If paedophilia is innate, should we isolate paedophiles before they commit a crime?…

Date: January 08, 2016

01) If paedophilia is innate, should we isolate paedophiles before they commit a crime?

02) Connected Essay: Natural-born paedophiles

“Some paedophiles might be hard-wired to commit their abusive acts. Should that alter their crime in the eyes of the law?”

The question posed…

“If paedophilia is innate, should we isolate paedophiles before they commit a crime?”

Short answer…No!…Don’t be ridiculous!

Slightly longer answer…How exactly are you going to make distinctions and draw lines, when you are supposing who is allegedly a public danger? Age of consent is commonly a matter of dispute…and highly subjective.

This is nothing but a witch hunt.

However…If the day ever comes, where society supposes it has a right to restrict me to limited quarters…I expect [nay…I demand], that I be treated to the lavish life of a king…No expense should ever be spared on my comfort, my needs, nor my entertainment…I should eat only the finest of foods…lots of lobster, crab legs, shrimp, scallops and calamari…with the best fruits and vegetables…and awesome salads…lots of them…prepared by the finest chefs…And I expect a limitless allowance, to spend on Amazon.com…and I want my own airplane…I’ll let you know any future addendums, if the need arises.

Short of this [and likely even then]…you will never, ever, ever, ever, under any circumstances imaginable, shackle me or place me in a cage. I will die fighting, if need be.

You want to treat me like a rabid animal?…

…Then I can take up that role, in facing down any assailant…It’s only fair.

When it comes to survival, in the face of people trying to take it away…there is no gentlemen’s rule to abide by.

Comment on the linked essay:

I’ve only browsed it…It starts off with a pedophile horror story…but looks to wander through different social questions. It may be worth a read.

Speaking to this dehumanizing question:

…And yes, fine…the original term chosen was “isolate”…not imprison…but I don’t see much of a difference, in the context of this question…Frankly…it is ostracizing from society…which is unconscionable.

Truth be told…given the kinds of things “normal” people say too us, about us, wish upon us, threaten against us [much of which is lies, or indefensibly sick and demented violence]…we are at least a thousand times more justified to be paranoid of them, than they are to be paranoid about us.

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