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This Is Not About Feminism…It’s About Control By The State…

Date: November 08, 2015

Note: It makes me cringe, and it makes my skin crawl…to put anything on this blog which is related to infowars.com [with the exception of placing it on The Wall]. That group has deep integrity deficits of it’s own…Some of the practices which pass as “fair play” on their YouTube channel, for example, I find outright despicable. This is, however, a very good interview and summary…of what I’ve been talking and posting about, where it comes to “third wave” feminism. When I got to the end of the video, and realized it’s connection to infowars.com…I threw this completed post into the trash…but after some deliberation, I decided to grit my teeth, retrieve and share it here.

01) This Is Not About Feminism…It’s About Control By The State

“Is Cultural Marxism being repackaged as Third Wave Feminism and could this be the social engineering tool that seeks to eradicate free speech and the ability to engage in honest conversation? Today on Press For Truth PFT’s Molly Poepoezeezoe is joined on the line by Paul Joseph Watson of infowars.com to discuss the evolution of feminism from it’s inception all the way to today’s so called “third wave”.”