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M.A. Voice: The Introduction…


Articles and content from Minor Attracted People [MAPs], presented in no particular order and without preference or discrimination. These are diverse viewpoints.

Date: November 19, 2015

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What follows should be the most writing you will ever see me do, in relations to this series.

M.A. Voice is, essentially, a species of e-zine, that features the content of MAPs who are not me.

I am aiming for a minimum of five links, per issue. Nothing will be hosted on this blog. It’s just going to be linking, to content hosted elsewhere.

I’ll try to do at least one of these per month.

This is being done, in the spirit of openly reaching out to the wider MAP community…and raising awareness to the fact, that others are out there producing content…speaking out on issues…It’s intended to highlight our diversity, our character, our creativity, our knowledge and our intelligence.

I don’t care about differences [or similarities] in opinion, either between myself and the authors linked, or amongst the authors linked…And I wont give any personal critique on anybody’s content, within the posts of this series. It will just be a list of links offered. Rarely, I might give a brief, positive comment, of a sentence or two, if I really feel something should not be missed.

I may link to several items by the same author, in a single issue…but I’ll strive to have several authors, in every issue. Likely, there will be one item, from five or more authors.

What I choose to link, will be subject to several factors, including…whatever I encounter first, when I make my visiting rounds…how I’m feeling on that particular day…how much time I have to spend…and whatever I may have found and saved earlier, for inclusion in the upcoming issue.

I’m searching for quality content, of a personal MAP flavor…but, I’ll work with whatever I find, so long as it’s not too far off the target.

I may choose old content, even from “dead” blogs and websites…but, I’ll give preference to active resources, and current content producers.

Links to MAPs doing interviews, are also welcome…As well as links to ongoing MAP publications [ie: Modern Boylover Magazine], when new issues come out.

I wont likely link to my own writings, but…I might throw such a link in the mix, every now and then…if I think the end product of my writing was exceptional enough to include.

A Bit of History:

M.A. Voice is an offshoot, inspired by a project I created three or more years back…then re-designed…but still never got off the ground. locked my blog, before it got underway.

This previous project is titled “Carnival of Eros”…and was based on the idea of a blog carnival.

For those who do not know…a blog carnival is, usually, a blog which is dedicated to hosting the posts of other bloggers…It’s like an exhibition fair, for bloggers…a sampler of lots of people’s content, in the same place. They are meant for promoting things like community connection…and just promoting people in the community…Some people also do blog carnivals professionally, from what I understand.

The reason I felt a need for something new, is because “Carnival of Eros” is centered around people who identify as Child Lovers and Teen Lovers…And it was intended for a very positive, and strong, kind of flavor [think Tom O’Carroll…or myself]…But this is exclusionary, to MAPs of differing viewpoints…and I needed something more neutral…to acknowledge those who aren’t quite as celebratory, over having this orientation.

I may still throw in the “Carnival” a few times a year…but, we’ll see.

A few ground rules:

All content must be produced by a self identified Minor Attracted Person [MAP].

It does not matter whether they identify as MAP, Child Lover, Teen Lover, BoyLover, Girl-Lover, Pedophile, Pedosexual, etc…but preference may be given, to those who embrace a dignified, tasteful title [ie: no “Child Rapist” or the like, please].

Content must be coherent, and not of a threatening or vicious manner.

There will be no discrimination based on age, orientation, or dynamics of ones preferred relationships [adult-child, adult-teen, teen-teen, teen-child, child-child, heterosexual or homosexual. Realistically, I don’t anticipate submissions from children, however].

Both Pro-Contact and Pro-Abstinence, and whatever falls between, are welcome in this project, without judgment.

No submission will be accepted, where the legality of what is being offered is in question [If you want to discuss relationships from your past, please clarify you are not still in danger of being prosecuted, for any potentially illegal act mentioned].

