Bahar Mustafa and Cyber Violence Charges | Freedom of Speech…

Date: October 25, 2015

01) Bahar Mustafa & Cyber Violence Charges | Freedom of Speech

“A student diversity officer who was caught up in a racism row after allegedly posting ‘kill all white men’ on social media has been summonsed to court to face malicious communications charges.

Bahar Mustafa, 28, of Edmonton, North London, a welfare and diversity officer at Goldsmiths University, will appear at Bromley Magistrates’ Court on 5 November, police said.

Ms Mustafa will face two charges, one of sending a threatening message between 10 November 2014 and 31 May this year, and one of sending a menacing or offensive message via a public network, between the same dates.”

[These are raw links. They wont open in a new window or tab, unless you right click on them, and pick that option.]

I felt intrigued enough by the Bahar Mustafa story, that I wanted to get a little better understanding of what happened.

Honestly…I am floored, by the behavior and standards of some people who are chosen by universities, to be part of their staff.

I didn’t realize she was any sort of authoritative figure…Heck, she gave me the impression that she’s just a mouthy college student, who knows little about life…and who would be a terrible burden to have to deal with.

I would have never suspected, that she was gainfully employed…or in charge of helping other people…

…Do I have to reiterate here, why I get so disturbed when surveying so much of the university/college student crowd?

Too many of them behave deplorably…and display no common sense, at all.

…I weep for the future.

1 thought on “Bahar Mustafa and Cyber Violence Charges | Freedom of Speech…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I meant to put this into my post, but…It’s acknowledged in the video, anyway.

    The whole idea that Bahar is using a false definition of racism and sexism [one which includes privilege and class, while asserting her targets are privileged], in order to side step criticism aimed at her…that is really telling.

    I think very poorly of that kind of behavior…people trying to define, or redefine things into, or out of, existence, based upon dishonest definitions.


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