3 thoughts on “1970s News Clips On Gay Rights…

  1. helll

    This is one of the biggest issue with MAPs I try to explain. Pedosexuality is different than the gays. You want to have sex with underage persons. Kids are not adults, they actually have guardians. These guardians are responsible for the well-being. In general. the child cannot be reliable to properly consent. Kids don’t make the best choices. A child:

    Refuses medicine for illness that is minor to deadly
    Refuses to let dentist exam their teeth/fill cavity
    Refuses surgery that are minor to life altering
    Refuses to be examed by a doctor
    Refuses to eat healthy
    Refuses to wear seat belt
    Refuses to hold hand when crossing a street
    Refuses helmet when riding bicycles
    Refuses to brush their teeth
    Refuses to sleep or take naps
    Refuses to be bathed
    Refuses wear clothes
    Refuses to wear glasses

    Runs into a street not looking both ways
    Tries to drink household cleaning products
    Wanting to use diapers and not go to the toilet
    Playing with feces
    Self harm (cutting)

    Etc. Parents have to decide for the child evwn though it is the child’s body and the child refuses consent. Additionally being a child is not a permanent state thus the sexuality of MAPS limits the account of time one can love, be sexually attracted or emotionally attached.

    1. eqfoundation Post author

      Dear hell…

      Of course, there are differences in the dynamics of these sorts of relationships, as opposed to adult/adult relationships. Nobody is contesting that.

      The question is…why is there such a disproportionate harshness and hostility towards MAPs, when facts don’t support it’s justification?

      As to your list…None of those things are in conflict, with a child/MAP relationship…They are just not relevant, unless you presume a MAP, themselves, to be personally dangerous.

      As to any limited timeframe for such relationships…might I point out, that children are sexual beings, regardless of whether anyone wants them to be or not? What they do sexually, is merely done in hiding. In addition…humans tend to have an average of seven sexual companions, over the span of a lifetime…Surely, experiencing the first during childhood/teenhood, isn’t going to make the sky fall and burn.

      Biologically…humans are such that they crave and seek sexual relations, over a lifetime…It’s good for emotional well being, to be loved and sexually pleasured. As of yet…it has never been shown that children lack this biological benefit [in fact, I believe it is the opposite which is true]…They are harshly alienated from their own sexuality, primarily, because it is looked upon as socially inconvenient…Questions of harm, have little to nothing to do with it.

      We are, for better or worse, living much longer lives now…Plus, technical advances and decades of schooling have monopolized our lives, getting in the way of things like, natural child/MAP relationships [which many (most?) people would not have likely even cared about, in past times].

    2. eqfoundation Post author

      One other thing…

      As many years as I’ve been out here discussing issues [including what you’ve introduced here]…my history stands on it’s own, and for itself. Please don’t misrepresent my viewpoints, and act as if you were correcting me on something.

      Just because I offered almost no commentary [I was feeling like crap, and not up to it], doesn’t mean I was suggesting everything about gays is the same as everything about MAPs…But there is, in fact, a lot of commonality in our circumstances…no matter who likes it, or not.

      Would you like me to spell a couple of them out for you?…1) being driven almost entirely underground…2) not having control of our own culture and identity.

      I know there are differences on may levels…please don’t insult my intelligence.

      I really get tired of it, when you sorts arrive and pounce on things, just because someone didn’t meticulously spell out every single, possible detail, regarding what they are thinking about something…And I know there is at least one particular person in our midst, who has a raging hard on, for the exact same issue and “argument” you’ve just offered here…same tactic…same playbook…”drive by” lectures, on how you imagine we are “wrong”.

      Sad thing…I almost held off on posting that post…because I’ve seen this exact behavior repeat itself, many, many, many times over the years…commonly behind an unknown name…and I had this nagging notion in the back of my mind, that what you did here, was going to happen with this post [because you just cant help yourself, can you?]…and just like clockwork…here you are…How long were you out there, waiting for the window to open?

      I’ve written and spoken about this very issue, multiple times in the past…I am one of those MAPs, who knows that parents are vital…I’ve taken hard stances, that have even gotten me sworn at and demeaned, on BoyChat.

      If you refuse it…very well…but you don’t speak for all parents, past, present and future…and we don’t know what the future holds.

      Your type of behavior is just really awkward for me…because I’ve always acknowledged not only the differences with gays…but also discussing the parent dynamics…as well as children’s needs…

      I don’t see why you are dropping what you have at my feet, and treating me as if I were arguing on behalf of it…when clearly, my personal beliefs are substantially different…You’d know, if you just bothered to actually pay attention.

      …Guess I’m not that important to you.


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