Links will be accepted and chosen from openly available blogs, chat boards, personal websites, news sites, media hosting forums [ie: YouTube, soundcloud], and other assorted information publishers like pastebin.

Inclusion here does not represent endorsement, nor rejection, of the views and expressions featured.

If you’re a Minor Attracted Person [MAP] who would like your content featured in the next issue, please use the form below to pass along the necessary information.

You may also submit content created by other MAPs. Any form of legal content [written, audio, video, artistic, academic, personal expression, etc.] will be considered for inclusion.

All submissions made via this form are private.


Other Issues

HIV, Sex And The Charlie Sheen Story…

Date: November 19, 2015

01) On Point: HIV, Sex And The Charlie Sheen Story

02) Direct Download [MP3]

“Actor Charlie Sheen announced he is HIV positive. So are nearly 40 million other people around the world. We’ll look at sex, new therapies, and HIV.”

Some interesting information on HIV, and modern day methods of dealing with it…where we stand, today.

Thought Vigilantes: When a Fictional Character of Ink Gets “Deflowered”…


Date: November 19, 2015


There’s an age restriction on this video, despite that nothing illegal is featured in it. You may need to visit the dailymotion website, and click on a button in order to watch it…not sure.

“SolidMario was an individual on DeviantArt who was INDEED DEVIANT! He had a nasty obsession with BART SIMPSON, even to the point where he admitted that he found Bart to be SEXY! WATCH AND LAUGH AT THIS HILARIOUS VIDEO EXPOSING THE INTERNET PEDOPHILE!”

This is someone trying to Pedophile Shame, in a public manner.

I find this “BlackBuster Critic” character far more concerning, than I will ever find anyone who’s channeling their sexual interests into a fictional venue…because this guy is feeding the whole idea, that it’s okay to pass prohibition laws, and go after people engaged in activities which objectively hurt no one.

This has been one of the biggest, most outrageous problems facing Minor Attracted Persons [MAPs], over the last several decades…an insatiable frenzy to demonize us, and continue passing laws which ever shrink our freedom, no matter how mundane or harmless the act in question.

It’s gotten to the point, where it is outright shocking…But that’s the thing about being so badly degraded and dehumanized…This is now, “just the way things are”…and people not only expect it…they’ve been trained to demand it.

Why does one suppose, for example…that “child pornography” laws have been expanded so many times over…to the point where it includes a vast array of content, much of which does not even involve actual children?…sometimes, it’s nothing more than fictional drawings…

Today…”child pornography” includes thought crime…telling a story…expressing a thought.

…And, of course…they keep getting away with this…

…They take socially alienated groups who they don’t like…who they fear…and they keep passing these laws, whittling away at what you can continue to do legally…

Anymore, it’s outright brazen…their anger at the fact, that so many of us are not criminals…which prohibits them from legally doing to us, what they want to do to us…So they watch us…send in moles…figure out how we are getting by…how we are keeping ourselves satisfied…and how we are staying within the confines of the law…and they pick those things out, to pass a bill and make them a crime.

Given enough time…and especially in the context of “a rape culture”, “triggers” and “third wave feminism” insanity…they don’t have much left to target, if anything, other than our simple speech and self identification as MAPs…and our standing up for ourselves.

Even if there is a step or two left, which I do not presently see…this pattern of progression demands, that their hostility towards us makes them attack our very ability to speak.

Being made a criminal when you are a MAP, isn’t about being a bad person…It’s about having a target painted on you, by a system directed by sociopaths, who are refusing to allow you to be part of society.

I almost put this video on The Wall [I’ll double catagorize it]…because BlackBuster is an internet bully, who apparently has a thing for hounding people that are into “deviant art”…and that sort of sociopathic behavior, is a very substantial problem many MAPs have to deal with.

I’ve crossed paths with a number of fanatics over the years…many of them were such extreme creeps, it was laughable that they were pointing their fingers in judgment at other people…when they had so, so much, to clean up in their own closet…and they were clearly the malcontent, in the entire episode.

