Innocent People May Be on KKK List, but Anonymous Will Keep Releasing Names…


Date: November 02, 2015

01) Innocent People May Be on KKK List, but Anonymous Will Keep Releasing Names

“Anonymous – ‘On November the 4th we will be having a twitter storm, spreading awareness about the operation. And on the 5th we shall release more than 1000 Ku Klux Klan members names and websites, new and old.’

But on Sunday and Monday, alleged members of Anonymous, which has no formal leadership, published four separate lists with the names, email addresses, and phone numbers of purported KKK members—including four U.S. senators and five city mayors. As as result, the hacking collective came under fire from critics on social media for sharing erroneous information.


Madeline Rogero, the mayor of Knoxville, Tennessee, who was one of the public officials included in the lists, posted a lengthy denial of KKK membership on her Facebook page.

An Anonymous member, Anon6K, who claimed to be the founder of an #OpKKK channel wrote to TakePart on Monday that the list is not part of the “official” Anonymous dump of KKK members, and that Rogero was erroneously included.

Anon6K, who would only identify as a male living in North America, apologized profusely to Rogero.

Anon6K also wrote he “partially” agrees it’s irresponsible to publish lists of alleged KKK members if innocent people may inadvertently be caught up in it. But “those who are innocent will be proven as such,” he wrote.

To that end, Anon6K wrote to TakePart that, starting at 10 a.m. CST on Thursday, Nov. 5, Operation KKK would begin the real dump of its Ku Klux Klan member list. “

Well…I’ve said it a number of times…

…The structure of “Anonymous” sees to it, that there is neither coordination nor control…nor accountability, within it’s ranks.

Just how many people are they going to be claiming are members of the Ku Klux Klan, who factually are not?

There is a tremendous amount of irony…in the fact that “Anonymous” members are doing this to people…both making accusations, and stripping them of their anonymity…while themselves expecting to remain totally hidden behind anonymity.

There is absolutely no accountability in this equation…The people being accused, will have no chance to face, let alone confront, their accuser…

…There is something extremely wrong and rotten with that.

I don’t care who you are attacking…Nobody, anywhere, at any time, under any circumstances, has the right to behave like “Anonymous” is behaving…

…And as usual…they are already screwing it up, before it even begins.

…”Oops!…Sorry!…But the truth will vindicate you!”…

…Oh no!…Those accusations will never take on a life of their own, when released in such a large, public spectacle…They cant become impossible to quell…Right?…?…

I’m not defending the KKK…but, frankly…”Anonymous” is no better than the Ku Klux Klan…and they are incompetent…

…And they have so, so, so, so, so, so much to answer for, already.

They pick and go after disenfranchised groups of all stripes…through criminal means, in their own right…violating even people who have hurt nobody, at all…And “Anonymous” acts as though they are entitled to do this to other people…without ever having to answer for it.

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