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Phil Collins Returning?…


Date: October 31, 2015

01) Why Phil Collins is returning from ‘miserable’ retirement

“British singer Phil Collins has said he is coming out of retirement and is even planning to tour.


Collins announced in 2011 that he was no longer able to play the drums because of health problems “so it’ll be Phil without a fill” McCormick told presenter Mishal Husain.”

I support this, so long as there are no soft and squishy movie soundtracks coming of it.

I so badly miss the Phil Collins of the early eighties…and the mid eighties and early nineties…

It would be wonderful if Genesis got back together, and put out a new album.



It’s Very Hard (Narrated)…


Date: October 27, 2015

This selection from “In Self Defense: The Life and Times of An Atheist BoyLover…Memoirs and Ethos”, has been narrated by Rocco White. Please enjoy the listen, or read along if you like…or need to.

It’s very hard to choose a representative selection, from amongst hundreds of personal writings…especially when I want them to convey a specific base message, and set a mood from which to start off.

…I don’t want just another “Who Am I, and Why Am I Doing This” post, to act as a backstory…I’ve already got enough of those…including updated ones for the re-launch, and the new essay sections.

You’ll come to those, when you come to them.

I’d rather convey something deeper…and acknowledge not just the evolution of this project, itself…but it’s place [my place] in the larger picture.

I don’t know how worthy my writings, works and efforts will be judged over the years, even by fellow BoyLovers and Girl-Lovers [who can be very harsh in their criticism and rejection, if they don’t like how they see it representing BoyLovers and Girl-Lovers].

…But I couldn’t just remain inactive and silent, anymore…not after what this life has brought me…So I tore myself open, to release into this world…things I would want the common person to know, understand and contemplate.

…I gave you, all I had to offer…in hopes that it would help others, who are lost or in need.

…I gave you something, imperfect as it may be…which I hoped you would take, keep with you and expand upon…

…which I hoped would heal so many injuries…I hoped for a dialogue, where differences could be settled…I hoped this world, would finally see what it is really doing.

This body of work…is not just my entry into, and evolution through, blogging…It’s my dialogue with the cruel world around me…and with those others who live in it…It’s my validation, as a human being…as someone, who has lived a life…and suffered many things.

…It’s a stark dictation, as to what this existence is like…what it means…what I’ve learned…what I am exploring and questioning…

That’s why I didn’t want a rehashed introduction here…It’s not good enough.

What I have chosen for this section [and may add in the future], is a handful of selections…which touch on where I’ve been…my intentions and motives…Things I want to instill in a reader, from the start…Things I think are appropriate, to say up front.

I hope people will see this project, as dignified…respectable…meaningful…human…and a worthy addition, to the ethos of our culture.

…I hope it will start many, many deep and necessary discussions.

Oh!…and I’m going to be producing a narrated audio track, for many additions to this series…particularly the long ones. I hope this will be helpful.

…Also…this has been a very deep, very personal labor of love…almost a decade long [it will be, in 2016]…I would not have kept repeatedly picking up this ball out of the ashes and running with it, if I had no faith in humanity…Despite everything…I love you…I believe in you…I know good is out there, waiting to meet with us all.

I know…we can bridge this distance.

– Steve Diamond



CNN Is Deleting Pro-Bernie Sanders Comments…

Date: October 25, 2015

01) CNN Is Deleting Pro-Bernie Sanders Comments

“Seeing their comments repeatedly deleted by CNN, Bernie Sanders supporters are hopping mad today.

Already feeling the news network’s coverage had become rabidly pro-Hillary in the aftermath of last night’s debate, Facebook users leaving reactions on CNN’s page are now continually re-posting them, knowing they will be quickly removed…

Read More At:

I used to respect CNN…years upon years ago.

Bahar Mustafa and Cyber Violence Charges | Freedom of Speech…

Date: October 25, 2015

01) Bahar Mustafa & Cyber Violence Charges | Freedom of Speech

“A student diversity officer who was caught up in a racism row after allegedly posting ‘kill all white men’ on social media has been summonsed to court to face malicious communications charges.

Bahar Mustafa, 28, of Edmonton, North London, a welfare and diversity officer at Goldsmiths University, will appear at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on 5 November, police said.

Ms Mustafa will face two charges, one of sending a threatening message between 10 November 2014 and 31 May this year, and one of sending a menacing or offensive message via a public network, between the same dates.”

[These are raw links. They wont open in a new window or tab, unless you right click on them, and pick that option.]

I felt intrigued enough by the Bahar Mustafa story, that I wanted to get a little better understanding of what happened.

Honestly…I am floored, by the behavior and standards of some people who are chosen by universities, to be part of their staff.

I didn’t realize she was any sort of authoritative figure…Heck, she gave me the impression that she’s just a mouthy college student, who knows little about life…and who would be a terrible burden to have to deal with.

I would have never suspected, that she was gainfully employed…or in charge of helping other people…

…Do I have to reiterate here, why I get so disturbed when surveying so much of the university/college student crowd?

Too many of them behave deplorably…and display no common sense, at all.

…I weep for the future.

Feminist arrested for HATESPEECH #KillAllWhiteMen…

Date: October 25, 2015

01) Feminist arrested for HATESPEECH #KillAllWhiteMen

“I utterly disapprove of the whole thing…. I really do.
Nonetheless I cannot help but savour the irony of those who most strongly advocate the oppression of others free speech rights are the first to get stomped on by that same legislation.”

I missed this when it came out…

In Britain, free speech laws are pretty weak…though, anymore, it would not entirely shock me if this happened in the U.S.

To my knowledge…these types of charges occurring in the U.S., have only been applied to people on probation…in other words, people with a criminal [often violent] past…So, they are on a short leash, and something in their past renders their chosen words credible.

By simple coincidence…I know someone who spent several days in jail, for posting something malicious on Facebook…But, there is a history to give this behavior a context…So, it’s not so simple a situation…I think probation was violated, as well.

I don’t know that I’d consider “#KillAllWhiteMen” a serious threat, especially in the context of this story…But I do know that anyone using “#KillAllWhiteMen”, has no business considering themselves above closer observation and criticism, for doing such.

For me, it’s always very curious to witness the fringe people with extreme viewpoints, as they collide with each other. Here we see a hyperbolic feminist, colliding with an authoritarian state.

…All the more curious, is that this type of feminist has generally fought to enact those kinds of laws.

So…now we have a feminist trying to jump through hoops, and “explain” why her behavior is “exempt” from criticism and consequence?

…Ah…yes…a “privileged” class of abuse and intolerance.

…”The rules just don’t apply”, to people who think like her.

The first thing one must learn when trying to create a new world order…is that they are not above the rules set in place…As such, they must be able and willing to live within those confines…or be taken down by them.

It’s not so simple an issue, as just turning the system against people you don’t like…

…Eventually, the hostile and intolerant system you helped to build, will turn on you.