I don’t know BlackBuster…I am in no position to deeply judge his character…But after my history with that sort of individual…I will never trust anyone, who gets that worked up, who is that big of a busy body…who is constantly forcing themselves [unwanted] into the personal matters of others, who they themselves don’t even know…and doing so over such trivial things, as drawing cartoons which morally offend their delicate sensibilities.

This is somebody willing to target, haunt, harass and hurt another human being…because they drew pictures of Bart Simpson, in ways that offended their way of thinking…for crying out loud.

Where it comes to this sense of moral rage, there is no healthy limitation with these sorts…Something sociopathic within them, makes them exert power, manipulation and suffering over others, because they know this is one social demographic they can target, and get away with it.

In my level headed opinion…if you want to pass a law aimed at validly wrong behavior…what BlackBuster is doing here, is prime example of what should be regarded as a prosecutable crime.

…But I decided to place this here, because it does touch on the problem, of just how out of control things have gotten, with the legal system and with “child pornography” laws…as well as their wide ranging social fallout…

As if this is not bad enough…you have people like BlackBuster out there, exploiting the situation even further.

We have this insane, niche “cottage industry”…of producing content, to torment people who are expressing taboo sexual ideas.

…That is just wrong.

You know…after listening and watching this video all the way through…I’m left with the honest impression, that BlackBuster is a likely closet case…one who’s hiding in his “outrage”.

…Portions come off feeling more like a satire, than genuine outrage.

There’s at least two other videos [on YouTube] he does, continuing on about someone “wanting to have sex with Bart Simpson”.



Four New Pages and Other Stuff…


Date: November 17, 2015

OLF Dedication

OLF – EQF Disclaimer

Principles of Living an Ethical Life

Our Symbols and FBI/Media Propaganda

This concludes the posting, of all outstanding essay pages…There were four of them, mostly completed and just waiting to be posted. A hodgepodge of things, honestly.

I wanted the FBI propaganda page to be a bit more polished, but…it is fine, I think.

Oh…and a long overdue dedication page, and disclaimer page.

My focus is going to move more into the webpage/website sections of this blog…such as “In Self Defense”, and a new [high priority] project I really need to get off my butt, and complete…Hopefully, “Diamond Raw”, also.

I’ve completely shelved the official podcast page…because let’s be real…It’s languished too long, without any attention…and I’ve not got the time to do that project right. I hope to revisit it, in the future [maybe as a quarterly project, or one that’s just not tied to a schedule]…and would love to see someone in the community, explore the option themselves…Just a thought, there.

I am going to focus on narrating longer posts in the “In Self Defense” collection…with the voice synthesizer…but still, I think it’s a nice option, when the writings are especially long.

Other things:

I’ll be releasing a new Yule time album this year…Presently, there are twelve completed tracks…I’m hoping to get it up to twenty, or so…It’s sounding good…I may release an album of alternative renditions, of Yule music already recorded…Depends on whether I have time, and inclination…There will probably be four or five of the latter albums, released over years to come…and they’ll be short, in comparison to the main albums.

I’m also going to debut a new Sub-Blog, intended to highlight and promote the writings and content of other MAPs…Only criteria is that content must be MAP created…and it must be available on the open internet [so I can link to it, people can click, and there it is]. So long as you’re a MAP and you behave reasonably sane…I will not discriminate against your inclusion. I’ll also try to make available an easy submission method, incase someone really wants specific items included in an issue [I’m treating this like an e-zine…There will be no comments from me…just links].

I think…that’s all I really want to share, right now…There’s other stuff…but, it’s not come far enough along, to really announce it.

– Steve



Wikipedia’s Trolls and ‘Social Justice’ Warriors…

Date: November 15, 2015

01) Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger says website has been ‘taken over by trolls’

“Wikipedia’s co-founder has said that mob rule and anti-elitism ruined the website he helped set up leading to “inmates running the asylum”.

