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On Point: Clinton And Sanders Supporters Speak Out…

Date: January 19, 2016

01) Clinton And Sanders Supporters Speak Out

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“Right off their latest debate, a roundtable of Clinton and Sanders supporters and the question: what do Democrats want in 2016?

Everybody’s talking about the huge and consequential choice Republicans have to make in choosing from their battling field of would-be presidents. But Democrats have their own big choice to make, and it was on full display in debate again last night. In Iowa and New Hampshire, Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton are neck and neck in the polls now. It’s a real fight. The Democratic Socialist and the party stalwart. This hour On Point, a roundtable of Sanders and Clinton supporters hash it out right here.”

Hillary is in bed with the corporations…

…Bernie is what people really voted for back in 2008, when they elected Obama.

That’s my opinion, anyway.

…We cannot afford another establishment president.

Even if Bernie manages to get little done during his presidency…electing him, is a message which must be sent to the establishment…

For once in our lives…we need to prove conclusively, that the establishment does not own the office, of the U.S. presidency.

We need to show it…that it does not own our government…and we can take our government back.

We may never get a chance again.

A Page Comment from jpmeadows…

Date: January 19, 2016

01) jpmeadows

jpmeadows left an interesting response to my Am I a Pedophile? page, off to the right hand side of this blog.

Of course…it’s not going to show up, because I don’t have my essay pages [nor my website pages] using a template, which allows them to show up like a regular blog post.

There is no form available on them, for people to leave responses…This was done intentionally…and given that I’ve received responses to at least a few pages this way…I’m guessing people can manipulate the URL of a comment form, to make it attach your comment to another post [ie: page]. If not, then this is a very strange glitch…and one I did not expect.

Still…since this wont show up on the page it was meant for, I will repost it here.

jpmeadows comment:

“which does not include or even insinuate, anything regarding abuse, violence or threat”

Or even sex!

A Bibliophile (unless also suffering from some strange psychological illness) doesn’t buy a first edition Dickens novel to stick his dick in, an Oenophile doesn’t whine that (s)he needs a good firkin with a 1989 Pomerol Bordeaux and a Francophile does not have a hankering to strip a French Dresser (the cabinet that is). So I don’t see why the Greek derived term ‘philia’ should have any sexual connotation when suffixed to ‘pedo’ either.

Some say that paedophilia (or pedophilia) was first coined by Richard von Krafft-Ebing in the 12th edition of his seminal work “Psychophasia Sexualis”, except he didn’t. He referred to the “anomaly” of adults who have a sexual attraction to prepubescents as being paedophilia EROTICA. In other words an erotic deviation of what would be “everyday” paedophilia.

Therefore, I propose that what paedophilia describes is a “reverential” interest in prepubescent children; such as a Teachers, Paediatric Health Care Professionals, Foster Carers, Youth Workers, NSPCC, Bernardo’s, etc. and quite often Parents.

Further; Necrophiles – Taxidermists, and Zoophiles – David Attenborough!

Also, why isn’t Homosexuality and Heterosexuality; Hemophilia and Heterophilia?

I can’t, for the life of me, see why no one else questions this. I sometimes wonder if l’m like the little child who was confused how no one else could see that the Emperor had no clothes on, which is sort of ironic when you think about it.

Thank you, jpmeadows. 🙂

Certainly food for thought…

Potentially, most people are pedophiles [child lovers]…just not in the erotic sense.

Still…something has always bothered me, about using the term with such a broad definition.

Since most people in this world seem to reject it for themselves…I’ve come to see the term more in the sense, that “it is mine”…And that where most people refuse to use it…I can use it, in a meaningful [and dignified] way.

I think…this is just what happens with words, over time…People associate them differently, from what they may have originally meant.

Throwaway Children: The Tragic Consequences of a False Narrative…


Date: January 19, 2016

01) Throwaway Children: The Tragic Consequences of a False Narrative


Truth be told, we are afraid for our children and we are afraid of our children. The intersection of these disparate thoughts has produced a perfect storm. We have created increasingly harsh sex offender registration schemes to protect our children from sexual abuse. At the same time, fear of our children ensnares and punishes them under the very same laws that were designed to protect them. Yet, what compels action is premised on a false narrative that includes flawed studies on recidivism rates and misguided case decisions that embraced these findings.

In this article, I explore the inherently unfair and deeply flawed practice of mandatory lifetime registration for children who commit sex offenses. Examination reveals two fallacies in a system that condemns children to lifetime monitoring: the breadth of its ensnarement, and the presumption of a child’s continued sexual predatory behavior. Fueled by emotional rhetoric, both are tightly bound in a fundamentally false narrative that is unnecessary and wholly damaging for the child registrant.

The utility of an overly-simplified registration scheme comes with a hefty price tag: the acknowledgement that mandatory lifetime registration captures and shatters the lives of many non-dangerous children. It is a price tag we should no longer be willing to bear. In the face of overwhelming statistical evidence to the contrary, we must commit to changing the false narrative that children who commit sex offenses are presumed to become sexually dangerous adults. We must commit to replacing it with a narrative that acknowledges that recidivism rates are low and that mandatory lifetime registration is both unnecessary and devastating.”

Thanks Nigel! This is a good find.