Paul Joseph Watson…


Date: November 12, 2015

01) The Mainstreaming of Pedophilia

This is an uncommonly disgusting example of MAP dehumanization, and extreme hate speech against MAPs.

It deserves far more response, than I am giving it here.

If you want to know why I do not feature InfoWars content here…it’s because this video is an excellent example, of how ugly and abusive, cruel, narrow minded and dogmatic these people are.

InfoWars is like a dangerous cult…literally. They exploit people’s ignorance and fear…And they have no qualms, at all, in dehumanizing other people…even calling for the deaths of those people, in mass.

Psychologically and morally…Paul Joseph Watson is no better than Adolph Hitler.

…And he is too stupid, to temper his own behavior…instead giving us this video…because nobody is going to impose a consequence for it…and, therefor, he can.

The person Paul is attacking, is against any type of legal or social change…except in allowing MAPs to have their private supports structures…and safe access to mental health resources…

…And this is what Paul Joseph Watson finds so violently offensive?…

…The mere state of having an attraction, and seeking mental and social stability, is deserving of being violently snuffed out?…

Paul Joseph Watson is not a moral person.

A moral person, does not do this…A moral person, knows why this type of behavior is completely unacceptable.

I ask you sincerely, who deserves these words of vulgar abuse and hate, merely for daring to live, love and be loved?…

Have no doubt, that Child Love and Teen Love are a pure form of love…genuine and worthy of defense, no matter what some may say about it…


1 thought on “Paul Joseph Watson…

  1. eqfoundation Post author

    I actually just posted this [February 28, 2017]…but I back dated it…

    So, keep in mind…that this has already been up in excess of a year…and this is the type of content and speech, that InfoWars has no reservations over publishing, and placing it’s official logo onto.

    …Just think about that, for a while.

    I sat on this for so long, because I just didn’t get around to writing a response to it…and it got shelved in an “out of the way” place…But I also wanted to point out the false equivalence…like with necrophilia.

    Why is it, these sorts like to run wild, extrapolating all manner of things, to a very specific type of orientation, in a very specific setting?

    …This idiot cannot be bothered to even know what he is talking about, before he opens his mouth.


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