Larry Sanger said that he walked away from the internet phenomenon just one year after it began life in 2001 because it quickly became “taken over by trolls”.

“Wikipedia never solved the problem of how to organize itself in a way that didn’t lead to mob rule,” the Ohio-based internet project developer told “On the one hand, it isn’t a mob at all. It’s highly organized and structured and there’s a lot of rules, so it seems like the very opposite of that, right?

“But on the other hand, the way that the community is organized isn’t codified or decided upon in any type of constitutional way. So there might be some people who selectively apply rules according to positions that other people take on their pet issues. And that’s inherently unfair, right?

Because there wasn’t anyone who was really leading the project, including Jimmy Wales—he just sort of let the thing run itself after I left—there needed to be a way for new ideas to be proposed and voted on by the community.”

All you need is a nasty jerk who wants to start and propagate trouble…and participation on Wikipedia becomes an insane exercise in futility.

Loose Women call for castration as punishment for paedophiles…


……………………………………| Perverted Justice Journal | The Vile Files |


Date: November 15, 2015

01) Loose Women call for castration as punishment for paedophiles

“Fellow panellist Andrea McLean, 46, agreed with Robson, adding: “To me somehow making a robot doll is making it acceptable to have those thoughts.”

Thought police…

…Here we have a woman who would ostracize us all to an island [or force castration on us]…telling us what we cannot think or say…or do with an non-living sex toy, while thinking certain thoughts.

That is hyper control…hyper manipulation…It is unreasonable.

“Moore likened paedophilia to cancer, explaining that there are many different forms of the disease with no singular antidote.”

Oh good grief!…

…We get compared to a horrible disease, with epidemic levels of fatality every year?…

…How is that for a prime example of dehumanization?

Please, please, please get a grip on reality…please!

“It’s a really tricky thing…because you have the predatory paedophile, who will quite often murder the child.

“Then you have other types of paedophile who think they are in love with the child and the child is in love with them.

“You’re dealing with all sorts of different levels here and it is difficult to treat or to ‘cure’.

“It’s a sickness, an illness, it’s a mental illness.”

1) Pedophiles murdering children is ultra rare…I don’t know where she is coming up with this “quite often murder the child”, stuff. The known facts don’t support this.

2) The “You don’t know what love is”, paradigm. They think they own love [the concept and the experience], and that they can dictate who [and what circumstance] is worthy of being called love.

3) They think this is a mental illness, in need of cure [as though there were one].

Let me expound, briefly, on the third point…

I contest the idea, that pedophilia [like any other form of attraction, personal bonding, intimacy, shared experiences, etc.], is a mental illness.

Looking at the entire range of what pedophiles [actual pedophiles, not everybody and anybody who does any sexual thing with a child or teenager] generally experience [or get associated with]…the only things I would look at and raise alarm over…are those that show an active, substantive intent to brutalize a child [in any way]…attempted anal sex on a child [adult penetrating child]…forced oral sex…the forced participation in a sexual relationship.

…But those are all criminal acts, anyway…and they are practices of a sociopathic, cruel character…one which lacks all respect for the child.

That last point is key…because those things are not the “bread n butter” of pedophilia…Valuing and respecting the autonomy of the child, is vital.

Attractions are not a mental illness…even actions [no matter their nature], are not mental illness…We as a society merely attempt to classify things as “mentally healthy”, or “mentally unhealthy”…based largely on phobia of the thing itself…and based out of social friction, amongst different social groups.

Having a thought…or an attraction…even talking about it openly…that is not a mental illness.

Often times, through out history, and until this day…branding of “mental illness” is used, as an attempt to disenfranchise entire groups socially…and even to imprison them…Anything to keep them from attaining a respected social standing.

This, in my opinion…is exactly what has been happening to Minor Attracted [M.A.] people, today.

