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How Do You Stop Child Porn Before It Starts?…


Date: January 07, 2016

01) How Do You Stop Child Porn Before It Starts?

“A star in the hit Fox show ‘Glee’ was arrested on the suspicion of possessing child pornography. How does law enforcement identify and apprehend suspects with child porn? Is there anyway to stop it before the addiction starts?

Originally aired on December 31, 2015”


Of course, James is giving further account to the fact that “child pornography” is so vastly defined…Though to be clear, I do not believe simple nude [ie: bath] pictures are universally prosecutable content…One might find themselves with a problem, if they’ve collected hundreds or thousands of such pictures, however…even under the best of legal circumstances…[I don’t recommend collecting them.]

I appreciate the distinction being made here, between actual rape porn and the vast category of “child porn”.

Too many people equate both of these as the same…which is straight up wrong…full stop…end of discussion.

If you are one of those people…then your mind is not even in the discussion…You are off in horror fantasy land.

Talking ourselves into this?…

Here we get into the pseudointellectual parroting of cultural wisdom [sorry James]…Yeah…”we just talk ourselves into accepting this sort of thing, when it has no factual legitimacy”…

…As if childhood sexuality does not exist…as if there is no valid place for it in society…as if it’s impossible.

This is where people who’ve even taken a few controversial stances, jump over to the easy road…and appease the masses.

It’s sad to witness…

…One does not need to “talk themselves into”, what they are naturally attracted towards. If it presents itself [wherever and however]…one just naturally rolls with it…unless they’ve been conditioned to be ashamed of their attraction, and they’ve internalized the shame.

It’s important to take these things in context and stride. I mean…I’ve been taken by very cute boy models, in common newspaper ads…fully clothed, at that…I’ve also found fulfillment of even the orgasmic style, by pictures of solely a clothed boys face…Am I expected to feel shame over this?

It still remains objective fact…there is no such thing as voodoo rape and voodoo sexual assault…A picture, which possesses no sentience or legal rights, has not been harmed…A human, which will never possess any knowledge of the private occurrence, has not been harmed.

Is it “feeding the desire”?…

…It’s maintaining the drive, in an utterly benign manner.

Those of you with the luxury of not having to deal with the maze of social conflicts surrounding this orientation, can stand out there in mindless moral judgment of people like me…because you haven’t got the first clue what it is like to walk in these shoes…and so many of you will relentlessly nit pick at every slightest hint, of our sexual orientation manifesting itself.

To those people I say…get over yourselves…and get over your phobia.

Most of us deal with our sexual orientation, in ways that are factually benign…Most of us give up an enormous amount, to stay within social limits…to avoid conflicts.

If you keep constricting and constricting and constricting…then it is you [not us], who is creating an unavoidable train wreck waiting to happen…

…Not to suggest the social collective hasn’t been doing this all along…In fact, this constitutes a lot of what I’ve spent my years and energy responding to.

What so many of you out there who are not pedosexuals misunderstand…is that the sexual drive is there, whether you deal with it or not…and just as importantly, it normally intensifies if you do not satisfy it in some manner. If you are not masturbating in private to some sort of stimuli, on a regular basis…then you are finding yourself unexpectedly being thrown into sexual arousal, by random encounters with people [children or teens] in a public setting.

Many of us prefer to avoid such situations…So, we deal with our sexuality in private…and sometimes, looking at a cute face [while imagining a beautifully shared experience] helps…It gives the most satisfying and thorough of experiences available, within the context of such a pittance of crumbs…actually having to resort to pictures or imagination.

…Speaking of which…does anyone out there seriously fantasize, that there is any qualitative difference between masturbating to a taken photograph of a child, and masturbating to a memory or imagination of a child?

I call bull shit, on the assertion that there even is any qualitative distinction.

[Yes, what follows is personal experience…but I think it’s fairly common amongst pedosexuals.]

My own masturbation sessions have nearly always been a hybrid, of legal pictures mixed with vibrant imagination…Some of them have been solely imagination…The mental images and settings have always been the key element, in attaining full sexual release [ie: orgasm].

Pictures are like the salt…They aid in spicing up the experience, which will come and go on it’s own…with pictures or not…Pictures of various form, simply ease and expedite the experience.

Pictures…of real kids…paintings…drawings…statues…my imagination…

…What so many onlookers are really going on about, is my imagination…what is going on in my mind, in the process of managing my own sexual needs [a process which must take place, whether you like it or not]…Because that content in the possession of virtually anybody else, would not be made an issue of at all.

The pictures and physical stimuli are always secondary…and I wish non-pedosexuals would get that point.

You are never going to eradicate the primary thing which you are phobic over…our imagination, and how we think and perceive…

…So why don’t you learn to leave us alone, to deal with this in benign ways, instead of constantly creating conflict and new categories of false “victims”?

It is maddening…watching the many ways in which people distort public opinion about us…and spin things entirely out of objective reality.

Cognitive Distortions?…

You know…very typically…it is the very same people running around claiming that “pedosexuals have a cognitive distortion”, who are the most cognitively distorted out of all of us…because they wont even face or acknowledge objective reality…at all, in issues like these.

So…let’s just throw this “cognitive distortion” assertion, straight into the trash can, where it belongs.

Clean up your own back yard, before you come wandering into mine and telling me how it should be.

A lot of us pedosexuals are the most absolute honest and genuine, when it comes to people discussing the realities of who we are, and the issues relating to us.

Just because those realities and issues are socially complex and politically controversial, it does not render us cognitively distorted, on the grounds that we speak rarely spoken truth.

