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Date: November 22, 2015

01) FreedomOfTweets.CA

02) [Internet] Why #FreedomofTweets is important to the Future of the Net

03) #FreedomofTweets with Lauren Southern and Guests: The Gregory Allen Elliot Stream

04) Professional Feminist vs #FreedomOfTweets

“In this current age of the internet, the very concept of free speech is under attack. This is double if you’re in Canada or the UK. This fear of censorship is why the fight for Gregory Alan Elliot is so important. He is currently facing jail time for disagreeing with a feminist on twitter. Sadly, I am not joking. As a result of this, those of us who oppose the Cultural Authoritarians are making a stand against their push for control. #FreedomofTweets is not just about saving one man from Jail, its about saving all of us from those who wish to control our every step, but yield none of the same restrictions.”

This is very long…eight hours long.

The livestream: November 21, 2015

“His name is Gregory Alan Elliott. He has been on trial for three years, in a costly Canadian court battle with drastic implications for free speech. For two years, he was banned from the internet, where he previously earned much of his income. His artwork, hanging in a local coffee shop in Toronto, was recently defaced by a mob of enraged activists.”

Professional Feminist vs #FreedomOfTweets [The word “cunt” occures many times here.]