Feminist arrested for HATESPEECH #KillAllWhiteMen…

Date: October 25, 2015

01) Feminist arrested for HATESPEECH #KillAllWhiteMen

“I utterly disapprove of the whole thing…. I really do.
Nonetheless I cannot help but savour the irony of those who most strongly advocate the oppression of others free speech rights are the first to get stomped on by that same legislation.”

I missed this when it came out…

In Britain, free speech laws are pretty weak…though, anymore, it would not entirely shock me if this happened in the U.S.

To my knowledge…these types of charges occurring in the U.S., have only been applied to people on probation…in other words, people with a criminal [often violent] past…So, they are on a short leash, and something in their past renders their chosen words credible.

By simple coincidence…I know someone who spent several days in jail, for posting something malicious on Facebook…But, there is a history to give this behavior a context…So, it’s not so simple a situation…I think probation was violated, as well.

I don’t know that I’d consider “#KillAllWhiteMen” a serious threat, especially in the context of this story…But I do know that anyone using “#KillAllWhiteMen”, has no business considering themselves above closer observation and criticism, for doing such.

For me, it’s always very curious to witness the fringe people with extreme viewpoints, as they collide with each other. Here we see a hyperbolic feminist, colliding with an authoritarian state.

…All the more curious, is that this type of feminist has generally fought to enact those kinds of laws.

So…now we have a feminist trying to jump through hoops, and “explain” why her behavior is “exempt” from criticism and consequence?

…Ah…yes…a “privileged” class of abuse and intolerance.

…”The rules just don’t apply”, to people who think like her.

The first thing one must learn when trying to create a new world order…is that they are not above the rules set in place…As such, they must be able and willing to live within those confines…or be taken down by them.

It’s not so simple an issue, as just turning the system against people you don’t like…

…Eventually, the hostile and intolerant system you helped to build, will turn on you.

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