Cart O’Graph Videos…

Date: December 10, 2015

I am overjoyed that someone has taken up this mantle…and wish Cart O’Graph a long, successful run with this project.

Thank you to Patrick Simmons, for having found and tweeted about these videos.

01) …Is Paedophilia Unnatural?

“Published on Oct 25, 2015

In the past, it was a common assumption that paedophilia was an unnatural occurrence, and was therefore demonized. I examine this assertion from an objective standpoint, to determine its validity.”

02) …The Dehumanization of MAPs

“Published on Oct 30, 2015

To a Kind person it is apparent that society seems to dehumanize you. Asking people in the street, survey style, will reveal many that think p*dophiles are not human. I examine the nature of dehumanization and it’s effects.”

03) …Is Minor Attraction a choice?

“Published on Nov 2, 2015

Another old argument that isn’t particularly common nowadays, but still bears looking at. A direct parallel can be made to the homosexual movement, as both MAPs and GLBT people have dealt with this assertion in the past.

Simply put: No. Being Kind is no more a choice than being gay, or being left-handed. The mere suggestion that it is is so illogical, it deserves mockery. But I’ll save that for other people. This is a serious channel for serious stuff.”

04) …Perception | MAP Rants #1

“Published on Nov 6, 2015

MAP Rants are my little tangents where instead of discussing an argument structurally, I ramble for a while instead. I’ll use videos or articles to spark the rants eventually, but for now it’s just my own volition. Because of the nature of this, I have no sources that I didn’t look up while recording.

This episode is about Perception… and a few other things.”

05) …MAP Terminology

“Published on Nov 9, 2015

While I was researching and writing this script, I found that I could find no sources for the terms I describe. Thus, the content of this video is purely opinion and observation.

Heretic TOC

He’s a very knowledgeable and eloquent MAP, and I urge everyone to check out his blog, and books.”

06) …Childhood Development

“Published on Nov 16, 2015

This video is not related to MAP activism at all. Instead, it’s closer to Child’s Rights activism, though even then, not really. I just felt like talking about kids for a while. I’ll get back to MAP stuff next time.”

07) …Power Dynamics

“Published on Nov 21, 2015

This is a video on the power dynamics of relationships. I will say here that I didn’t research this at the time of recording. I am going from my memory of research I did long before I started these videos. As such, I haven’t any sources. Googling relationship power dynamics brings up some helpful information though.”

08) …MAP Rants 2 | Angel Blues

“Published on Nov 24, 2015

Another rant video. This time it’s more structured, as I’m reading through this article:

As I said in the rant, I’m looking for more articles or videos to rant about, so leave your suggestions below. I’m also looking to do some live conversations, so if you’re interested either comment below, or send an email to:

Thank’s for watching!”

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