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Inclusive Feminism and “Social Justice Pedophiles”?…

Date: November 02, 2015

Note: I’m posting this on June 06, 2016 [backdated to November 02, 2015]. I didn’t actually finish this post, as I believe I’d originally intended on responding to a lot more of what Sargon had to say, himself…But, I kind of acknowledged and alluded to some of my thoughts, in later posts. It’s hard for me to recollect my thoughts, when a post is this old…Yet, I want to post what is here…So, I am going to do just that.

01) Rambling About: Are Professional Victims Con Artists?

“Playing ARK and rambling about whether professional victims are con artists and in what capacity.”

I’m bringing this here, for the portion beginning at about 6:50. Everything else is interesting enough, but I’m not focusing on it here. Go back and listen, if you like.

Sargon starts off by displaying what sounds like a lack of understanding about the issue at hand…or, maybe not…but here are some background facts.

Salon.com has published a few articles written by Todd Nickerson…His twitter account is here, and his blog is here [Welcome to the blogosphere, Todd!]. The articles in question are here and here. Todd has been around in the online community for quite some years [I know this because the exact same hate cult which targeted me years ago, eventually got around to dragging Todd through the mud, also.], and has more recently been amongst those who’ve aligned with a group called “Virtuous Pedophiles”…Virtuous Pedophiles has actually been around for quite a few years [I’m estimating close around a decade, by now]…It wasn’t until the past couple of years, that VP was making enough noise to garner a lot of attention.

They have managed to assemble a group of self identified “pedophiles”, around a platform many of us would [and I think quite fairly] characterize as being socially submissive, and accepting of a rather large chunk of the prohibitions inflicted upon us…of which, many of us find to be inhumane, cruel and wrong. At the same time…they’ve seemingly caught the ball and ran with it, where it comes to getting large numbers of non-institutionalized “pedophiles” into clinical research studies [a practice we were pioneering, years before]. While this has potential for good…there has been a great deal of controversy, surrounding where that research is being aimed…and it’s end goals. A tremendous amount of distrust for VP has cropped up, both within the “pedophile” community and from the general public.

Putting the turbulent, controversial and fracturing nature of what VP has been doing aside [because it most certainly has been all of those things, and then some]…This is something which is going to have to play itself out…and so long as I am around, I will be watching…because it effects more than just those who’ve seized it’s reigns…or, that of it’s various projects.

I have a tentative acceptance of VP…because I think their efforts encouraging “pedophiles” to become vocal, and fight for their rights and social standing, is something which we most desperately need right now…I think, it outweighs our philosophical divisions.

Getting back on track…

…Todd’s articles got some people hot under the collar…and they’ve stomped their feet, and done all the usual tricks and tripe…and tried to cause a disruptive scene…all because a self identified “pedophile” got published in a major online publication…asking for a bit of humane understanding…such a crime…such a crime, indeed

[Let those of us with the ability to reason, pause for an intermission…and have a big, group eye roll, right now…There!…Now, where was I?]

This ruckus obviously caught the attention of Sargon of Akkad…and he made a comment about it, in the video above.

I wanted to express a thought, or two in response.

This is where more content should have gone…I may return to this later…No promises.

I couldn’t get this one to start at the correct time. It’s in there, somewhere [around 115 minute mark]. Watch if you like…otherwise, don’t worry about it.

Another instance hinting at what I’m discussing above.

[I got off on a tangent, which hijacked my own post…So, I cut it out and placed it down here.]

It should be noted, though…many of us do not consider VP to be an authoritative representative of us, or of the “pedophile” [or MAP – Minor Attracted Person] community as a whole. They’re more something within the larger community, which has grown louder [loudest?] at the moment. They don’t barter on behalf of “pedophiles”…and they are walking a very thin line.

Having been involved for most of two decades…I’ve seen a lot of things come and go, where it comes to attempting the betterment of “pedophiles” plights in society…I’ve taken part in a few of them, also…Though I will never be a member of VP…this is it’s time in the spotlight…We will see what comes of it.

Various self identified “pedophiles” have joined VP…several hundred at least, from what I understand…and they’ve fashioned a more disarming platform message, which relents to much of what society inflicts upon us.

I have very deeply conflicted emotions about this…as it internalizes social attitudes, which I think are at the root of what has ostracized us, in the first place…I view them as necessary to reject. We’ve spent all these many decades being beaten down, saddled and mentally broken and defeated…by these ruthless social paradigms [and the people behind them]…everything left in me screams, that these must be expunged from our self identity and self cognition…they must be fiercely destroyed…with maximum prejudice.

This is why I will never be a member of VP…I cannot grit my teeth and “do the dance”, without becoming infuriated and sick from it…I have too many years of baggage, from this fight…I cannot accept falling back, into that place of acceptance, submission and internalization…I cast those shackles off decades ago…I’d rather be dead, than place them back on…This is true, even about the more controversial issues [like child pornography]…The day of passively accepting cultural lies has ended…and I cannot accept it back, again…never again.

…And I guess a large part of me has been living in the belief…that I’m not going to see social change…so I might as well just talk truth, and speak my mind…make a space where capable people can think and reason…because this is my last stand.

Then we see this “new”, revamped wave coming along…not convinced we’re entirely okay with what they are doing…but, it’s not been done in recent history [and with some things, ever]…so…

This may all sound like I have a huge bone to pick with VP…but I did not set out to go in this direction…Maybe, I just needed to express something, which I’ve never expressed before…about the uneasy tolerance, of what’s been developing…and the personal conflict, when wanting to embrace vocal “pedophiles”…In part, that is what we have been fighting so hard for, for so many years…

…Ironic epiphany…If we ever get the “pedophile” demographic in a place of good social standing…only then can we know, what it’s collective voice will sound like…or what it will say.

Maybe…the squabbling over differences is all for nothing…or, maybe it will have an impact on where we all end up?

I keep having this nagging feeling…that no matter how long or hard we have fought this war…the direction we believe it should be moving in…and the destination we believe it deserves…it might all remain elusive…and a “new leader” may swipe it out from underneath us.