“Social justice invasion” of the pedophile community?…

Date: January 15, 2016

01) This Week in Stupid (10/01/2016)

“It’s only a matter of time until it becomes LGBTP.”

I’ve shared two or three [maybe four] Sargon of Akkad videos here, in the past…Not that this was ever intended to be a common, or weekly thing…I just happen to appreciate his viewpoints on some issues…and think he has a knack for making good, thought provoking videos.

Of course, I’ve not assumed anything in relations to his position on the social issues of Minor Attracted People [MAPs]…Though it initially perked my curiosity, when someone [I think associated with anonymous] tried to badger him into joining the fight and hysterics, surrounding the recent publications involving and concerning “pedophiles”, in a few “main stream” sources.

I was initially encouraged…because Sargon stated very plainly, he just didn’t care about the issue, and had no intent to support the attack…I even started a post, responding to said video…but never finished it…[I’ll try to, later]…

Since then, he has referenced these things at least a couple of times…I wouldn’t say I’ve seen him get outright nasty about anything [not that I watch all of his videos…I don’t]…But some things stated by Sargon, haven’t come off especially sympathetic.

To be completely honest…based on what I’ve encountered…it’s hard to summarize exactly what’s on his mind when he talks about “pedophiles” getting a bit more sympathy in the media, or what his motives are in returning to this issue.

…But, he included it in “This Week In Stupid”…So, what does that imply?

I think Sargon of Akkad is fairly open minded…pretty level headed…and substantially well educated…But I’ve never expected him to be a champion of “pedophile” issues…nor to be in a position to do such…So, I’m not blindsided by anything happening here.

I never had any expectations…but it’s still somewhat disappointing to see him leaning in [what looks to be] a negative direction.

Many of the “pedophiles” selflessly making themselves available to the public today, are doing so for the benefit of everyone [including children]…even if a lot of onlookers don’t understand this.

MAPs [“pedophiles”] wont even be able to address the negative issues within our own communities, if we cannot come out and establish ourselves as part of the larger social community, getting the benefits and support that brings with it. Trying to keep us socially down and debased, is doing far more harm and damage than most people will ever know.

Many of us have spent years, even decades, trying to break through this social barrier…and bring MAPs into a place, where we can be accountable…and where we can make a difference.

I don’t expect a lot of outsiders to understand all of our issues as MAPs…but I do expect them, if they are at all rational, to listen and learn to understand our issues and needs…Because this is vital, in what separates us, and what keeps us at odds.

The day has passed, where it is still acceptable to ignore and silence the MAP voice…And this is the new reality…like it or not. The MAP voice is critical, to any and all paths forward.

I’ll let viewers make of the segment [starting at about the seven minute mark], what they will…

…But one thing I did want to acknowledge…is the suggestion of the “pedophile” [MAP] community being infiltrated by social justice warriors.

It leaves me with a mixture of intrigue over getting some level of allies, and forums to at least discuss certain [though I am confident, limited] MAP issues…and a natural “Hell Fucking No!”, to the idea of getting dragged along with any number of social justice warrior causes and behaviors…or far worse, still…watching them try to hijack this effort, which many of us have invested a substantial portion of our lives into.

…We are not the flavor of the month, pet project, for people who are commonly intolerant, and ignorant…or who are looking to “save the lepers”…or who imagine they can fight, and defeat, all perceived social woes.

We are also not here, to be altered, manipulated or commandeered by them.

It’s not that I think there are no good people out there, who get wrapped up into SJW activities…It’s that I’ve seen the mindless hysterics and hive mentality, which crops up when many of them start to collect and focus on something [or someone].

…It’s downright toxic, and antithetical to what I have always seen as a humanitarian MAP cause, based on empathy, respect and love.

I am no fan of the social justice warrior movement, or whatever you want to call it…I think it is more of a liability, than anything else.

Not that I specifically agree, that we MAPs are being infiltrated by this…But it does make for a very concerning question.

…I generally think, that there are just more rational, humane and empathetic people out there, in places that can lend us a bit more support…because, for any number of reasons [who knows, maybe their child, spouse or sibling is a “pedophile”], they understand better, our social circumstances and needs as a social demographic…and as individuals.

So…I’ve not been reading too much into this…I just think, a few decent people have crossed paths, with some decent MAPs…and natural, logical things have evolved out of it…including a productive dialogue…and a chance for a wider, social dialogue.

This is objectively good.

A side note:


I am aware that Sargon was invited to discuss issues and concerns, with those of us who keep up with #talkwithpedophiles…and that this happened a little while back. From what I’ve seen, he has yet to accept this invitation. I make no presumption about that decision…but it just seems if this type of issue is going to be a recurring theme [and he’s going to mention and speculate about a group like Virtuous Pedophiles], it might be of interest [or at the very least considerate], to engage with the people you are making comment towards.

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