view is a bottomless pit, of endless social conflict, abuse, injustice and trouble.

Next…I did learn a new term here…”the progressive stack”…

At their events, they decide who gets preference to speak, based on…well…based on narrow minded bigotry, frankly…but the way they put it, the idea is to allow those they deem “the unheard” [or under represented], to always have the microphone instead of people they imagine “have already had their say, in society”.

So…if you show up and want to speak, but they deem that anything about your sex, skin color, the way you look, suggests “your kind” is already represented in society [or, maybe you’ll just say something they don’t want to hear?]…you’ll go straight to the bottom of the cue, and even people who ask for the microphone after you have, will get it before you…Presumably, if people in that preferred category keep seeking the microphone…then some would be participants will never get a chance to speak.

How’s that for open dialogue, and open mindedness?

Well…to be fair…if nobody else wishes to speak, then whoever wants to, gets to…presumably.

It still sounds extremely unfair…and like they are cherry picking who gets to say anything.

I wonder…as a socially disenfranchised, [light skinned] mixed race, lower working class, hippy pedosexual BoyLover [and an atheist, to boot]…where would I have been placed, in this “progressive stack”?…Do you think I’d ever get to the microphone?…And if I got there, what then?…when I start talking about issues that impact on my life?


…Today, I am decidedly not a “progressive”.

I am, more less, liberal and egalitarian. I practice humanist values…I accept that we are all in this together…But in order for this to work, we have to equally respect and value each other…Which is where the problem rests, with so many “progressives”…who don’t respect anybody, but those who speak and think like themselves.

I consider “progressives” commandeering the word “progress” to represent who they are and what they do, to be a self aggrandizing lie.

To be clear…this does not mean I am ever going to jettison or ignore, “progressive” voices and ideas on this blog. I think they often bring up important issues. I just want it known, that I reject the term “progressive” being associated with me. There is to much wrong with that movement, for me to ever be any part of it.

Not so terribly long ago…I tried to refute something about this kind of behavior being linked with “progressiveness”…Regrettably, I have to acknowledge that I may have been in the wrong…Or, maybe I was just expressing, what I think “progressiveness” should mean.

I no longer see “liberal” and “progressive”, as being cut from the same cloth.

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