Many of us own up to those complexities, wherever given the opportunity…But we also realize it is entirely unfair, to reduce us down to nothing more than those social complexities…or the taboo and stigma…or the conflict caused by social phobia.

Calling us “cognitively distorted” is a cheap and underhanded method, of trying to undermine our integrity as a social class.

So much about this tactic…and the differences in viewpoints…it boils down to differences in interpretation and opinion…and entirely too often, emotional and psychological baggage attached to these issues.

What a lot of people don’t have the spine to say…is that a vast amount of the opinion and interpretation coming from “the good people”, is specious, flighty, born out of personal trauma, based on bad information…and just straight out dishonest…An alarming amount of it is based out of hate and contempt, as well.

Well…I’ve only gotten through about half of this…but, I’ve written enough for today…so, I’m going to stop here…though I’m confident the “stop it now” lady is going to express something, which warrants response…Maybe I’ll come back to this.

Pittance of Crumbs…

I want to add one brief clarification about my comment above, because it can be easily misconstrued.

When I say “pittance of crumbs”…I’m talking about being reduced and dehumanized to where one has to resort to pictures and likenesses, and imagination, as opposed to having truly free association…I’m not devaluing the people in those pictures, likenesses and imaginations.

On the contrary…I have deep respect and adoration for those people or characters…I cherish and treasure them…They are quite meaningful to me, whether I have ever known them personally or not. It is my great privilege, to have them in my sexual fantasies.

I honestly do appreciate them for simply being…and allowing me these moments of happiness.

It’s not a dirty affair…I hold these individuals up in reverence.

That is a deeply personal honesty, straight from a pedosexual…which you will never get from most sources.



Twitter As a Not So Micro Blog?…

Date: January 07, 2016

01) A closer look at Twitter’s quest for growth

“Since founder Jack Dorsey retook the reins at Twitter last July, he has tried to rewrite the company’s growth story. But will expanding a tweet to 10,000 characters make Twitter more attractive to advertising clients?”

I can understand bumping it up to 200 characters…maybe even 300…but ten thousand?

This kind of defeats the purpose of having a micro blog…doesn’t it?

While I don’t see this as being a big issue…I flatly don’t want another blog…which is pretty much what will happen, if Twitter does this.

Still…it shouldn’t effect my usage of the service any…It will still highlight my most recently published posts…and give a place, for live interaction…swapping of information, etc…

I guess…since I don’t want to see Twitter die…I support this effort to make it profitable.

Planet P Project – Pink World (Full Album)…


Date: January 07, 2016

01) Planet P Project – Pink World (Full Album)

“Planet P Project – Pink World (C)1984

Still a one-man show, Tony Carey, under the banner of Planet P Project, again teamed with producer Peter Hauke for this 1984 follow-up to the self-titled debut of the prior year. It’s a sprawling, ambitious double album with a sketchy plot line revolving around Artimus, a boy who doesn’t speak, and a Cold War-inspired Armageddon. Like it’s predecessor, the music features a heavy emphasis on synthesizers, although there’s also a good dose of guitar, giving it appeal to rock fans. Carey infuses Pink World with solid melodies, and there’s plenty to enjoy on tracks like the surging title cut, the brooding “What I See,” and the folk-tinged “A Boy Who Can’t Talk.” And, to his credit, despite the somewhat cumbersome premise, Carey manages to keep it all from getting too pretentious. Pink World is a curiously interesting work that has managed to achieve a certain cult status.”

Pink World is an album made by “Planet P Project”…and it’s a masterpiece. It came out in the mid 80’s…

Sad thing is…most of it got no air play on the radio…We got a few bits, but the album remained a mystery to me…I was in my early teens, so I didn’t really have a lot of funds to spend on this kind of thing [ie: a music collection]…but the boy on the front [beautiful!…check out the video, below] caught my eye, and perked my curiosity.

It wouldn’t be until much more recent times, that I would get a copy of this album…and discover it in it’s entirety. It’s become one of my favorite albums, in my collection.

It’s available on Amazon.com in the digital download section, at a reasonable good price…and if you enjoy this listen, I highly recommend the purchase.

This is a concept album…It tells a story…though it’s kind of vague…but it’s obviously about social struggle, of some manner…possibly why I identify with it so much…plus it’s other themes.

There are a lot of really great tracks, here…which is why it’s so disappointing that I missed out on this, for all those years.

02) Planet P Project – Do You See What I See (HQ)

I found this great video, also…It’s been decades since I’ve seen this…I don’t think they made very many of them, for this album.

Addendum: Oh yes, I do see what you see!…

I shouldn’t even mention this…but I about fell over, watching the very end of this video…because the boy slides through a window, fully naked, in a full frontal shot…Don’t get too excited…This is not terribly high quality…and it’s just clear enough to be able to tell.

Though I had completely forgotten about this video…I now do remember actually watching this video as a kid…and seeing that part…It was kind of hard to summarize what all was going through my mind, watching it…Of course, I saw it several times over…but it was such a quick and unexpected thing [the first time]…

It just underscores how much things have changed in television [all media, honestly], in such a relatively short amount of time…Admittedly, Mtv was [and remains] cable television…But, believe it or not…there was once a day, when a boy of his age could appear entirely naked on television…right here, in the hyper puritanical USA…And the sky did not fall…nor did it burn.

I consider artifacts like these to be historically important…and I’ll grab a copy of it…I just wish I could watch it, in it’s original format…

…Fat chance they’ll ever release this one, unedited, in a video collection…Shame, honestly.

To bad they didn’t make videos for each track…I could deal with watching that boy for an hour plus, while listening to this music.

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