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Sexting spreading to younger people as officials weigh path forward…


Date: December 06, 2015

01) Sexting spreading to younger people as officials weigh path forward

“Such cases are no longer rare. Authorities say sexting — the sharing of explicit sexual images and videos — is spreading to younger and younger kids, even middle schoolers.

State law offers a defense for a person younger than 18 who sexted a friend. But the image in question must be of the sender himself or herself, and the recipient must be at least 15 years old and willing.

The same defense is available to teens younger than 19 who are in possession of a sext — provided the image was generated willingly and voluntarily.”

“It has always been imagined by the Legislature and our office that if a 13- and 14-year-old were sexting, that no prosecutor in their right mind could file criminal charges against them in adult court,” O’Brien said.

Yes…we have admission from a state official, no less…that sexting [explicitly, legal “child porn”] has been taken over by the kids, themselves…And they’re getting younger and younger.

Who is honestly surprised by this?

One thing I am finding curious in these developments, is that some states are starting to create a strange sort of dual status for this content, based upon who is in possession of it, who created it and how it was exchanged.

…It’s going to be interesting to see how this unfolds…because there’s not just the issue of gross double standards [particularly if it’s legal and left alone in the case of certain groups, but not others]…but there is also the question, of just how come content which is allegedly so injurious, harmful and threatening, can be suddenly allowed to exist in a protected setting…all while being kept and shared, amongst those who are allegedly so injured, harmed and threatened by it

Truly strange reasoning…Likely, this is very unconstitutional.

Practical question…

…What happens when these kids who created, traded and kept this content in a legal setting, suddenly age into legal adulthood?…Is it still legal for them to have this previously legal content in their possession?…Or is there some mandate in the law, which demands they destroy it?

…And how could they ever justify it, if certain adults are allowed to own this dangerous content, while others can be prosecuted for having the exact same content?…Maybe they can concoct some wacky “legacy exemptions”…for the pervy kids, who just had to be right in the thick of all that stuff, which allegedly destroys them…and from which they are supposed to be protected?

…My, my…what a tangled web being weaved…

The last quote I took above, is just beautiful…the key portion being “no prosecutor in their right mind”…

…But we’ve seen rampant, rogue prosecutors dragging kids before the court, and throwing them into detention centers [and branding them with a criminal record], in the past.

I think it’s understood even by the states…that some of their prosecutors are not sane people…and some of them are just malicious, self centered people, with an ideological social agenda, and a career agenda…which they don’t mind building atop the lives they’ve personally worked to destroy.

It horrifies me…that these state institutions know full and well…most of these kids aren’t likely even aware of the laws, which have alienated them from their sexual rights…and when these kids biologically go through what we all go through…and the predictable happens…there go the cops, prosecutors and councilors, to collect them up like fish in a barrel.

…It’s barbaric.

Welcome to the United States of America…where being human is illegal.

There’s a number of things in that article, which warrant a response…but I’ll just take two or three.

“Freeman said she isn’t convinced court is warranted, at least initially. She said she believes in diversion’s ability to rehabilitate.”

A little bit of reality…

…Most kids who get caught up into this mess, are teenagers going through entirely normal, biological things. What they get into trouble for, is based out of their natural, sexual expression. It is insane, to suggest that someone can be “rehabilitated” from their own sexuality…especially if what they were doing in the first place, wasn’t even particularly abnormal, aggressive or unwanted by those involved.

These kids can be perfectly pleasant and joyfully associating amongst themselves…and they can be engaging with their sexuality, in an admirable manner…but it’s the fact that this sexual expression is happening at all, which gets the control freaks hostile.

Another convenient point…is that when these teens get dragged into the system…whether they are placed in detention, or just kept under the states thumb for several years…they are constantly being monitored, shamed [not uncommonly traumatized] and threatened with further action, should they repeat their behavior…By the time this ordeal is over [if ever, in some cases], they are no longer minors…and they merely move on to relations with adults [a sexual option, which was previously forbidden to them as minors]…The whole idea that they’ve been interfered with all this time, threatened and controlled to the point where they just age out of the absence of legal sexual options…and that anyone can equate this to “rehabilitation”…it’s just pure madness.

“Gendler said he hasn’t seen large numbers of youths who are sexual predators or pedophiles, but rather kids engaging in stupid and inconsiderate behavior. He said he worries about the cases that he suspects are happening but are never reported.”

I can agree that kids shouldn’t be passing around the private pictures and videos of other kids, without their knowledge and consent.

This quote brings up a couple of things…One is the paranoia element, we see so often in these officials who are so concerned about “protecting our purity”…Yes, even the stuff they cant prove exists, which “just must be out there, somewhere”, keeps them up at night wringing their hands in angst.

They fight phantoms.

…Who in the world believes this is even a healthy way to approach these issues, let alone logical?

It’s why the institutions supposed to address sexual issues, are in such an abysmal state…in my opinion, anyway.

Every bit as important…the admission that the majority of kids being targeted aren’t even sexual predators, should alarm everyone…And whether or not they are pedophiles, is entirely irrelevant.

In fact, everyone should be up in arms, that these kids are being attacked, seized and tampered with by the state, over issues which aren’t even particularly bad or wrong.

One thing that’s striking me here…is that it’s a little hard to gage, if there’s any significance in the comment of “sexual predators or pedophiles”…Is this person trying to distinguish the two, or equate them?

Just for the record…being a pedophile is not rightly equated with sexual predatory behavior…These are two very separate, distinct things.

“Iversen, who has been trained to extract data from cellphones, said the content is being spread through Tinder, Facebook and “pretty much any application that has a chat function.”

What do sexual beings do in their world, when that world is expressed through social media?…

…Well…we are seeing just what the answer to that question is.

Kid’s have always been sexual like this…It’s just that they didn’t have all these outlets, before…and in generations past, it was hidden…for the most part.

Now, we have a much more open society…and even kid sexuality is coming to the surface…and the puritans amongst us are freaking out…trying to hound and torment it back out of public sight…

Surely…in their chosen career field…this is one example of solid job security…No end to this work load in sight.



3D Printed Guns (Documentary)…

Date: December 06, 2015

01) 3D Printed Guns (Documentary)

“This is a story about the rapid evolution of a technology that has forced the American legal system to play catch up. Cody Wilson, a 25 year old University of Texas Law student, is an advocate for the open source production of firearms using 3D printing technology. This makes him a highly controversial figure on both sides of the gun control issue. MOTHERBOARD sat down with Cody in Austin, Texas to talk about the constitution, the legal system, and to watch him make and test-fire a 3D-printed gun.”

This was released in 2013. I found it interesting to watch.