…We get branded with this “mental illness” paradigm [along with heinous stereotypes]…while almost never being judged on what we deserve to be judged by…our personal lifestyle, and our factual conduct.

When this type of behavior is being used to quash “pedophiles”…this is politics which have nothing to do with reality…it is institutionalized hate and phobia. It’s just there and happening, so that people who’ve been conditioned to fear us, can maliciously control us and keep us down.

“Mental illness” is subjective…and highly political.

You think pedophilia is a mental illness?….prove it!

…You cant…

…Not even the people behind the DSM, have ever been so bold as to make such an assertion.



Inside High School Sexting Scandal: 2 Teens Arrested, 20 Suspended…


Date: November 13, 2015

01) Inside High School Sexting Scandal: 2 Teens Arrested, 20 Suspended

“A sexting scandal that directly involved three students — two who were filmed in a sexual encounter and a third who recorded it — has led to the suspension of more than 20 teens at one high school.

A letter sent home this week to parents in the Smithtown Central School District in New York explained that “the district has recently been notified that two 14-year-old students have been arrested following an alleged off-campus incident.” It went on to explain that “the alleged incident, sexual in nature, was recorded and distributed electronically and through the use of social media applications.” The boy involved in the encounter and the boy who recorded it have both been charged with felonies for distributing child pornography, according to NBC New York.”

02) Sexting ‘Contest’ Scandal Sweeps High School

“A large-scale sexting scandal has taken center stage at one high school — forcing officials to cancel the football team’s last game of the season and putting some kids at risk of felony charges.

Earlier this week, officials at Canon City High School in Colorado learned that a large number of students — possibly in the hundreds — have been collecting and trading nude photos of themselves. “It got to the point of maybe a little bit of a contest, see who could collect the most,“ George Walsh, superintendent of Canon City Schools, told KOAA TV.”

“These are class 3 felonies in Colorado — a child under 18 taking a nude photo and sharing it, that becomes possession of child pornography, distribution of child pornography — so it’s not our job as a school system to sort all that out. That’s for law enforcement.

Walsh says the school collected evidence after sorting through student cellphones that were voluntarily turned over. “In 2015, I imagine not a day goes by where at least one school is not dealing with a situation in which minors have snapped photos of themselves in compromising positions,”…

The school’s first priority, Walsh says, is making sure that affected students get the help they need.”

Those darned teenagers!

What do they think they are doing, making all that “child pornography”, without a competent, certified “pedophile” present, to make sure it’s done right?!

I just don’t know what’s getting into these very horny kids, these days…

…It’s as if they’ve hijacked the “child pornography” industry […hobby, honestly]…

As a pedophile…I’m feeling very obsolete in the “child pornography” scene, these days…since I have nothing to do with it, at all…and these kids are leaving us “pedophiles” behind, without a thought…

…Whatever could be going on?

There’s no way possible, that kids below the age of eighteen years, could ever want to be in “child pornography”, or be having any type of sex…

…That just never happens, you know…

Must be a “pedophile” voodoo curse.

Oh, gosh darn it!…

…Chalk up another “child porn” score, for the kids…



9-Year-Old Faces Sexual Harassment Charges for Love Note…

Date: November 13, 2015

01) 9-Year-Old Faces Sexual Harassment Charges for Love Note

“A 9-year-old boy has been disciplined by the school principal and threatened with legal action for writing an “unwanted” love note to a classmate, according to the boy’s mother.

The note in question appears to be innocent, containing words like “I like you” written inside a heart, and “I like your eyes because they sparkle like diamonds.”

The mother, of Tampa, Fla., who has asked not to be identified in an effort to protect her son, told WPTV that a principal in the Hillsborough County Public School District informed her the school would file “sexual harassment charges” against the boy if he writes another note”

Well…yes…This sounds about typical…A boy gives a few love notes to a girl who’s not really interested in them, and the school wants to make a criminal out of him for it…

What on earth could ever be wrong about that?…