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From Liberation to Censorship: Feminism and Free Speech – Julie Bindel, Milo Yiannopoulos, Jane Fae…

Date: January 04, 2016

01) From Liberation to Censorship: Feminism and Free Speech – Julie Bindel, Milo Yiannopoulos, Jane Fae

Portions of this have bad audio…and the atmosphere acoustics are not good.

“The Manchester Free Speech Association hosted a panel discussion at The University of Manchester on the afternoon of 9th December, entitled “From Liberation to Censorship: Does Modern Feminism Have a Problem with Free Speech?”

The Presumption of “Privileged Speech”:

I have to make one comment about this…

About fifty minutes in, one of the speakers starts talking about “privileged speech”…which, as best I’ve been able to gather, is any speech from anyone, who is perceived to be part of any social group, that is presumed to be advantaged or socially in control.

The sentiment seems to be something along the line…”You’re already driving the gravy train and reaping all it’s benefits, so we don’t need to hear from you.”

The moderator asks something to the effect…”who are the privileged speakers?”…

…Which is precisely the kind of thing I would ask…How on earth does anyone determine the who, how and why, which allegedly makes someone “privileged”…and hence, “not needing to be heard”…or just as bad, allegedly “already having been [overwhelmingly] spoken on behalf of”?

Much of this looks to be shallow, snap judgment…based on sex, skin color…things that have no chance at all, of telling you who this person is…where they come from…what they have endured in life…what their valuable knowledge, insight and experience is…

This has often been one of the things that bothers me, about being part of a “hidden minority”…while at the same time, being dismissed as just another part of the majority herd. Getting the majority party line assigned to you, and being judged by it even when you are at odds with it…all the while, you’re personal issues are never even heard [ie: given a platform]…that is incredibly dehumanizing.

It is being robbed of ones voice…while given a lie to represent you.

Never Satisfied: Why Apologizing To SJWs Is Useless…

Date: January 04, 2016

01) Never Satisfied: Why Apologizing To SJWs Is Useless

“MMC Land Management helps to highlight why trying to appease snowflakes is a waste of time and resources.”

Trying to control behavior…by trying to control every element [vital and otherwise] in your life…Some even take it upon themselves, to alienate people from the ability to gain income, or meet their basic needs for survival.

This playbook sounds very familiar…But, you know…

…there are real world limits…and there are decency limits…regarding when to realize enough has been done, and when to let it go.

Apparently, some people are oblivious to this concept and principle…even to the point, of making themselves a public nuisance…and even turning themselves [personal, or as a collective] into a social monster.

I’ve seen this behavior, a number of times…and I’m not entirely sure what to do, to help people who’ve been stunted in this way…to help them develop a rational way of thinking…and a rational approach.

Does the racist deserve some karma coming back around?…probably yes…

…Does he deserve to be hounded by some unaccountable, nameless, faceless group of self appointed authoritarians?…and to the point of having his life destroyed?…No.

These people who flock together, and fancy themselves some form of armchair, super hero [or vigilante] “guardian of social good”, and who assert personal license to act upon this false authority, no matter how extreme their behavior becomes…they are not good for this world…nor are they good for the human species.

We all have to know, when to check our own attitudes and behaviors…otherwise, things devolve into chaos.