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The End of Rational Public Discourse – Kevin Williamson…

Date: October 8, 2015

01) The End of Rational Public Discourse – Kevin Williamson

“Streamed live on Mar 26, 2015

Kevin is the author of “The End Is Near and It’s Going To Be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure” and “The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism.” He was once an illegal alien in India. He is this semester’s Pulliam Fellow in Journalism at Hillsdale College.”

I expect it’s not that big of a shock by now, that I don’t shy away from sharing conservative voices…even though I am decidedly not from that camp. My criteria is whether or not I perceive something uncommonly thought provoking, in what they have to express.

I think this speech by Kevin Williamson meets that criteria, with insight into the media.

…I know there are some parallels I could draw from this…and things I was nodding my head “yes”, over.

Milo Yiannopoulos Hates Feminism [plus full interview]…

Date: October 8, 2015

The full episode below, is worth watching…but I include the partial section, because it’s what I found first…and not everybody wants to spend an hour plus, watching an interview.

01) Milo Yiannopoulos Hates Feminism

“Milo Yiannopoulos (conservative pundit, Breitbart journalist) discusses his controversial views on feminism and feminsts with Dave Rubin.”

02) Milo Yiannopoulos and Dave Rubin: Gamergate, Feminism, Atheism, Gay Rights [Full Interview]

“Milo Yiannopoulos (conservative pundit, Breitbart journalist) and Dave Rubin discuss Milo’s controversial views on gamergate, atheism and feminism, debate their different views on gay culture, and discuss the rise of the cultural libertarian.”

With regards to the segment on atheists…

…I’m a bit astonished that Milo just got done talking about gamers as a marginalized minority, embedded in a history of unwanted social embattlement…yet he offhandedly dismisses what atheists [on a personal level] typically go through…and how life, itself, is turned into this needless, endless battleground over ones stance towards theology…and the endless accusations against ones ethics, morality…challenges to their equal social standing…unwanted social conditioning [brainwashing?]…and in some cases, very real terrorizing over “what’s going to happen to you”.

It might all be a laughing matter to Milo…but this just shows he has a loose grasp on the matter…and zero empathy for atheists and their life experience.

The effects of this…of living like that, in that kind of hostile environment…it has potentially life long consequences…typically very injurious consequences on the individual.

What Milo ascribes to gamers [that being, getting fed up with the way they are maltreated] and frames as understandable, is the same thing happening with atheists…only with atheists, the situation has been infinitely worse than anything gamers can claim grievance over.

Let’s at least be honest about this…for gamers, it’s a very old, annoying nuisance…for many atheists, it’s an institutionalized mind raping…and a socially protected [even celebrated] prejudice, with real world consequences.

So, we have Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens, etc…people who’ve just started to make a dent, in pushing back this overwhelming onslaught against atheists.

Very good…I am happy to have them [for the most part]…but this is little more than early steps…and it does nothing to erase our history of normalized abuses against atheists…There is so much more, necessary to come in this movement…There is so much needing to be addressed, and answered for.

If you think what I’ve just stated here is all ridiculous nonsense…then you are exhibiting the exact institutionalized prejudice, which devalues the life experience of atheists as “less deserving of respect, empathy, standing and value”, that I was just referencing.

I think Milo is blinded by his theological faith.

The atheist pushback is amongst the single most justified movements, of the modern age.

“It’s the norm to be an atheist, in any metropolitan city in Europe and America”?…

I cant speak authoritatively, on just how atheist positive the major cities of America are [though I reject that it is as rosy a picture, as Milo suggests]…

…What I can point out, is that mass numbers of us do not live in those major cities.

I can also point out…that America has terrible problems accepting atheism, even if it has some relative “safe havens”.

I can also point out…that these metropolitan cities Milo speaks of, have thriving and competing religious communities in them.

I can also point out…that where so many of us live, in small towns, small cities, villages and rural areas…religious institutions commonly represent the primary source and focus, of social structure, social authority and social power.

In real life, day to day living…organized religion wields so much power, it is staggering.

…All the more so, when you realize the darker side, of what organized religion is allowed to get away with doing…without any consequence to itself.

…It’s so normal, that it’s looked upon as being expected.

Even if all major American cities were hot beds of atheism…who cares?

The problems we face are embedded into an old, much larger cultural framework. There remains many, many battlefronts…which a lot of us are forced to fight on, or be trampled over by organized religion.

“People look at you weird if you’re not [an atheist]”?…In the USA?…

That statement is straight up incredulous.

It is entirely backwards.

Milo…if you are this unfamiliar with U.S. culture, then you need to refrain from commenting about it.

Though I strongly appreciate your views on most other things, expressed in this interview…this section on atheists is making me have second thoughts, about your knowledge and objectivity.

I am wondering if this wasn’t all a play, because you enjoy taking pokes at atheists…Maybe, you don’t really believe these things?

Was Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn’s UN Meeting Criminal?…


Date: October 8, 2015

01) Was Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn’s UN Meeting Criminal?

Some swearing here.

Interesting commentary about some things going on. It seems relevant to the situation.

I agree with the sentiments offered here…all of them, really.

The fact that some people have been nasty towards Anita and Zoe is, itself, shameful. It also is exactly what has given credibility to their claims of harassment.

It seems this is building a wall Anita and Zoe can hide behind, whenever they don’t want to account for their own activities.

…I mean…good grief…Anita got a bomb threat, at one of her speeches…and a death threat, at least once.

This is just insanity.

Hopefully, this all is taking a nose dive soon…and it will be a distant memory.

02) This Week in Stupid (27/09/2015)

More swearing, but related…

A tacky pedophile “joke” aside…this video goes into a few relevant things, also…and displays some of the facts, with an opinion. I feel like…if I’m going to acknowledge this entire fiasco at all, then these things [including history behind it, and the U.N. report] are important to understand and consider.

I’m keep thinking of this video here, where Christina suggests that “third/fourth wave” feminism came looking to police the gamer community…and they’ve just now finally encountered a community that knows how to fight back…and now they don’t know how to handle it, after waking a sleeping giant.

I appreciate the assessment.

To be clear…I am not deeply involved with gaming online. I’m just extremely fed up with the endless parade of condescending social supremacists out there, who are constantly bellyaching and pointing the finger of judgment at others…thinking nothing of using those others [all too often deceptively], for their own personal agendas.

The gaming community did not ask for Anita’s critique…Yet, as an outsider, she decided to impose it…and it wasn’t a terribly sound end product, she decided to put her name, voice and face to.

People can tell when they are being contemptuously used.

…Plus, the gaming community has a contentious, sore history, with outsiders who want to impose something unfair onto them.

That Anita has had integrity issues exposed…that’s bound to make a lot of people get up in arms, and fire back.



2013 National Conference for Media Reform: Learning from Our Past, Looking to the Future…

Date: October 8, 2015

01) NCMR 2013 Opening Plenary* Learning from Our Past, Looking to the Future

“Published on Apr 6, 2013
Get ready for speeches and performances from some of the movement’s best thinkers, artists and rabble-rousers. Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock and our emcee for the afternoon, Denver’s own David Sirota, welcome us to the 2013 National Conference for Media Reform. We’ll feature a roundtable of historians and activists discussing the media, race and activism. And we’ll hear from feminist and movement leaders about what we’ve accomplished — and what fights lie ahead. For extra inspiration, we’ll have poetry plus a special performance prepared just for us by acclaimed artist Staceyann Chin. This is the NCMR 2013 opening plenary “Learning from Our Past, Looking to the Future.”